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Tweezerman ProCurl Curler

4.6 of 48 reviews


4 instalments of $7.49


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4 instalments of $7.49


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Tweezerman ProCurl Curler

Tweezerman ProCurl Curler

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4.6 of 48 reviews

98% recommend this product

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I have difficult lashes to work with and this does wonders


My lashes are naturally kind of straight and awkwardly positioned, in the past ive found it quite difficult to curl them.

I have to say I really like this curler, it curls my lashes beautifully, and more importantly, easily.

They are sturdy and still in great shape, and I've had them for a while now. Great quality product at an affordable price point.
  1. I have difficult lashes to work with and this does wonders


    My lashes are naturally kind of straight and awkwardly positioned, in the past ive found it quite difficult to curl them.

    I have to say I really like this curler, it curls my lashes beautifully, and more importantly, easily.

    They are sturdy and still in great shape, and I've had them for a while now. Great quality product at an affordable price point.
  2. Not all lash curlers are the same


    These are great. They're sturdy and a good shape for my eyes so there's no pinching, and they curl my lashes with minimal effort or skill required from me! They came with 3 spare pads too so good value for money as well.
  3. Great!


    This eyelash curler works a treat! Curls my lashes without having to press down too hard
  4. Only the best


    Everything Tweezerman makes is fantastic and such good quality. I love this product, it works well and gets right against the lash. Worth every cent, along with their tweezers!
  5. Brilliant!


    I've been using the same old curler for too many years now and finally replaced it with this beauty and it's perfect! I barely have to press and it curls all my lashes with out grabbing them or causing pain. Comes with spare runner replacements as well. Two thumbs up.
  6. great curler


    a great curler that makes your lashes hold a curl all day. the curler itself also lasts forever
  7. Now, it is my favourite Curler


    The angle of this curler is perfect match my eyes, and works very well. For the curler, the price quite high, but it is worth the price.
  8. Great eyelash curlers!


    Great eyelash curlers! I've had trouble with some other brands so I'm really happy with the quality of these. Love that it comes with refills too. Would definitely recommend
  9. Quality


    Purchased this a month ago and its the first time ive ever used an eyelash curler. Was a little nervous at first but its really high quality and was easy to use and didn't pinch.
  10. its ok


    doesnt pinch, personally i have long eyelashes and find that eyelash curlers regardless of the price don't really work as my eyelashes fall quickly, i would prefer an eyelash perm or extensions, good cheap alternative though if not going out for long
  11. Great lash curler!!


    Great eyelash curler! I never would have purchased this but after reading the reviews I'd thought I would give it a go. It's really good quality and works really well for me. It comes with refills which is great and I haven't had any issues with this so far. Would recommend
  12. LOVE! Worth paying a bit extra.


    Definitely worth paying a little extra and getting these, they don't pinch!
  13. Pretty Good Curler


    I decided to get this after using my cheap eyelash curler for ages. I like how this manages to get all my eyelashes, and curl is natural. Refills are also a great bonus
  14. Does not pinch!


    I have always had difficulty with eyelash curlers, they always seem to pinch at the inner corners of my eyes. Not this one, however, no pinching at all and a good result. The colour is pretty, the curler is easy to use and effective, you can't go wrong with this product.
  15. Great curl!


    I've had eyelash curlers before but have never really been happy with them, whether it was lack of curl or pinching of my eyelids. However I can truly say that it was worth paying a little extra for a quality product. This curler gives a really nice curl and doesn't pinch! After having just had my eyelashes tinted I curled my lashes and didn't even bother with mascara!
  16. does the job


    this is great and does the job, i've had mine for over a year and it's still working fine
  17. Great for beginners


    This is the first time ive tried a lash curler and im so happy I chose this product. Really high quality and came in nice packaging and with extra spare heads. Was easy to use. Thank you.
  18. Easy to use


    Easy to use, comfortable and comes with two spare heads. Made my lashes look really lovely.
  19. Easy to use and gentle


    I have never used an eyelash curler before so wanted to get an easy good quality one - this was exactly that! Really easy to use and it was gentle and didn't pinch the skin. Really curled my lashes nicely and lasted. I put my mascara on first and let it dry completely before curling.
  20. Great eyelash curler


    Easy to use, fits eyes well and doesn't leave any weird kinks in the lashes like other ones can
  21. Great Lash Curler


    This is a fantastic curler and I get a really nice curl on my lashes. I feel that the refills need to be used more quickly than other higher-end lash curler brands, but the actual curler itself is excellent. Only 4 stars due to the quicker refill need, but really, it comes with 3 refills so you should be good for a while! It gets my entire lash line and isn't harsh or heavy on them at all. If you're looking for a new curler, grab this one!
  22. Amazing!


