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Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil - 20ml 20ml

4.6 of 35 reviews


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$6.49 x 4

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Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil  - 20ml

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil - 20ml

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4.6 of 35 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Best rosehip oil
My favourite rosehip oil. This product spreads easily and absorbs quickly into this skin, and doesn't feel greasy. I love that the packaging is glass and the dispenser is easy to use, and not messy at all. Smells nice and not too earthy like some rosehip oils.
  1. Best rosehip oil

    My favourite rosehip oil. This product spreads easily and absorbs quickly into this skin, and doesn't feel greasy. I love that the packaging is glass and the dispenser is easy to use, and not messy at all. Smells nice and not too earthy like some rosehip oils.
  2. High quality RHO

    This is a great RHO. I found it too heavy to wear morning AND night, so now I only use it once per day. However, my skin looks plump and dewy after using.
  3. lovely

    this is my favourite brand of rose hip oil. I use it on my face every night, and it’s been amazing for scars and acne. It soaks into the skin well and doesn’t have a smell at all. It’s a little more expensive than competing brands but it’s worth it.
  4. This is the only rosehip oil i buy

    I love it and find it doesnt break out my acne prone aging skin..im 39 and i think it really helps soften and plump..i use it over my retinol most nights
  5. Strong scent

    The oil absorbed well but it has a strong almost artificial rose scent which I personally didn't like. There are other rosehip oils that do the same but with a nicer scent.
  6. Economical organic rosehip oil - continue to repurchase!

    This may not be the fanciest of face oils on the market but it is simple, doesn't irritate or break me out and economical.

    The smell is a bit meh but it's better than being overly fragranced, LOVE!
  7. Best Rosehip Face Oil!

    Amazing Rosehip oil that doesn't make my skin break out :) I have tried a few brands but I keep coming back to this one!
  8. Lovely rosehip oil

    After a recommendation to try rosehip oil I purchased this and really enjoyed it. Lovely smell and texture, really nice to apply.

    It's quite heavy, so I stopped using it (and some other serums etc), on recommendation from my facialist, but do miss it.

  9. Lightweight and nourishing, would repurchase

    This is a lovely lightweight oil that sinks in easily, leaving skin soft and nourished. It does leave my skin looking less tired in the morning when I pop it on at night. The trilogy version is slightly more expensive than others on the market but I have found it to be better quality and cheaper versions start to go off quickly whilst this lasts.
  10. affordable and nourishing

    I love to have this product on hand as a regular part of my skincare routine. Very affordable product that instantly hydrates my skin and leaves my skin feeling like a babies (almost!). I mainly use this after I get home from work and have washed off all my makeup.
  11. Lightweight & Lovely

    I bought this rosehip oil during my first pregnancy when I was unable to use my skin care products containing retinol. It kept my skin looking glowing and dewy without any breakouts. I used every 2-3 days. I have since moved back to my other products but would recommend this facial oil for anyone looking to use a softer treatment during pregnancy or just in general.
  12. My dry skin still felt dry after use

    Out of different moisturising oils that you can use on your skin I have found rosehip to
    make the least amount of difference to my skin
  13. Combination Acne Skin Saviour

    Rosehip oil has always been high on the recommendation list for facial oils. This really helps to lightly hydrate my skin and really helps to speed up healing of any pimples and fade some marks. Rosehip has a derivative of Vitamin A in it which is why it may help with these things! It's also a dryer oil so don't feel you can't use it because your combo or oily skinned.
    Trilogy is expensive but you don't need a lot to cover your face. Maybe 5 drops max (that's being very generous) and if you apply it to a damp face it will go the whole way.
  14. Blackhead friendly!

    I love using oils on my face but often they aggravate my blackheads - not so with this! You only need the smallest amount, and i like to really massage it in. I can't say it's helped fade any of my acne scars, but i do wake with glowing skin that isn't clogged.
  15. Amazing!

