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The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer Pink

4.9 of 24 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.99

Or 4 instalments of $5.99 with LEARN MORE

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The Wet Brush Pink Shine Enhancer miraculously detangles just like the original Wet Brush, but also gives your hair inimitable lustre. No pain, no tears - just gorgeous, flowing locks.

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SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer Pink Reviews

4.9 of 24 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

wet brush


yes love this - much like the tangle teezer in the uk. I get very tangled hair and it works well to get through without ripping Half my hair out but still getting out the tangles!
  1. wet brush


    verified purchaser
    yes love this - much like the tangle teezer in the uk. I get very tangled hair and it works well to get through without ripping Half my hair out but still getting out the tangles!
  2. Really good for fine tangly hair


    verified purchaser
    I find this brush perfect for detangling my super bleached, fine, tangly hair while its wet after a shower. This "shine enhancing" style in particular works way better for me than the regular wet brush (which i still like), but i have removed one star for the fact that I don't personally notice any added shine when i use this. Definitely recommend it if you have super tangly hair that breaks easil...
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  3. Lives up to the hype


    verified purchaser
    Wow this is the best brush I've ever used! I bought it after reading all the rave reviews about these wet brushes. I wish I had discovered them earlier. This brush goes through your hair so nicely and adds a noticeable shine. I don't think I'd want to use another hairbrush again... the handle while plastic is comfortable to hold and its a cute pink colour.
  4. Helps smooth out hair

    For my daughters curly hair

    Helps smooth out my daughters curly hair it also loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. Unsure whether it actually helps with shine.
  5. Yes yes and yes


    verified purchaser
    This brush does everything it says it does. Leaves hair soft, silky and you can use it to brush your hair when it’s wet. Need I say any more?
  6. Only brush you’ll ever need.


    verified purchaser
    Never knew I would become so attached to a hairbrush. I love this brush so much I had to buy two. One for my handbag and one for home. Can never go anywhere without it!!
  7. Great brush


    This is a great brush. All 3 wet brushes I've tried have been. This one is supposed to give more of a shine and smoothing effect. I think that it does enhance the shine.
    It is also really easy to use, and gets out all your knots.
    I do prefer the flex brush.
    But this one is also good and perhaps better for say a night out.
    Would recommend.
  8. Love


    This is my most used brush. The added boar bristles are amazing for smoothing hair!
  9. My favourite Wet Brush


    I recently had to buy another one of these to keep in my kids' bathroom as it's such a fantastic brush and my daughters were always borrowing mine. It makes my hair so smooth and shiny, and just glides through the hair so easily. I use it religiously and wish it came in a tiny purse size one too so I could take it with me everywhere! I love the slightly larger rectangular design of this one as it ...
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  10. Amazing brushes


    The wet brushes have changed my hair game! I have long, thick, wavy hair, and this gives it EPIC volume when I use it on my hair dry. For everyday use I prefer the original brush, but use this one when I want va voom styling.
  11. Hair brush


    I brought this hair brush for my daughter and she loves it and has asked for me to buy another one because its works so great with her hair.
  12. Can't live without this brush


    My hair has become a nightmare to comb when wet due to bleaching. I have a tangle teazer but that just feels too harsh on fragile hair. The Wet Brush is the best brush i have ever used. This one has hard and boar bristles - so it's great for combing out wet hair and for brushing dry hair to add shine. I had looked at this brush many times before purchasing and I'm so glad I finally own one.
  13. Great on dry curls


    I bought this for my 10-year-old who has real trouble getting the rat's nest out of her naturally dry and curly hair. She is loving this brush because it doesn't hurt on the knots; I am loving it because she's not breaking her hair brushing it (or worse, not getting the knots out at all!) Would definitely recommend for a younger person with long, frustrating hair.
  14. Life saver


    OMG this brush saved my life with my daughters when brushing their hair! It was tears and screaming until I bought this and now it is so much easier to sort their hair out. They even know to get this brush over a few other they own Haha. Great product, worth a try if you've got fussy kids.
  15. Good


    Not only is it great for tangled, knotty hair, when you\'re finished the hair has a great smooth shine. No more tears and pretty, shiny hair for all of us.
  16. Best brush!


    I love the brushes by The Wet Brush. This is so good for my fine and knotty hair! Helps to detangle it without ripping out my hair. I would definitely recommend!
  17. Wow indeed


    This brush runs through my toddlers long, thick hair with great ease- no tears, no screams, great for brushing wet hair. Highly recommend this brush for all.
  18. Best hairbrush


    I've got really long, thin hair and i've been looking for a brush that can actually detangle my hair without pulling and causing pain. I'm so happy I found this brush, it definitely lives up to the hype and I'd recommend it to anyone who struggles with constant tangles after they wash their hair.
  19. Soft lush hair


    I love this brush! I have dyed blond hair which gets quite tangled and is prone to dry and split ends, so I'm always looking for a gentle brush that won't break/damage my hair. The two different types of bristles on this brush gently detangle without breaking the hair, making it look and feel softer and smoother. Excellent price compared to other similar brushes on the market.
  20. A hit in my house


    The wet brush is a hit in my house! My daugher loves hers! Easy no pain brushing and leaves it frizz free. I highly recommend this brand.
  21. Nice brush


    I didn't know what the big deal was with this brush until I bought it, but it really does work brilliantly on wet hair - detangling without breakage. A great product.
  22. Worth every cent


    I read the reviews before buying this brush but didn't realise how different a hair brush can be. You can't see clearly in the picture the construction of the bristles - there are longer, flexible ones for detangling then an under layer of boar bristle which of course is great for shine. It really surprised me how effective it is at brushing wet hair without any pulling at knots. I would definitel...
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  23. Wish I had found this sooner!


    Used for the first time today and OMG! I’ve got lonnng thick hair - which by morning time can become quite knotty- took hardly any time to completely brush through no pulling no tugging literally 5 or 6 brushes and smooth FRIZZ FREE hair!!
    Works like an absolute charm on my 7yr olds crazy curly hair too, no whining whatsoever no tears and the best part- so friggn QUICK!
  24. Really good!


    I wasn't sure if I would like this, but every time I brush my hair there is no tangles or tears and my hair looks very shiny and nice.
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