    I’ve used the same eye lash curler for a while now not believing anything was wrong. But once I used this one I was instantly amazed at how much curl they actually gave putting my old curlers to shame (and in the bin!) So happy I got them. And love the rose gold.
  23. So easy


    Unlike other curlers, this takes half the time to curl my lashes & doesn't leave an awkward fold!


    Every girl or guy, needs one of these in their makeup draw! one of the best curlers I have ever used!
  25. Best lash curler!


    This is the best lash curler that I've used that doesn't hurt at all when I curl my lashes and leaves them having a natural curl :) Highly recommend!
  26. Beautiful eye lash curler


    I have been using this lash curler for the past week. It gives such a beautiful curl that actually lasts. It doesn’t pinch your eye lids which is also a massive positive.
  27. Great product


    Really good eyelash curlers, gives a nice curl and doesn't pinch my eyelids. Been going strong for a few months now and still in great condition.
  28. Good


    Im new to eyelash curlers so wanted to try a decent quality one. This was expensive but seemed really good quality. Came with some spare rubber replacements. Worked well.
  29. Love it


    This is probably the only western eyelash curler brand i've tried that does anything for my asian lashes - you can really get into the roots + the design is beautiful!
  30. Good quality


    Good quality and it does curl my lashes , which I really love because it’s hard to find like my lashes so straight but this one does the good job well
  31. Good


    This works well to give me lashes a long lasting defined curl before applying mascara. Works everytime!
  32. Great


    These work really well and tweezerman products are always good quality
  33. Great!


    These are fantastic, and the fact that they are rose gold.... bonus!
  34. Works great!


    Great eyelash Curler!! Very easy to use and curls eyelashes beautifully. Wish there was some padding on the metal handle part so it would be more comfortable to hold, but other than that it works great.
  35. Goood


    i dont really see a difference between a $10 lash curler and a $30 lash curler but this one works well and cant find any negatives besides the price difference to say the elf curler.
  36. Can't fault it


    This lash curler is perfect, it's definitely worth spending a little bit more to get a good quality lash curler in my opinion. It doesn't pinch my eyelids at all and curls my lashes perfectly in one go.
  37. Amazing!


    Have purchased this twice now and it's the best one i've ever used. Fits my eyes perfectly
  38. Worth it


    Doesn't pinch my eyes, curls all the way around my round eyes, and comes with replacement pads so definitely worth the investment!
  39. The absolute best


    I'm obsessed with great lashes and have tried many eyelash curlers. My eyes are round and I find this curler fits my eyes perfectly. I have rather straight uncurled eyelashes and find that this curler lifts and curls my lashes really well. My eyes look bigger, my lashes are curled and have this great volume that I can't achieve with mascara alone. It curls my lashes so well I can get away with no mascara on the weekend!

    It never pinches my eyes, the handles are comfortable to use and you get three replacement pads so you won't have to replace this for a very long time. It is my absolute favourite tool and love that it comes in a nice rose gold colour!
  40. Great curl!


    Definitely worth it! Love how easy it is to use and gives a great curl!
  41. Easy and quick to use


    Well made, easy to use and effective lash curler > made for a round eye so might not be the best if you have big and wide eyes.
  42. Finally I have curl!!


    My lashes are dead straight and I have always found it hard to curl my lashes. This works! It gives my lashes an awesome curl and it seems to stay put throughout the day. Love it and wont go back to anything else.
  43. Wont go back!


    I bought these as a bit of a splurge and at the time thought I was crazy for spending $30.00 on a eyelash curler but I won't go back. I recently lost it and went back and bought one from one of the brands chemists stock and I instantly regretted it. This one completely curls your lashes and they stay curled.
  44. Beautiful and Functional


    The fact that this curler works wonders on your lashes, is even more impressive than the lovely rose gold colour of it. In the past I've only used cheap eyelash curlers and they've had little impact on my lashes, pinched my eyelids, and crimped my lashes. This curler has changed my perspective so drastically, I realise my lashes are actually quite long when curled correctly. They seem to suit a broad range of eye shapes having used them on myself and others quite comfortably. The handles also feel comfortable to use. They are cheaper than other high end options, but i cant imagine them doing a better job. They are more expensive than a cheap drugstore eyelash curler, but so worth it. The packaging is beautiful and functional (I kept them in their box for the first week I found it so pretty) they also come with a small container holding 3 replacement inserts (very convenient). A wonderful mid-range eyelash curler which I highly recommend.
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