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The Wet Brush Black Shine Enhancer

4.7 of 41 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.99


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"Don't know a good thing til it's gone"

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The Wet Brush Black Shine Enhancer miraculously detangles just like the original Wet Brush, but also gives your hair inimitable lustre. No pain, no tears - just gorgeous, flowing locks.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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4.7 of 41 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best Brush!


Best brush ever. Affordably priced. It leaves your hair silky and soft and static free. It’s gentle on the scalp and does not snag and break whilst brushing at all. Easy to clean.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not as good as I had anticipated


I have thick wavy hair and this didn't completely brush my hair. I feel as this pulled at my hair quite a bit but was okay for dry hair. Don't think its suitable for thick hair.
  1. Best Brush!


    verified purchaser
    Best brush ever. Affordably priced. It leaves your hair silky and soft and static free. It’s gentle on the scalp and does not snag and break whilst brushing at all. Easy to clean.
  2. Great brush


    verified purchaser
    I bought one for my daughter's hair then ended up buying one for myself! Glides through wet hair easily and smoothes it down really well. Gets rid of tangles well without any static.
  3. Not as good as I had anticipated


    verified purchaser
    I have thick wavy hair and this didn't completely brush my hair. I feel as this pulled at my hair quite a bit but was okay for dry hair. Don't think its suitable for thick hair.
  4. For daily use


    Since purchasing this brush, I've been brushing my hair every evening. I must say that my hair has started to feel much more shiny and healthy. I recommend you give it ago. It's very high quality and is really well priced.
  5. Shine shine shine!


    I really like this brush so much as i purchased the EVO Boar hair brush in Conrad i believe which honestly was much expensive than this brush and wasn't the best suited for me.
    I have pretty much straight hair with a slight wave but its thick and frizzy too. This brush is what i would use after ive used another brush to brush my hair out and de-tangle it and this brush would give me the shin...
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  6. Great


    This is great. It leaves my hair really shiny, with the mixed bristles. I dislike the redesign though, it was nicer when it was simple and black,
  7. Best hairbrush for fine hair


    Ive been using this hairbrush for around a year now and won't touch another! Its amazing for fine hair that tangles easily when you wash it. I use it for my kids hair too and they have no complaints when getting the tangles out. I've tried the single bristle brushes of the same brand too but didn't love them as much as this one.
  8. Fantastic


    This is my favourite brush. I have two of these and share with my daughter. Absolutely amazing for shine with the boar bristles.
  9. Great for Dry Shampoo Users!


    I love this brand of brushes. I had the original one but it ended up becoming my sons brush as it brushed his curls out without hurting him. So I purchased this one for myself and love it! It never pulls my hair and leaves it soft and shiny. Also helps dry shampoo users but distributing it through the hair and not leaving me with a dandruff type look at the roots. Wonderfull!
  10. No more painful hair breakage!


    I have frizzy, dry hair and always used to have so much trouble brushing out my hair after a shower. However this brush makes everything so easy...no pain whilst getting the knots out and it literally takes no effort! I’ve noticed a lot less hair breakage from this brush and it’s definitely worth the price
  11. Love these brushes


    I recently bought The Wet Brush paddle detangler brush and loved it so much that I wanted to try the shine enhancer too. It is such a great brush as well! Its bristles are much more firm than on the detangler, but it still doesn't snag on my fine hair at all. I am so glad I decided to try these brushes, they are fantastic.
  12. Love but not always!


    I originally loooooved loved loved this brush, already owning another Wet Brush previously. It smoothes out frizz and it's excellent for distributing dry shampoo. However, the more I used it, the more I realised it was actually pulling my hair and I actually saw more breakage in my hair. I think it's best to brush out knots with something like the Wet Brush Paddle Brush and then finishing with the...
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  13. Good


    I liked this brush, however, I prefer the normal wet brushes as the bristles are not as harsh when brushing through hair. I have colour treated hair, so it was ripping some out.
  14. Volume!


    I have long thick wavy hair - this brush detangles and adds amazing volume when I use it on my hair dry. I’m not convinced it adds shine, but it does make styling my hair fun!
  15. So good!


    This brush is amazing. It is the first time ever a brush has gone straight through my hair without getting caught in a knot. 4 brushes and it's done! Hair is always so soft and never frizzy after using it. Will never use another brush again!
  16. Tangle free dramas


    Incredible brush! My daughter and I both have fine hair that tangles easily and this is amazing! Doesn’t pull on wet to dry hair and is really nice to use. Will definitely be a repurchase!
  17. It works!


    does what it says it does! i have fine,thick,coloured hair. Have been using tangle teezer for years because it was recommended but would still break my hair. heard about this brush and its a life changer! glides through on wet hair! its so cheap that you can not try it.
  18. Bought One For Everyone


    I bought my brush a few months ago. It's replaced all my brushes and combs. I have fine hair that tangles easily and this is a gentle brush that gets out all the knots easily in both wet and dry hair. I've bought one for my mum, sister and MIL I love it so much.
  19. Finally no complaints when brushing our daughter’s hair!


