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Trilogy Hair

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Combining a low-lather formula with nourishing moisturisers, Trilogy's range of haircare is the fast and gentle way to clean your hair. Even the most sensitive of scalps can use their shampoos and conditioners every day!

The formulations are low-lather and paraben-free, using only organbic products that do not alter the functioning of your body. Parabens are used in conventionally-produced beauty products as a preservative to extend their shelf life and is synthetic. It mimics our body’s natural hormones and can alter the functions of the endocrine system.

Being low-lather means that the formula doesn’t strip away natural oils, so hair won’t end up too wispy, floaty or “squeaky clean”. You’ll have just the right amount of sheen and body (think day after a blowout!), with no buildup or residue.

Gentle and lightweight enough for every hair type, Trilogy shampoos and conditioners can be used on fine, coloured, curly or thick tresses, looking after the hair cuticle for optimum shine, softness and strength.


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What started off as a brand with five rosehip skin care products has now developed into a beauty brand boasting over forty natural products for skin, body and hair. Sold all over the world, Trilogy has become a successful company, known for high-quality and natural ingredients, still including the much-loved rosehip oil.

Whilst Trilogy were solely a skin care brand for many years, recently they have expanded into the world of hair care to create a collection of effective and natural hair products. High-quality natural hair care can be difficult to find, with many brands relying on synthetics to sufficiently cleanse and nourish locks. However, Trilogy strongly believe that natural ingredients can be used to create ever healthier looking and feeling hair.

All hair care products from Trilogy are enriched with their signature rosehip oil. Rosehip oil has a vast array of benefits including moisturising and balancing and is perfect for those with sensitive scalps. A little bit goes a long way with rosehip oil as just a few drops can make a huge difference. Trilogy haircare products also include Keracyn™, a vitamin and antioxidant-rich artichoke extract which is used to strengthen and protect hair fibres.

Trilogy believe that low-lathering is the best way to cleanse the hair as too much lather can strip away the hair's natural oils leaving an unbalanced and irritated scalp. Hair can also be left feeling "too clean" making it difficult to style. Instead, a low-lather formula delivers sheen and body to the hair without buildup.

The Trilogy Smooth & Nourish Conditioner is the perfect solution to dry and damaged hair, but can be enjoyed by anyone, especially if your hair has been coloured or heat-damaged. It uses aloe vera to clean the hair, whilst coconut and camelia add hydration and shine. White tea is added to add extra antioxidant protection against sun and oxidisation damage.

Trilogy is an award-winning company and it'll be no time before their new hair care range starts adding awards to the shelf.

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