Who Are Dermalogica?

If you want a skin care system that's all about results, look no further than Dermalogica. If you want your skin care to come with fancy jars and famous spokesmodels, you'll have to look elsewhere!

Developed by the International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica is known around the globe as the "professionals' choice" when it comes to skincare. Every Dermalogica stockist must have a beauty therapist on staff to give an expert Face Mapping skin prescription, so that you can get results for your particular skin type or concern - whether it be ageing to acne, pigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea or dehydration.

With a focus on fragrance-free simple skin solutions, the Dermalogica range aims to cater for all skin types and contains capsule ranges for specific skin concerns. Dermalogica's story started in 1986 in the USA, when British skin therapist Jane Wurwand felt that the skin and body therapy education was undeveloped. Jane started The International Dermal Institute (IDI) in Marina del Rey, California. Since its conception, the Dermalogica range has grown to include a huge array of products that are free of common irritants and ingredients such as lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil and fragrances. Dermalogica products are Leaping Bunny approved.


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Cosmeceuticals are scientifically produced products, which contain biologically active ingredients that have proven, clinical benefits. Cosmeceutical brands like Dermalogica deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients that can be delivered deeper into the skin, resulting in visible, long term results.  

Where to start with Dermalogica?

Dermalogica's base range, the Grey Line, is the foundation to a great skincare routine. Whether you're just starting out in skincare or are an expert in active ingredients, this range offers the basics you'll need to keep your skin happy, healthy and hydrated. If you're not sure what products your skin type needs, check out Dermalogica's Online Speed Mapping- answer a few quick questions, and you'll instantly have product recommendations tailored to you.

Before you Cleanse

The first step to any great skincare regime is making sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed. Dermalogica offer their Precleanse in both a liquid and wipe formula, so you can be sure your skin is ready for the rest of your routine.


Research by the International Dermal Institute has found that women typically spend just three seconds washing their face? Due to just how much product we put on our faces (whether it's a full face of makeup or just sunscreen), a single cleanse isn't enough to fully wash away the day's grime. The first cleanse is all about removing dirt and makeup, allowing your second cleanser to work its full potential and leave your skin super clean.