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Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen 50ml

4.7 of 546 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Supreme Screen is a three-in-one that combines the protection of a sunscreen, with the hydration of a moisturiser, and the makeup-readiness of a primer. It’s hydrating enough that you need one less skincare step in the morning.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

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Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen Reviews

4.7 of 546 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Pricey but worth every penny


Cannot go past this amazing sunscreen. Feels so lovely on, I have no reaction to this and does not make my eyes water. I am forever converted

Most Helpful Criticism

Good enough


I think this sunscreen provides really good protection and I want to love it because its owned by Aussie women. However I find it quite shiny and it sort of pills on the skin (forms into balls) especially around the eyes and eyebrows a find, perhaps attaching to dry skin. I don't love the smell, but its a real sunscreen smell so I know I'm being protected. I just wish this was more matte and soaked in a bit better. Its the best one I've found for the price point.
  1. Pricey but worth every penny


    verified purchaser
    Cannot go past this amazing sunscreen. Feels so lovely on, I have no reaction to this and does not make my eyes water. I am forever converted
  2. The sunscreen I've been looking for

    Nat the Rat

    I have dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin and was scared to try this sunscreen at the price that it would make me break out, but I gave it a go anyway and it was so so worth it. I wear this sunscreen every day now! Its moisturising, non-greasy, non-shinny finish and doesn't leave a white mark! When I run and cycle and start to sweat, it doesn't run into my eyes. Also works well under makeup for al...
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  3. Order 2nd bottle


    I’m just in love with this product. My husband use it too. Great texture, moisturise. My sensitive skin with rosacea glows!
  4. no cast


    This has amazing texture and is so easy to blend on your skin. It however can hurt my eyes a bit 10+ hours after application
  5. Amazing, Dewy Finish


    Absolutely LOVE this SPF! Leaves an amazing finish when worn under foundation and super silky.
    Love the beige colour and the fact there is no white cast!
  6. Non-oily SPF


    I haven't used a daily SPF before and I was hesitant to start given my skin is very sensitive and doesn't like normal sunscreen (clogs my pores, increases redness and leads to breakouts). But I have been using this product everyday for the last month and its light-weight, non-oily and hasn't clogged my skin. I've re-purchased it and wish it came in a larger tube!
  7. Liquid gold


    Warning do NOT buy this is you want to ever feel satisfied using any other face sunscreen again. This will be the last sunscreen you ever buy. Everything else is garbage.
  8. Fantastic

    Emma Picone

    Feels amazing on the skin. I hate oily products that leave a thick residue and this feels so lightweight like I’m wearing nothing! Will be purchasing again
  9. A non Irritating and elegant lotion.


    Goes on easily and evenly and is not greasy or sticky. It glides on like a primer that has a consistency that is not too thick or thin. It has a very subtle fresh fragrance that is nice. It has a subtle sheen like an illuminating primer. My mineral makeup both loose and liquid glides over it beautifully without any problems. It doesn't make my skin itchy or feel like a mask like some sunscreens ...
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  10. Quite Sticky/Greasy with Makeup


    Not really a fan of this sunscreen. With makeup its really sticky and greasy (hair is always sticking to my face because of it!) so wouldn't recommend if you wear makeup on a daily basis (I wear mineral free make up so didn't expect that result with the sunscreen).

    Otherwise, the product is okay, it is quite hydrating. The ASAP sunscreen is much much better.
  11. A Delight To Wear


    Like many of us, wearing SPF can be a real drag or feel uncomfortable. But not this Supreme Screen!
    This is the last step of my AM skincare routine and I skip the moisturiser and primer as I’ve already got pretty combo skin and this gives me the hydration I need. I also appreciate the fact I don’t need to layer too many other products underneath. So I guess value wise you are saving some cas...
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    Wow wow wow. CONVERTED! I have been using a great sunscreen for a few years and had no issues but kept reading reviews about this product and was super intrigued! After reading the spec of Supreme Queen and Queen Screen, I decided on Supreme based on my skin type etc. it goes on beautifully and actually does feel so hydrating! Really impressed by this, I'm glad I made the change !
  13. A MUST WOW


    Sunscreen is so bloody important and this product has become my new best friend! 3 in 1 option is absolutely incredible and quickens up the morning routine.

