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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque - 50ml 50ml

4.4 of 72 reviews


4 instalments of $5.48


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4 instalments of $5.48


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A deep cleanse for the pores. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque features a high concentration of pore-cleansing BHAs, at the correct pH for optimal action. Additionally featuring black charcoal derived from vegetable matter and Amazonian clays that work together to provide a highly absorbent, balancing action for oily and blemish prone skin.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.4 of 72 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great for acne


this mask fells amazing on my skin and since i started using it i have seen a huge improvement with my acne. Definitely recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism

OK masque but not the best!


have been using this for a few months and feeling a little "meh" about it.. yes it is nice and makes my skin feel good but im not sure it's delivering any benefits! having said that it is very affordable so not a bad addition to my skincare regime but certainly loving other products more
  1. Great value


    verified purchaser
    Great value. Difficult to wash off due to the colour. Leaves the skin feeling clean and tight post. Great for fighting congestion too.
  2. great for acne


    this mask fells amazing on my skin and since i started using it i have seen a huge improvement with my acne. Definitely recommend!
  3. Can't do without this!


    My skin is dry and blemish prone at the moment, as I'm using retinol for the first time. This mask instantly dries up blemishes and smoothes my skin, with only minimal drying. I use it once a week all over my face and then will spot treat my blemishes every second night. Definitely worth the money!
  4. Salicylic Acid


    I brought this because Salicylic Acid is always sold out and I wanted the benefits that Salicylic Acid brings to the table, I really like this mask, I use it once every 3 days and it has made a great difference to my skin texture and acne.
  5. Runs out pretty quick


    Not much left after 3-4 uses, but it is just 50ml, so nothing unexpected there.
    Slight burn/tingling after putting it on, it feels like it's doing its job, but I haven't seen many results on my skin - others might get a better result on their skin it seems. Overall it feels pretty nice to use, but a bit pricy for the amount of product you're getting.
  6. No change for me


    I have been using this product for a month now and it has not shrunk my pores as I hoped. It did leave my skin soft and clean but I don't think it has made a huge impact. I do have very mature skin so it would propapbly suit someone with an oilier skin type. I do like the product though but have other acids from this range to try aswell. I will purchase again if other products in this range are no...
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  7. Great Product!


    This is a really nice masque to apply and I really enjoyed it's subtle cooling and tightening effects while on. My skin is sensitive and on the drier side, but this left it feeling fresh and clean. I really like this product and will buy again. Highly recommended!
  8. Hydrating Masque


    Slightly more grainy than a usual mud mask so if you're after something that dries up within minutes like mud/clay this isn't quite your product, in saying that it is probably less drying on your face than most masks. I purchased this instead of the salicylic acid as it was out of stock. I have mixed views on its impact and have nearly finished the tube. I quite like the extreme smooth feeling aft...
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  9. Brilliant


    I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I've tried the salicylic acid serum from The Ordinary before and felt like it didn't do much. This one feels like it does so so much for my skin! I have easily congested and blemish prone, yet extremely dry skin and this doesn't dry me out excessively but helps unclog my pores when they're congested.
  10. OK masque but not the best!


    verified purchaser
    have been using this for a few months and feeling a little "meh" about it.. yes it is nice and makes my skin feel good but im not sure it's delivering any benefits! having said that it is very affordable so not a bad addition to my skincare regime but certainly loving other products more
  11. Great mask


    I really like this! It’s affordable and great value. After I used it my skin felt smooth and clean without being tight or dry. Love it
  12. Wasn't expecting the colour...


    I got this because the salicylic solution hasn't been in stock for ages - what happened to that product?! I thought I might as well try this - I wasn't expecting it to be black! I think it's a good product and effective but it is a little hard/messy to wash off. I probably won't repurchase if the salicylic solution comes back. For me salicylic is something I want in my routine daily and to leave o...
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  13. Good intro to salyilic acid


    I like this product, I use it maybe once or twice a week. The masque works well and is a great self-care moment, however I'm still on the fence whether it works better than a Salicylic acid alone.
    It is a great choice if you like getting the skincare benefits via a mask, and lasts quite a few times.
  14. Targeted spot treatment


    I use this over a three day period to kill pimples. I do targeted masking on active breakouts and after about 2-3 days the zit is flaky and ready to leave my face. its really effective but I don't think I would use it all over my face.
  15. Love this mask!!


