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Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler

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Fashion designer and photographer Thierry Mugler has never been one to follow the pack. So naturally, when he decided to turn his hand to fragrances, the results were captivating. Inspired by the mystical fantasy world of celestial beings and superheroes, Thierry Mugler’s fragrances are exotic, escapist, mysterious … and never ordinary.

The launch of Mugler’s first perfume, Angel, in 1992, took the fragrance world by storm. The innovative scent became the first in a new oriental gourmand fragrance family and has since become a true modern classic. Over the ensuing years, Mugler added several equally enchanting fragrances to his collections.

Mugler's popular A*Men line for the gents features a solid range of masculine scents. Heady A*Men Pure Havane, with its undertones of honeyed tobacco, is reminiscent of a fragrant Cuban cigar. Sultry A*Men Pure Leather is aged in leather tanks to give this unique scent a daring appeal. Pure Leather eau de toilette is even housed in a leather-wrapped bottle.

One of the most unusual fragrances from Thierry Mugler is Womanity. This perfume has a bold-yet-sweet scent that enhances the unique feminine energy shared by all women. Womanity also has the distinction of being the first environmentally responsible fragrance. This ground-breaking scent is primarily produced locally. Womanity's unique packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The bottle is refillable and may be disassembled to encourage eco-consciousness.

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Thierry Mugler

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Thierry Mugler has taken bold and unparalleled steps to make its signature scents truly unique. The brand's main distinction is its perfume-refilling station, called 'The Source'. Here, bottles can be refilled with one of the three most popular Thierry Mugler fragrances — Angel, Alien, or Womanity — directly in stores.


The Source resurrects a past tradition of refilling perfume bottles, and the benefits are twofold. First, customers save money, and secondly, reducing landfill waste protects the environment. A Thierry Mugler consultant places the empty bottle under a unique tapered cartridge and refills. The cartridge ensures that no air or light enters the bottle, so perfumes stay fresh until the next refill.


If The Source is unavailable in your area, Thierry Mugler brings refilling to you! Eco-refills and refill bottles are available for Angel, Alien, and Womanity scents. Fans may refill their original bottles at home to enjoy their Thierry Mugler fragrance again and again.


To further the environmentally friendly process of refilling bottles, Thierry Mugler is proud to support the Pur Projet group. This group is committed to fighting global warming, and Thierry Mugler is involved in a project to replant and conserve Amazon rainforests in Peru. Pur Projet's mission is to help regenerate, preserve, and revitalise the fragile ecosystems we all depend on.

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