    Do yourself a favour and definitely purchase!
  14. Like it


    Nice sunscreen. High protection. Not greasy. Easy to apply. Smell nice.
  15. Mostly great


    I really like the texture of this sunscreen and it applies beautifully. However, just wish the ingredients were cleaner
  16. Stand-out product


    This is probably the best product I've purchased as of late. I love the texture of this cream, as it doesn't feel oily at all but has a bit of a dewy feeling on the skin. It also doesn't make your face overly shiny, just a touch of brightness - making skin look fresh and plump. I also like that it doesn't have the white tint like most facial sunscreens, and it also smells really nice. It goes so w...
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  17. hydrating no white cast


    great sunscreen that is australian made, does not leave a white cast at all and sit well under maekup. its hydrating for my skin and does leave a bit of a glow which i love.
  18. An All-In-One Genius

    Dani Exfoliates

    I have been using Supreme Screen for about a month and have been absolutely LOVING the convenience! It’s the last step in my skincare routine before makeup BUT it has replaced both my daily moisturiser and my primer!! I am normal to oily so it’s definitely all the moisturiser I need in the mornings and it sits so well underneath my mineral powder makeup (I do still use a setting powder on my t-zon...
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  19. Can't believe it feels great for SPF 50


    I can't stand wearing sunscreen. This is the first sunscreen that I enjoy using and the tint makes my skin glow, I cannot believe that it is SPF 50 because they're usually thick and oily. 10/10 will repurchase
  20. Nice sunscreen


    Versatile sunscreen. It has high protection against harsh sun in Australia. It also moist and hydrates my skin well. I have a combination skin and I don't feel greasy at all. Lovely light scent.
  21. Super easy to use but could be more hydrating


    I love this and use it daily but it could be more hydrating for my super dry skin. I do still love it though
  22. Everyday must


    Spf is sooo important but it’s taken me a long time to find one that I actually enjoy using. I have all the ultra violette sunscreens but this one is my fav because it’s 50+ and super hydrating!
  23. Best sunscreen


    Having oily skin I find it hard getting a sunscreen that doesn't end up in an oily mess by the end of the day, and this product definitely delivers . I've used it under make up, on its own and either way I feel hydrated and non-oily/greasy by the end of the work day. Definitely recommend.
  24. Aesthethic


    This is very creamy, has a pleasant texture and creates a nice glow on the skin
  25. This is amazing


    This cream is so good, I have mature dehydrated skin and struggle to find the right moisturiser, this has replaced moisturiser sunscreen and primer for me. Spent quite a bit of time outdoors lately and the sunscreen works perfectly. I plan to always have this in my skin care bag. Thank you for a great product.


    I use this as a premier, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one... I could not recommend this product enough and cannot wait to try more from the brand.
  27. Best face sunscreen


    This is my go to face sunscreen. Goes on like silk and does the job. I apply this on my hands as well
  28. high protection


    so far i really enjoy this sunscreen, the only down side is it does smell a little but like sunscreen but it not that bad. its hydrating and theres no white cast and i know that the protection is high and is australian standard level of spf protection
  29. The Best Face Sunscreen i've ver tried


    I've been trying quite a few different 50+ sunscreens lately, but all of them interact with my makeup and make my face look grainy, or splotchy. This means that some days if i needed to look my best i would just omit sunscreen all together, and living in Australia that is never a good idea. This is hands down the best that i've tried. It feels silky smooth, and applies just like a nice moisturisin...
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  30. sunscreen


    quite nice and hydrating. not a huge fan of the tint, but i think it would work on light-medium skin
  31. Light gentle texture and correct the tone


    I have sensitive skin with rosacea. This spf has gentle texture so I don’t need to rube it hard or long on my face, plus on my skin it looks like CC cream, don’t dry my dehydrated skin. Great stuff for spf 50! Will buy more.
  32. Not sure


    I bought this after using and loving the clean screen - but wanting something with higher protection for summer. I've only used it a couple of times and I love the weight and feel of it but I wish it didn't smell like toilet air freshener. I found the clean screen more scented than i like as well but at least the smell was a bit nicer. This has also caused stinging both times I've put it on which...
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  33. Convert


    I'm a convert from Ultraceuticals which I absolutely have loved and been loyal to for years.

    I'm on my third tube of this sunscreen and I highly recommend it.

    Failsafe, no white cast, smells pleasant and sits lovely under makeup.
  34. Super Hydrating

    Siobhan Lovie

    I bought this sunscreen after using Queen Screen since it launched. I think this sunscreen is really nice, and delivers what it says it will. If you prefer a more matte finish compared to the Queen Screen than you will love Supreme!

