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The Wet Brush Watercolour - Purple

4.9 of 40 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.99

Or 4 instalments of $4.99 with LEARN MORE

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The Wet Brush Watercolour - Purple delivers the same great results as the original Wet Brush, now in a limited edition watercolour design. The Wet Brush easily brushes out tangles without pulling, tugging or pain thanks to the IntelliFlex bristles. Thin and strong yet flexible, the bristles glide through hair effortlessly, to gently detangle.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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The Wet Brush Watercolour - Purple Reviews

4.9 of 40 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best brush ever for wet or dry hair!


This brush is magic - detangles knots effortlessly and quickly. Perfect for the mornings when you’re rushing out the door! Great quality bristles that don’t break (like the cheaper brands do) but still such an affordable product.
  1. Makes a huge difference!


    I didn't really believe a hairbrush could do much but this has really changed my hair! I have long straight fine hair that likes to tangle easily and sometimes gets static but this brush really helps control that! It detangles easily without breaking the hair or pulling and leaves the hair so silky smooth!
  2. Best brush ever for wet or dry hair!


    verified purchaser
    This brush is magic - detangles knots effortlessly and quickly. Perfect for the mornings when you’re rushing out the door! Great quality bristles that don’t break (like the cheaper brands do) but still such an affordable product.
  3. Forever my holy grail hair brush


    verified purchaser
    wow!! with this brush i have noticed SO much less hair comes out after i brush it compared to a normal brush! in love. i love to brush my hair while it is wet so this is just perfect for me! other brushes will pull out my hair and tangle it. 100% recommend
  4. Hairs best friend


    verified purchaser
    Bought to use for my daughters hair that is often ta glee and knotted, a breeze to brush through her hair leaving it shiny and soft. Doesn’t pull at all, easy to style hair with
  5. Beyond expectations


    I never thought I would be so excited over a hair brush! I never realized just how much hair my old brush was pulling out until I used this brush. It glides through my hair with ease and there is no where near as much hair left in my brush. It gets the knots out rather than pulling them out
  6. The best hairbrush


    This is the best hairbrush I've ever used. It really glides through my thick, corse hair, both wet and dry. And the colour of this particular brush is gorgeous too!
  7. Gentle


    verified purchaser
    Love this brush, it is gentle on my fine hair and gets the knots out well. I use it on my hair wet and dry. I do find it hard to clean though.
  8. Used it for years!


    I’ve had a wet brush for over 5 years now and find it is effective at detangling my very long, thick hair. The brush itself has never needed replacing and is easy to clean - it is very durable. It doesn’t look like anything special but it really does detangle effectively.
  9. The most incredible brush!


    verified purchaser
    This is without a doubt the best brush I have ever used!!!! I have incredibly knotty bleached blonde hair and up until recently was using a tangle teaser (which tore out lots of my hair). The Wet Brush has soft bristles which gently detangles my hair pain-free. Will be only be buying this brand in future!
  10. Great for thick coarse hair


    This hairbrush is great for my thick course curly hair. It is the only brush that I dont loose a bunch of hair when I use nor does it feel like it is ripping my hair out. Great value as I have used other brushes that are way more expensive and they dont glide through the hair as well.
  11. Amazing


    Absolutely amazing brush! My daughter and I absolutely love the wet brush and have many of them. Detangles our fine hair effortlessly and painlessly!
  12. Fave hair brush


    This hairbrush helps me tackle my thick & frizzy hair. It does not ruin my natural curls when I brush them either - I am so glad that I purchased this handy brush that I can use all day long!


    Could not live without it! I have thick/wavy hair that tangles so easily.
    I even prefer over the tangle teezer!
    I find this detangles my hair and brushes through with ease and doesn't make my hair frizz as much as others.
    Works great with wet and dry hair.

    Will continue using this brush always! Nothing beats it!!!
  14. Amazing


    The best detangleing brush I have used.
    Easily rids tangles
  15. Not what I hoped for..


    I usually only brush my hair when it's wet, otherwise, it just turns into a frizzy mess or destroys my natural waves. The reviews said it would detangle thick hair when wet but sadly this is not the case for me. I'm so confused because whenever it encounters a tangle it just...gets stuck?? Maybe it might be better on dry hair but that was not what I was looking for.
  16. Love


    So happy I purchased this!! It’s so gentle on my hair. Wouldn’t go anywhere without it.
  17. Magical


    Honestly I don't know how they did it but this brush is next level.
    My hair is tough to brush when it's wet because it's blonde/bleached, but this brush just glides through. My daughter has super thick curly hair and this brush can tackle that no problems. I bought the package with the hair towel and it was absolutely worth the $22. I've already recommended this brush to several people. Ama...
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  18. Works so well!


    This brush is so comfortable to use compared to some others on the market.. it does its job all whilst not pulling or tugging on your hair too much & really minimizes breakage
  19. So cute! And actually works!!!