    I absolutey love this Rosehip Oil! I am a huge fan of the instant results it gives to my skin - it makes it utra dewy, plump and so hydrated! It has helped clear up old red acne marks and makes my skin look and feel so soft! A staple in my make up routine! I also love that it is organic, so there are no nasties on my skin!
  16. Holy grail

    I have dry skin and this works a treat in winter. I avoid using it during the hotter months as it tends to make you sweat more. Helps skin look and feel supple
  17. The best rosehip oil

    This is the best rosehip oil I've tried. It's also relatively affordable compared to other pricier brands. Rosehip oil is incredibly nourishing and soothes blemishes. It works well under makeup too.
  18. Beautiful

    I love this oil, it soaks in quickly and whenever I use it for an overnight treatment I have the loveliest glow in the morning. Also it lasts ages, my only gripe is that I’m the worst with closing dropper bottles but that’s really on me and not the product. I would recomend this to anyone with dry/sensitive/combo skin.
  19. Beautiful

    I’ve used this for years and it’s definitely one of the best original rosehip oils! Can’t go wrong with trilogy!
  20. My Go-To Oil!

    This has become a staple in my routine, and I have noticed such a good difference in my skin since using it.
    It sinks into skin quickly, no oily mask left on my face, and no overwhelming scent. My skin has a nice plumpness and hydration after use, and Trilogy has high quality ingredients with an ethical business model.
  21. Light weight, hydrating oil

    Lightweight and absorbs easily, the oil is hydrating and nourishing. I use it after I use my dermaroller, every few days. I wake up with soft skin, I often put it onto the tops of my hands to keep them hydrated also.
  22. Great

    It's a pretty lightweight oil, absorbs well and doesnt feel greasy on the skin. I like to use it at night and apply it down to my decolletage.
  23. Probably for Oilier skins

    This is a great option if you want to get into Trilogy RHO but can't afford it. I think it would be suitable for oily skin types as this was more of a dry oil for me.
  24. Best oil ever!!

    After applying this at night the next day my skin feels so plump and hydrated and over time this has definitely helped fade discolouration
  25. Only Rosehip oil I can use!

    The only rosehip oil that doesn't break me out! Perfect for the days my skin needs an extra boost.
  26. Best rosehip oil I've tried

    I have tried lots of rosehip oils, and I find Trilogy's to be of the best quality. It is oily without being greasy, and a rich orange colour (which means it's full of the good stuff!). Every time I use this at night I wake up with gorgeous glowy and even skin. I also like to mix it with my foundation for a glowy base.
  27. Beautiful!

    I've used a lot of different rosehip oils, and this one is probably my favorite! It's a great thick consistency and smells amazing. I've repurchased several times.
  28. One of the best rosehip oil on the market

    I have tried several rosehip oil on the market, including the Sukin one. The Trilogy one is my favourite by far. It has a very luxurious texture and it is also very lightweight. It is suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.
  29. Lovely Rosehip Oil!

    Beautiful organic rosehip oil with a lovely scent that is great for my dry acne-prone skin. It is hydrating and doesn't make me break out. It's also very affordable which is great!
  30. Light texture and feel

    I've only just started using facial oils and I love Trilogy rosehip oil. It doesn't feel heavy. Although it the instructions says to use it on clean damp skin, I actually use it as the last layer to seal in hydration. I wake up with really soft skin in the morning. I especially love it in winter with all the drying indoor heating. I am in my forties and have normal to dry skin.
  31. Good but there are cheaper alternative

    The product was good but the oils take a while to sink in. I did see improvements in moisture levels but I prefer jojoba oil as it is more lightweight and less heavy feeling on the skin
  32. great but use in moderation

    I used to love this product. Every night I would create am oil mask and layer it on my skin. when I would wake my skin was so smooth, soft and moisturised. The only downside is after using it consistently every night like that for a few months I started developing tiny bumps on my skin, which only disappeared when I stopped using it. overall great product. would recommend it!
  33. Love it!

    Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil has really helped my dry skin, particularly now that it's winter. I am absolutely loving it!
  34. Hydrating and non-greasy

    Makes dry skin feel instantly hydrated. I put it on after washing my face then wait awhile before applying moisturiser over the top.
  35. Fantastic

    Huge fan of this product! I use this every night and find it's great at keeping wrinkles at bay as well as minimising any scarring I have. My skin looks and feels great
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