    The one thing I don't really like is the smell of Supreme but I think this is because I'm comparing it to Queen which smells delish!
  35. Save your skin


    I've just bought my second tube of this Ultra Violette Supreme Screen and I love it. I have been trying to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen for years and can finally say I am there. It feels great on the skin, not too oily or 'white' and actually helps my makeup sit really smooth on the skin. Save your future self from the wrinkles and get onto this sunscreen!
  36. New favourite


    This has definitely became my new favourite. It is pretty hydrating for my normal skin. It is not oily or greasy at all. Compare to other good ones, this one is easier to get, and this is another plus.
  37. Great everyday wear


    I tried this product after wanting a different finish to the queen screen. I was surprised to see the product is tinted, but pleased that the tint doesn’t show up on your skin. I have found that it does help to neutralise redness. It has a satin finish in my opinion and I use about 3 pumps per application. Small enough to fit in your handbag to carry around for reapplication, overall this is a gre...
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  38. One less step


    I was very eager to try this all in one sunscreen and moisturiser. The bottle is a great design and I love the pump on the end.

    The only thing I don’t love is the shiny/greasy look it has on my skin. In saying that, after putting my powder mineral foundation over the top, the shine was gone.

    Like many sunscreens my skin did feel heavy/greasy as the day went on, a smal...
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  39. Can't go without


    I know you're supposed to wear sunscreen every day but I always struggled to do this because sunscreen is normally so greasy and sticky and does NOT go well under makeup. But this product is so nice and creamy, not at all greasy or sticky and goes beautifully under makeup. It smells and feels like moisturiser and I am now a daily sunscreen wearer! Go me!
  40. Best!


    New favourite SPF! Doesn't pill, isn't greasy and makes my skin feel nice and soft. I love that I now have one product that cover SPF, moisturiser and primer!!
  41. Great effective product


    I bought my second tube half way through the first one as I was concerned if I finish and it is not availble at the time to re-purchase, just explaining how much I like this. I have a dry skin and the only other SPF which wouldn't give me dryness feeling is Clinique Super city block, but that does not absorbs as nice as this product and is just 30SPF, however this beautiful sunscreen is 50. I wis...
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  42. Holy Grail Sunscreen


    As a pale girl in Australia, I've long struggled to find a sunscreen with a high SPF that sits well under makeup. The Supreme Screen is now my holy grail! It's hydrating and plays well with other serums, moisturisers, oils etc. and doesn't pill under makeup. The fragrance is light and my sensitive, dry skin hasn't had any breakouts or irritations from using it.
  43. I really wanted to love this!


    Like most Australian women, I’ve tried nearly every sunscreen on the market! This product sounded ideal- made in Australia for Australian conditions. Reviews are excellent and I was excited to try it despite the cost. It has a perfect blend of ingredients, the texture is beautiful and it doesn’t pill over other products so what’s not to love?
    I don’t wear makeup (foundation, powder etc) duri...
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  44. My fav sunscreen


    This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used, it’s easy to apply and works well under makeup. It really doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all.
    My only negative is the size of it - I wish they would make larger tubes, I find I get through it too quickly.
  45. Beautiful texture


    Only sunscreen that my teenage son will wear. Love the fact that it is moisturising as well as protecting me from the sun. Only sunscreen that I have been able to wear near my eyes without them stinging and watering. Beautiful and practical packaging - amount that i use is easily controlled.
  46. Converted someone who never wore suncreen

    Love this

    I've tried this and UV's Clean Screen and definitely prefer this more. I found with time that Clean Screen would ball up and you can't just willy nilly apply it without a mirror. This sunscreen does not do that! So smooth when you apply and very hydrating. No odd smell as well.
  47. good on sensitive dry skin


    I love this product! I normally would get itchy or irritated from a lot of sunscreens so I gave this one a go and love it, it feels nice on my skin, it does not make it look white, does not have a funny smell actually smells nice and most importantly hydrates my skin making it look fresh :)
  48. Helps dry skin


    This is a great sunscreen for dry skin. It doesn’t even feel like sunscreen, more like a nice moisturiser. A lovely product.
  49. Will keep buying forever


    Love this product! Very lightweight on my skin and I never get breakouts while using it . Super easy to apply compared to other products that can be quite sticky and hard to spread. I use it every morning and it has lasted me 3 months.
  50. Light weight, smooth texture


