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True Solutions

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Australian cosmetics company True Solutions aims to deliver the very best in cutting-edge salon skin care.With this in mind, True Solutions Sun Care was born. The True Solutions sunscreen range has been designed especially for anti-ageing protection under the demands of the harsh Australian climate, and includes a range of products for all sun protection needs: daily moisturisers with SPF30+, baby/sensitive sunscreen, waterproof sports block and even tinted sunscreens.

True Solutions

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Drawing on our expertise in the area of skin ageing, True Solutions has created scientifically formulated moisturising products with sun-protection that promise to help protect the skin against the ravages of harsh environments such as Australia's, to help prevent skin ageing.

In response to requests from leading clinicians, therapists and doctors who have demanded an all-in-one moisturiser, sun-protector and anti-ageing product, True skincare offers clinical-strength protection against the Australian climate.

Developed using the latest sun-protection technologies, True Solutions combines total daily moisturisation with superior sunscreen and anti-ageing properties, to protect the skin against environmental aggressors that cause premature ageing.

True Solutions' powerful sunscreen formulations help shield the skin against damaging UVAI, UVAII and UVB rays. The True Solutions' products are also luxurious daily moisturizers that can be used on the face, neck, hands and body for indoor and outdoor environments.




Helps protect against environmental aggressors and helps prevent UV radiation

Moisturisation for the skin

Regular use may assist in the prevention of some skin cancers, premature skin ageing, sun spots and solar keratosis



Australian sunscreens are made with the best technology and ingredients.

Australians love the great outdoors. What would Summer be without the beach, picnics and dining alfresco? But spare a thought for that precious complexion, often ravaged by one of the harshest climates in the world, and always be sun-savvy.

Sun-damage occurs when the sun's burning UVA and UVB rays cause the DNA in cells to mutate, which in turn can lead to skin cancer, especially if the skin's defense systems are impaired by stress, ageing or UV radiation.

To help prevent sun-damage, it's crucial to wear sunscreen every day. According to the leading authority on sun-damage, the Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia, also recommends wearing protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses to prevent most incidences of skin cancer.

Protect your face, neck, hands and body with the True Solutions SPF 30+ moisturising collection. It has everything you need in one simple step to help moisturise, protect and rejuvenate your complexion everyday.

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