    THIS BRUSH! It’s better than a tangle teezer (which I used to have). Doesn’t pull on your hair, doesn’t hurt and bonus points for how cute it looks! Love it!
  20. Miracle


    After I wash my hair it is known to get really tangled and takes ages trying to get rid of all the knots.
    I brought this not knowing what it would be like as it looks the same as normal hair brushes but wow it’s beyond amazing.
    The wet brush is amazing and suggest this to everyone and anyone.
  21. So gentle on hair


    I love this brush, I have wavy hair and after a long day it glides through knots without snagging. I've noticed that I lose a lot less hair when brushing. I do think it works best with wet hair as I've noticed that it can make my dry hair a bit static-y but overall a great brush.
  22. Wouldn’t be without it


    This is a great gentle brush I even use on my toddlers hair. I have fine, straight hair that I wash every day and need to brush while wet to get knots out and blow dry. I also purchased another brush for blow drying in the range but this brush also works for blow drying adequately. This is a repurchase for me.
  23. The best detangler


    Not only is the purple watercolour brush beautiful it is the most effective detangler I have used. I have a sensitive scalp and the design of the bristles glides through both wet and dry hair with ease.
    I have had to purchase 2 as my granddaughter loved the feel on her long curly hair. It is the first time that a brush has glided through her wet hair
  24. Excellent brush


    I’ve fallen in love with the wet brushes, I have this and the shine enhancer one too. This is perfect on my long, thick, wavy hair. Doesn’t destroy the wave and keeps frizz at bay. It’s bigger than I expected, but i don’t mind. I use this on my hair dry, and it doesn’t pull at all. Fabulous.
  25. holy grail


    i never really had any interest in hairbrushes and used to pay a couple of dollars for a brush until this was given to me from my hairdresser, isn't the best at detangling but is super gentle
  26. Love love love


    This is the best brush I have ever used. Definitely better than the tangle teaser! My stepmum was having trouble detangling so I leant her this and she went out and bought one the next day
  27. Really great brush


    This brush does a really good job of detangling my fine collarbone length hair, it didn't cause any breakage or pull on my hair.

    I also own a Tangle Teaser but I think the Wet Brush is more versatile for different hair types.

    The purple watercolour design is pretty and the brush has been easy to clean.
  28. Great for fine hair


    I loved this brush so much I bought one for my mum as a gift. I've always struggled with substantial hair loss when brushing post-shower but this brush seems to do the trick in reducing tugging and pulling on knots. It's gentle and great for fine hair.
  29. Works really good


    I brought this for my daughter and she loves it. There is no more painful knots, it's so gentle on her hair. We both love this brush so much. I do recommend!
  30. Amazing


    I love all of the wet brushes range and this one is so pretty. I find this better than the other popular detangle brushes. I have long hair that is thick and coarse which means sometimes it can be very tangled after washing it and this brush helps a lot when tackling it!
  31. Life saver


    This brush is a god send. My daughter has the messiest hair that gets so knotty. She has always hated having her hair brush. We have tried so many different brushes and brands and she hated them all. We tried this brush and straight away it has been amazing and she actually enjoyed getting her hair brushed. She sat still and didn’t complain once and she said it didn’t hurt and loves me brushi...
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  32. Amazing brush


    I have curly 2c/3a, high porosity hair that gets tangled after a few days.
    I’ve been using a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair and it was ok, but it still snagged and pulled.
    I bought this brush on a whim since I needed some extra to get free shipping and I’m so glad I got it.
    First time I used it I couldn’t believe how gentle it was on my hair! I brush and detangle when I’v...
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  33. LOVE


    this brush is so amazing, i use it every single day and it doesnt hurt. even when i have the biggest knot it doesnt pull out my hair
  34. Pretty good


    Great brush!! love the colour and it works great
  35. Great Detangler

    Ang from OZ

    I'd been noticing alot of hair being left in my brush, more so than usual.
    One of the beauty gurus on you-tube mentioned The Wet brush in one of her videos.
    I decided to give it a try. This brush is so gentle on the hair with the flexing bristles.
    Easily detangles knots in my long hair without breaking or pulling out the hair.
    I have maybe 1/4 of the hair in my brush now s...
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  36. Best brush on the market


    This is the best brush I have ever used. I used to love the tangle teaser but after using the wet brush it doesn’t even compare. If you have hair that gets knotty easily I would recommend giving this brush a try. Makes brushing so much easier
  37. Everyone should own a wet brush


    I have used heaps of different brushes, detangler brushes and combs and nothing works like this.
    I have a few around the house & one for when I wash my hair it glides through wet hair. And it does a terrific job on dry hair too gets through knots no worries doesn't hurt or pull.
  38. Spectacular


    This my favourite brush, and it when I seen it in this pattern I had to buy it asap. I am so inlove with this and so does my daugher
  39. Obsessed


    I love this design on these ones, so beautiful. The brush itself is beyond my expectations. It has made my hair look healthier and less damaged hair.
  40. Omg in love.


    So happy I came across this brand. This brush is amazing! I brought one if each colour or me and my daugher. It glides through our hair without ripping the knots but painlessly detangles the hair. It's so incredable!
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