    I love the texture of this product - it applies so smoothly on my skin and sits well under make up. It doesn't pill - much better than the Alpha H Daily Essential SPF50. Has a light scent that may bother some but I found it faded quickly and again, not as strong as the Alpha H alternative. I'll be buying this again.
  51. Looooove love love


    I adore this!! Will never look back. Leaves the most beautiful blurred glossy skin finish. Love this brand and can’t wait to get the large body one for summer
  52. As good as sunscreen gets, I suppose


    So I read the reviews and all and this UV product was recommended for oilier skin. I’m a sunscreen every day kinda gal, and this ticks most of the boxes. Smells nice, applied well, doesn’t leave a cast, sits well under makeup. I’m very, very shiny by the end of the day though, so that’s the only negative. It is sunscreen though, which will usually do that.
  53. I now undrstand the hype


    I am always in the search for good sunscreen, wearing sunscreen for the last 12 years every day. I have dry skin and my problem was no matter how moisturizing my serum and face cream was the sunscreen would make my skin feel dry the moment I would put it on. This SPF is wonderful moisturizer, pleasant to apply and easily absorbed. I removed one point as for the packaging, you need to use quiet a l...
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  54. Lovely


    This sunscreen makes me want to wear sunscreen. I just need a bigger bank balance to sustain buying it frequently. I really like the scent and texture. The pump is great too. Really lovely product!
  55. Forever fav product


    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve repurchased this sunscreen, maybe 6? I love it so much. It makes my skin look so nice, the smell is nice, the feeling is beautiful, it’s hydrating and gives a nice glow. Sits super well under my mineral powder. Just wish the tube was BIGGER
  56. Amazing sunscreen


    LOVE this amazing sunscreen! Goes on silky smooth, feels nourishing and doesn’t have that overpowering usual ‘sunscreen’ smell. Would absolutely buy again. A+


    After reading the reviews, I am so happy that I purchased this sunscreen. It is so light and spreads so easily. It also isn't sticky and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing sunscreen. Further to this, it isn't oily on the skin and more so feels like a moisturiser. I love it ands will definitely purchase this sunscreen again!
  58. A personal favourite!


    I love, love, love this sunscreen. It’s hydrating for my dry skin, but doesn’t leave as dewy a finish as the ‘Supreme Screen’. It works well under makeup, and is not heavy nor does it leave a white cast. I love that it’s SPF 50+ My only critique is one of personal preference, I like fragrance free products, however this one smells really lovely- not overpowering or offensive.
  59. Love


    This is my go to product as a daily moisturiser and sunscreen. I love that I only have to apply one product to both moisturise and protect my skin from sun damage. It sits really well and isn't greasy like most facial sunscreens. I'll defintely keep using this product
  60. Amazing


    Just as good as it’s serum counterpart. Definitely a better option though for anyone who doesn’t like the sunscreen smell as this sunscreen is quite minimal in scent. The texture is quite airy and lovely to apply.
    I’ve used it both with and without makeup and it works well both ways.
  61. Amazing


    Just as good as it’s serum counterpart. Definitely a better option though for anyone who doesn’t like the sunscreen smell as this sunscreen is quite minimal in scent. The texture is quite airy and lovely to apply.
    I’ve used it both with and without makeup and it works well both ways.
  62. Wow


    Received a sample of this and the other ones from this brand and wow I am shattered I didn't listen and try it earlier. I love this one and the clean screen the best, however this is great to combine 3 products into one. Will be purchasing after I have finished my other sunscreens
  63. Nice sunscreen


    A lovely and light sunscreen. It's the not the best to use when you're exercising as it makes me a little shiny. Also make sure you use it within 6 months or so after opening. The effectiveness of mine has decreased and I've been sunburnt after using.
  64. Best sunscreen that gives you dewy skin


    This is my second bottle now, and I'm so in love. In my initial review of it, I didn't love it because it broke me out a bit, but now my skin has gotten used to it and I haven't had a breakout since. There's absolutely no white cast and it blends into the skin effortlessly. Also an amazing base for makeup.
  65. Best ever!


    Best SPF!! Feels amazing on this skin, gives a nice glow and no pilling like others spf's I've used which is amazing. Will keep on purchasing absolutely :)
  66. Best sunscreen ever


    I love this so much. It leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy, no whitecast and all round just a fabulous product. I have used the whole range and this is my favourite
  67. The ONLY facial sunscreen I will ever buy again...


