BECCA Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer 3.7g

3.7 of 30 reviews

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4 instalments of $7.25


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Cools, and reduces the signs of fatigue. Start your makeup routine right with BECCA Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer, to prepare your eye area for makeup application that is smooth and looks well-rested.

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OK - 41% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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3.7 of 30 reviews

41% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love this primer


I really love this primer. Really helps make my eye area look brighter and less fatigued and also stops my concealer creasing. Love it

Most Helpful Criticism

Just okay

Maria Elisabeth Diane

Has a cooling effect and pretty hydrating, but does not do much for the concealer
  1. I love this primer


    I really love this primer. Really helps make my eye area look brighter and less fatigued and also stops my concealer creasing. Love it
  2. Works well


    This product is very cooling and hydrating. I find that on my dry areas, especially around my nose and under my eyes, this product works a treat with concealer over the top. Also find it minimises my pores which is an added bonus
  3. amazing!


    this product is great for priming my skin for foundation. minimises my pores without clogging them and makes my skin feel wonderful, it’s not too heavy either
  4. Just okay

    Maria Elisabeth Diane

    Has a cooling effect and pretty hydrating, but does not do much for the concealer
  5. Great for large pores


    I love this primer for my large pores!! It’s one of the few primers that fill my pores without clogging them and leaves my foundation smooth and gorgeous!
  6. average


    It defiantly feesl nice and cool under my eyes when applying but I didn't really plumb under my eyes as I hoped. my concealer still stay in the creases under my eyes
  7. Does nothing


    I found this comfortable on the skin but did nothing it claims to do my concealer settled into my fine lines and still looked puffy.
  8. Makeup must have


    I HAVE to have this in my makeup routine. This stops any concealer separating or cracking under my eyes. I have super dry skin and this is a game changer for me
  9. very moisturising


    great before applying your foundation! really good!
  10. Okay product


    I find this gives my under eye a bit of cool feel but doesn't really make my concealer sticky longer
  11. Does Nothing


    Does nothing unfortunately. My concealer sits on top of it just fine, but it also sits fine on my skin sans primer, so what's the point?! I was hoping it would lightly hydrate and help alleviate dark circles, but it does neither. Skip this product.
  12. Works well


    Great for tired, puffy eyes. I always use this when I'm feeling tired and my eyes feel inflamed. It's nice and light on the skin.
  13. Depuffing and cooling


    The before and after pic is a bit misleading. I find that this primer just depuffs my eyes in the morning, and feels like a nice luxurious step in my routine. Definitely does not add coverage to dark circles in my opinion.
  14. undecided


    for me this product more awakens me, rather then to de puff my eyes. it definatley does not make you look how they portray in the before and after pictutre
  15. It has its positives


    This primer is really cooling and its nice on the skin, not sure if I feel much of a visible difference in puffiness though..
  16. not recommended


    not necessary could just use a face primer or moisturiser instead
  17. Didn't see any difference


    I was looking for a primer to help hold my concealer in place under my eyes, as I have some deep creases and dark circles. Usually I love Becca products but, unfortunately, this one didn't do anything for all! I guess it feels pleasant going on so it gets a star for that...but that's it. It's just another layer under your eyes that's not going to help achieve anything. I'd give this one a miss.
  18. Has its pros and cons


    Pros: very light weight, has a cooling effect, very easy to travel with, helps concealer to glide on smoother and not crease

    Cons: the blue tint does nothing to alleviate dark circles, I wish this was in a peach tint instead, on dry skin, it can ball up and look waxy
  19. Nice primer


    I wouldn't say it makes a massive difference in hiding dark circles but it definitely helps. Nice cooling effect, and concealer application is smoother when I use it.
  20. Unnecessary


    I have used under eye primers before but the formula of this isn’t user friendly for its purpose. Super hard to use and made no difference at all. I get eczema and this seemed to irritate my eyes too.

    there are better and cheaper products out there and this is too expensive to have had no effect at all.
  21. wouldn't recommend


    i feel that this is just an unnecessary makeup product as concealer is a better option
  22. pointless


    not worth the money, just use concealer instead of this
  23. flawless!


    I use this on makeup-free days, under concealer and setting powder. It's non-drying and glides on, smoothing out wrinkles and brightening the undereye area.

    TIP: Press on, don't rub.
  24. don't see the point


    This is such a pricey product and after buying into the Becca hype, I really thought this would reduce the puffiness and brighten my under eyes. However a full coverage concealer does a better job and I can use any primer underneath . So I don't see the point of this product . On its own , I did not see any benefit.
  25. Not sold


    I find this product a little bit redundant and a waste of money. Choosing a concealer that's better quality proves to be a better choice than using this primer to apply any one better.


    This product I didn’t think much off but after using it twice I see what exactly it does !! Yes it does make your under eye brighter but before that even it handles all the wrinkles and reduces drastically all the under creases ! Love this product also even when you are out you can have it in your bag and apply really quick.
  27. waste of money


    didnt see any difference with this product, made my concealer and foundation separate and look weird which doesnt normally happen. did have a cooling effect at first but wouldnt recommend due to the way my makeup sits on top. Maybe for a no makeup day
  28. On the fence


    I can't decide how I feel about this product. In some ways, my eyes do feel less tired, and you do feel it's refreshing vibe. However, I am not sure it translates to noticeable differences in my eyes. I will keep using it, but I am not sure I would purchase it again. On the fence.
  29. Disappointed with product


    After reading the write up and reviews on this product I was very excited to try it. Being in my fifties I have fine lines under my eyes and am constantly trying to find a product that delivers. Unfortunately I was left disappointed as the foundation and concealer used over the primer sits in the creases and I constantly have to check throughout the day to wipe away with a cotton bud. It didn’t help with the darkness under the eyes either. Maybe better if you are younger but certainly wouldn’t recommend to anyone in their fifties especially given the price.
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