    Amazing product! Our 3 and 5 year olds would always complain having their combed or brushed, especially after bath time. Especially our 5 year old who has thick hair. This brush glides through the knots and doesn’t cause any breakage. A friend recommended this brush and I’m so glad she did!
  20. Good brush, doesn't hurt your hair


    I thought this brush would have been harder or had more traction. The bristles are not as strong as I thought they would be. Its very soft on your hair and doesn't pull. The brush is cushioned to react to your brush strokes too. It is a good brush for everyday
  21. Amazing


    This is amazing- I have to brush my hair when it is wet as it gets so tangled and knotty if I don't, however with other brushes I usually pull out so much hair. This brush is so gentle on my hair and doesn't pull any hair out- can't believe I didn't get this sooner
  22. Gentle on hair


    I have long, platinum blonde hair and its especially brittle when wet, this easily glides through my hair no problem, thinking about buying the comb next to use in the shower!
  23. Best brush


    Glides through your hair without ripping hair out and causing breakage. Makes your hair really smooth and doesn't cause static messy hair
  24. A godsend!


    I bought this brush for my daughter who has very long hair that gets tangled very easily and for my son who has curly hair, and I can honestly say that this is the best brush I have ever used! No more hair battles! This just glides through knots. There is barely, if any hair breakage, and their hair is so shiny! It does take a little longer to get through the hair with the boar bristles in it, but...
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  25. Awesome Brush!


    This brush is fabulous. It doesn't pull at my hair at all & my daughters will finally let me brush their hair. A must purchase & also a great price.
  26. Best Hairbrush on the Market


    This brush has literally changed my life, I have incredibly damaged, over-processed and fine hair that I couldn't get a brush through without breaking or damaging my hair further. This brush has completely transformed my hair into soft, silky and shiny locks that look and feel amazing. I barely even notice hair breakage, and I can run my hands through my hair like it's healthy again. I was skeptic...
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  27. So great


    This brush makes my hair incredibly shiny and soft after and I really love it. It glides though your hair painlessly and that's good for my daughter. LOVE IT.
  28. Good


    Great brush, easily detangles my thick coarse wavy hair. Also makes my hair look shiny and smooth.
  29. Hair has never felt better !


    I wish I had upgrade my old brush ages ago! This brush makes my hair smooth and silky with detangling pain free. It is helping my straight thin hair in a pony tail look fuller then ever. I think I might even start brushing more frequently then just when I wash it!
  30. Good


    I have been using a very old brush with white bristles in bunches all over the base but the centre bristles have worn away over time which is why I felt the need to get myself a new brush. I have been used to the firmness of those bristles to sort out any tangles in my hair and since buying this Wet Brush from you I am quite happy with it and it does the job it is meant to do.


    Does exactly what it says. Detangles without pain and gives hair a healthy shine. I have super long (but fine) wavy hair, and it is easily prone to breakage. This brush is a godsend. Wish I had known about this years ago!
  32. Amazing Brush


    I have thick, long and wavy hair and I don't usually brush my hair except when I wash it, because it is unruly. This brush is amazing! I can brush my hair everyday, and it doesn't leave it frizzy and keeps my hair straight after straightening. I would definitely recommend this brush!
  33. Great detangler


    A great brush to use on wet and dry hair. Helps to detangle without causing breakage. Quality lightweight brush. Only issue is that the small bristles are hard to keep clean and brush struggles to get through my SUPER thick hair when dry. Gives a nice shine to hair.


    I have never loved a brush like I love this one. It's incredable. It gets the knots out pain free. This brush is a one of a kind. So impressed.
  35. Best brush ever


    This is the first brush that doesn't cause any pain while brushing my long thick tangle prone hair! I am so happy!! My daugher loves it too!
  36. Love it


    The best brush I've ever used. No tugging, my frizz is reduced and my hair is shiny. Healthier looking hair after every brush
  37. Shiny hair!


    Doesn’t pull my hair out, and I definitely have less frizz and breakage since using it!
  38. WOW!


    Wow. The Wet Brush Shine is comfort on a hairbrush handle! I never thought I'd find a brush that didn't cause my daughter to cry and scream, and I've tried all the detangling, knot genie, whiz bang magic brushes with raving reviews.They all caused tears and screams. I nearly didn't buy this brush as I thought it was just another detangling brush with rave reviews that ends up on our hairbrush heap...
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  39. Best Hairbrush


    Before I purchased this hairbrush I never knew I would ever be so passionate about a hairbrush. It works perfect. I used to have super curly hair however had it straightened and worked well when it was curly and now.
  40. Great Brush but hard to clean


    I love this brush, it does a better job than my Tangle Teezer . However, it's so hard to clean. Dust and fiber on my hair gets transferred and stuck in my brush every time I brush my hair. I have to clean it every time after I brush :( And it's not easy to clean as well as the dust and fiber normally stuck between bristle. Overall, it's a great brush
  41. Love it


    Amazing brush and great price makes a huge difference to my hair after only the first use i couldn't believe it best brush ive owned. My hair is left smooth and shiny.
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