    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I have been searching for a facial sunscreen that gives the look and feel of a moisturiser but is a sunscreen instead. This sunscreen feels light on my sensitive and acne-prone skin and protects me from Australia's harmful UV rays (SPF 50+ is the only way to go!!!). It also has a slight tint to it, so you don't end up having that washed-out white look on your face that...
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  68. Best SPF


    I love this sunscreen. It makes me want to use SPF daily. I love that it doubles as a moisturiser and a primer (because I'm lazy in the morning). It has a lovely and soft consistency and doesn't leave a white cast or pill.
  69. Nice

    Paula C.

    I have tried this product and the Queen Screen serum by the same brand. This is the one I will re-purchase. It is hydrating as well as SPF, I still use my moisturiser underneath because I have dry skin, but it might be a nice one step product for some. If I'm going for a quick run in the morning before my shower though, I use this by itself and it's fine. It also works as a nice primer. It is...
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  70. This is a must have!


    This was suggested for my by an Adore Beauty employee and wow I’m so impressed! At first I was skeptical about the price (and I’d never incorporated SPF into my everyday routine) but this stuff is amazing! I can’t go without. It smells amazing, it feels amazing and I feel better about looking after my skin.
  71. Can’t believe it’s sunscreen!


    So I am a hater of sunscreen! I haven’t been able to find one that I like and especially not one that’s 50+! A friend suggested this and it has blown me away. It’s soooo nice. It feels like a lovely moisturiser rather than a sunscreen so it’s definitely not a chore to put on! There’s part of me that wants to wear it at night!
  72. Good sunscreen for dry skin


    I am always on the hunt for sunscreen. I have dry and sensitive skin, and have tried most of sunscreens out there as have been wearing sun protection for the last 20 years. This product does not make me feel dry after application (most sunscreens do) and also does not have any color , I remove the one star as I wish it was cheaper or bigger packaging as you need to use alot of sunscreen each time ...
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  73. Hydrating sunscreen


    This sunscreen has been great. I love that it is cruelty free and it feels really hydrating. I've found that it hasn't broken me out either!
  74. Excellent


    It’s so great to have a sunscreen that is hydrating but not oily. I have break-out probe skin, and this ultra violet just feels like I’m putting on a moisturiser. It means I will always have sunscreen on my face now which is a huge win.
  75. Glowy, plump, protected


    This skinscreen is a thick beige coloured serum that smoothes on with no pilling or residue. It leaves a glow that borders on oily on my combination skin but with a setting powder over the top it is just right. The skinscreen has not broken me out where chemical suncreens usually do and it is excellent to know that I have SPF50 on everday that is so easy to wear.
  76. Best Facial sunscreen!


    With everyone talking about using daily sunscreen I went on a mission to try to find my HG daily facial sunscreen. After much internal debate I tried this one! Wow! Knocked my socks off! Love it! I don’t joke! This worked well over my usual skin care and worked well with makeup on top! This brand knows their stuff!!
  77. Perfect Sunscreen


    Love this sunscreen, my makeup never pills on top of it and it feels good on my skin!
  78. Super hydrating with GREAT packaging.


    I was looking for a perfect 2 in 1 moisturiser/sunscreen for myself and my boyfriend as we are both low maintenance and didn't want to apply to separate products in the morning. I was recommended this product by several friends and it did not disappoint. It is one of the only products with SPF that doesn't feel oily or make me look glossy/sweaty and keeps both of our faces hydrated. The best part ...
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  79. Moistrising


    I have very dry skin and will get reaction to some of the SPF50 products, I am always on the hunt for good SPF as I have been wearing them everyday for the last 20 years. This one is quiet moisturizing and does not react to my face.
  80. Hydrating sunscreen


    It did as advertised: primer + moisturiser + spf and the pump is convenient to carry around and reapply but I am not a fan of the smell.

  81. ultra violette


    I like how this is a SPF50 but in a nice, cosmetically elegant form. It looks nice under makeup and doesn't make me look super greasy like regular sunscreens.
  82. Great


    This is hydrating and applies nicely underneath my foundation
  83. My favourite sunscreen, excellent hydration


    I’m really happy with this sunscreen. I have sensitive/acne prone skin, but also dry skin. This has been beautifully moisturising and I haven’t had any irritation or breakouts. This is worth the price.
  84. Love this!


