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Unsatisfied with the sex tech industry, a group of friends founded a brand that aims to eliminate the stigmas and barriers about sexuality for everyone. Founded in 2014, Unbound is a brand that champions empowerment and inclusivity surrounding the topic of sexuality. The brand wants to provide women, femmes and non-binary people alike a safe place to discover and explore their own sexuality without fear or judgement. The goal is for every person have access to sexual healthcare information and products, and be accepted for practicing sexual wellness. Today, Unbound has won the hearts of many with its innovative and visually pleasing sexual wellness products, rising to the top as a category leader.


In today’s society, sexual wellness is often rejected as shameful and inappropriate. Unfortunately, this is often coupled with an even greater imbalance when it comes to gender equality. In order to destigmatize the industry, the co-founders of Unbound collected the thoughts and opinions of women and femmes during product development – from ideation right down to packaging. Pushing away designs that are commonly associated with the porn industry, the final product designs tend to gravitate towards art and modernity. Every detail is considered, right down to the colour schemes in an intentional effort to distinguish themselves as a health and beauty brand, not erotica. When it comes to sexual stereotypes, Unbound is keen to put them all to rest while establishing female sexuality as a health need.


At the end of the day, there should be no shamed for practicing self-pleasure or self-care. Everyone should feel comfortable putting themselves first, and it’s easier knowing that Unbound will provide an experience you can trust and love

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