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Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant by Trilogy


Sometimes our skin looks dull and 'blah'. Exfoliation is an important part in any skincare routine, to ensure dead skin cells are sloughed away to make room for the fresh, glowing new skin cells underneath! The Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant is a fast way to see a fresh new complexion with glowing results you'll see instantly. Utilising an innovative dual action formula, the Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant gently polishes and refines skin texture, at the same time increasing skin smoothness without irritating or scratching your delicate face! Active honey enzymes and camellia oil helps to loosen outer layers of those yucky dead skin cells and surface debris that can dull the appearance of your skin. Jojoba micro-spheres then gently buff the nasty cells away! Skin is left looking clear, fresh, glowing and radiant. It's also perfectly prepped for your moisturiser to get in there and do it's work, too. Yay!

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Suitable for sensitive or mature skin - 14-08-2014 by

I found Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant perfect for my skin! It is gentle and doesn't leave my skin red after use, yet strong enough to remove rough and dead skin on my face without damage

Quite nice, but not really a true exfoliator - 24-11-2012 by

Smells very nice, pleasant to use but has very few "bits' in it, therefore not very "scrubby" so doubt it's exfoliating properties really.
Expensive for what it is. The A'Kin version is far superior, even for very very sensitive skin.

I REALLY like this product - 24-09-2012 by

this is the only scrub I use now. I've tried many over 20 years and this is the ultimate. It is gentle on my skin, yet it does the job. I can feel the dead cells coming off under my fingers. I use it in the shower a couple of times a week so it is completely rinsed off. I have combination skin & find this is just right for me. It doesn't strip the skin so much that it gets too oily again that day.

My mother has extremely sensitive skin and she loves this, too. She couldn't believe it actually worked without aggravating her skin.

Highly recommend it. AND the added benefit, I know these are sustainable products and packaging. LOVE that!

Not too coarse - 23-09-2012 by

This scrub has a great consistency and I can definitely see the benefits of the jojoba beads - not too rough on the skin. The only downside is that I have combination skin and I probably need something a bit more like a gel - this scrub leaves a bit of a residue and I feel the need to cleanse again afterwards. Like all Trilogy products it smells great!

Very Gentle - 21-02-2012 by

So I've just been through my first tube and have to say that it really is quite a gentle exfoliant and will probably suit those with sensitive skin as an everyday exfoliant. Personally this exfoliant is a bit too gentle for me as I like my granules to be a bit bigger and more 'scrubby'.

- 09-07-2008 by

I love this as a gentle exfoliant - it is perfect for sensitive and dry skins, or oily and sensitive skins. Non-foaming, thick paste with super gentle granules. Can use very frequently due to the gentleness.

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