    I LOVE this facial sunscreen. It’s SPF 50+ so you know you’re protected from the sun, but it leaves none of the white residue of typical sunscreens.

    The tint gives me enough confidence to skip foundation and just wear concealer on most days, and on days when I want to build into a full face, I find it acts as an awesome primer as well! Definitely worth the $!
  85. A great sunscreen


    Finally decided to try this sunscreen after hearing about it for months and it does not disappoint! I normally hate the feeling of regular sunscreen on my face but this is so light and moisturising and it feels so nice on the skin. It's definitely on the pricier side so not sure how long the bottle will last, especially in summer when you need to apply more frequently. My one complaint is it smell...
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  86. it is the best sunscreen in market


    i feel this is the best sunscreen i have ever tried on. it is great under makeup and does not gives a white cast. not at all sticky. and i think it will be great for summer time too.
  87. Leaves a great glow


    I actually really like this sunscreen, the texture is velvety and it gives a beautiful glow on the skin. This is the second sunscreen I've tried from this brand. I have noticed 1 or 2 breakouts which is why I'm going back to the queen screen but other than that, this suncreen is great! It's great for a makeup base as well.
  88. SPF All day, Everyday!


    This sunscreen makes it so easy to wear all day everyday! I love the light mousse-like texture and I don't get any of that normal shiny-ness that comes with typical SPF. I have really acne prone skin and find that this has not made me break out at all. I am so so happy that I purchased this after a friends recommendation.
  89. Just okay


    I purchased this to give it a whirl as it was 50+. I have been disappointed as it pills under makeup makes makeup peel off. The smell isn’t great either and it broke me out with small whiteheads. I tried really hard to love it as it’s cruelty free. The packaging is pretty good and mess free. It is very easy to store and travel with. The Ultra Violette team were very friendly and received my feedba...
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  90. good good great


    it is an amazing sunscreen that i recently got. i wish i had purchased it earlier is now my holy grail. it is hydrating on the skin and the sun protection is just great.
  91. Absolutely AMAZING


    This is the first separate SPF product I've ever tried but I absolutely LOVE it! I have combo skin and tend to get a bit oilier in the T-zone by the end of the day and I've found that this product does not add to that at all! It gives my skin a nice healthy glow under my base and I love it! My one piece of advice is to pat it in, don't rub it! Will definitely be repurchasing!
  92. Best sunscreen


    There is nothing not to love about this sunscreen. It offers high protection, does not have an offensive smell or white cast, feels hydrating and leaves a gorgeous yet subtle glow. I have repurchased this and would definitely recommend.
  93. great sunscreen


    recently started using it. it light weight on the skin doesn't cause me breakouts and sits well under the makeup too.
  94. Beautiful texture


    I recently purchased the trio of skinscreens from the Ultra Violette website. It was good to try them all to compare. I really liked this one. I like the tint - it effortlessly rubs into the skin, just like a moisturiser. It doesn't feel like a sunscreen AT ALL, but has a hint of a scent like one. It wears really well under makeup, it's quite shiny on the skin so looks nice without makeup too. My ...
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  95. Perfect everyday sunscreen!


    This is perfect for everyday use. It's nicely lightly scented, but not too 'sunscreen' smelling. It doesn't leave a white cast or leave your face feeling sticky or anything like that! Great under make up! Will repurchase and repurchase!
  96. Good for everyday use


    Really like this. It feels less fancy than Queen Screen so I'm more likely to use it every day, chuck it in my bag, take it travelling etc. It does have a 'sunscreen smell' which I'm fine with, and it does fade, but fair warning. Love the UV products and just wish they either came in bigger sizes or were a little more affordable.
  97. Perfect sunscreen!


    Moisturising non whitening formula. Lays perfectly under makeup and spf 50! Amazing!
  98. Great sunscreen


    I have medium skin tone and usually sunscreen leaves a white cast but this one looks really good on the skin alone or under makeup. I am repurchasing this for a second time.
  99. Really wanted to like it but fell short


    I did want to like this brand because it's Aussie made but I found it a little too shiney for me as I have combination skin. The smell is another reason that I will not be repurchasing. I prefer odourless or non offensive smelling skincare and this smells very strong. The texture is quite runny like the la Roche posay tinted SPF moisturizers, if you've used those before, and I was looking for a he...
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