    This is the best mask I’ve used in a long time! I could feel it working without minutes (I love the feeling of that gentle tingle as I know it’s actually working!), product has a nice consistency making it simple to apply. After rinsing off.. my skin.. WOW.. smooth, exfoliated, clean and that glow OMG!! I am SOLD!! next use I also applied on my tradie husband who has oily skin and his skin was als...
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    The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque cleared all the acne on my forehead and reduced the oiliness! Just use on oily areas as it can be too drying
  17. Alright


    I have combination skin and some breakouts every now and then. This does cleanse the skin but it is a bit too drying for my skin.
  18. Not worth the money...


    I have oily, acne-prone skin and this product does very little to help. It feels nice once applied but is quite ineffective in reducing/eliminating pimples. Would not recommend and would not buy again.
  19. Nice Surprice


    I did not apply a lot of product to my face so had to work quick to stop it drying. When dry it did not stop me moving my face like other masks. I removed the mask easily with warm water and a flannel. My face was not dried out and actually felt quite smooth. I followed up with Ordinary 100% squalane oil to make sure my skin was hydrated. I will be using this once a week.
  20. Not as effective as I would have liked.


    I thought this was going to be a game changer, while it is cheap and it really feels like it is clearing my skin, it hasn't been that effective on my blackheads.
  21. Skin is so smooth!


    I bought this mask after reading some reviews on it and wanted to start implementing chemical exfoliants into my routine. I get quite dry flaky and textured skin so having a good exfloiator is a must for me. I have started using it twice a week and love how soft and smooth my skin feels after it. It makes me so happy and I actually look forward to applying it. I was a bit concerned my skin might ...
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  22. Quite good


    As someone who gets a lot of chemical/glycolic acid peels, this is obviously much much weaker (only 2%), but I would prefer this over traditional face masks (clay etc). This does a good job of refreshing and exfoliating the face, and I'm very glad The Ordinary has something like this on the market. Definitely worth it to use every couple of weeks between more harsher medical-grade chemical peels.
  23. Makes you glow!


    Absolutely loved this product. Instantly I could feel it literally working on my skin, wiped it off after 10 minutes and my face was glowing! I felt so fresh and could honestly see a difference in minutes. Mind blowing! Highly recommend.
  24. Blemishes be gone


    I was really excited to try this mask as I've been a big fan of The Ordinary for a few years now and have been using their 2% Salicylic Acid solution for quite some time with some great results.

    Overall I think this is a really effective mask for treating new and existing blemishes. I've only ever used it as a spot treatment so I can't attest to it's effectiveness when applied as an ...
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  25. weekly masque reunite itme


    this item does the job!
    value for money
    weekly maintenance masque
    less oily and therefore less acne
  26. amazing


    so good for large pores, my skin looks so much clearer and smoother after using this then an oil cleanser
  27. It works!


    Mask does what it says it will, useful for small breakout, large pores and blackheads. Also skin feels really soft and glowy afterwards. I use this at nighttime and wake up in the morning and my skin looks and feels better.
  28. Good after feel


    THe blacjheds on my nose weren't remarkeably reduced but leaves a very clean fresh feel in the skin. A little tinging when applying but the results were a better complexion after using the mask frequently. Although I would prefer to use a different mask and won't be rebuying this again
  29. Great for congestion


    I put this on only once a week as it is strong. For over 10 years I have had cystic acne that I have finally healed, this helps keep down the oilyness and cleans out my pores. It stops any small pimples I can feel coming up. This would be great for teen acne.
  30. In love


    I found my new love. This product was better then I thought. I get bad breakouts on my chin and mouth area so I only use on this area and only about once a week. It helps clear my skin and seems to help make my breakouts a little less inflamed. Iv even have my husband using it now too ☺️
  31. Just okay


    It doesn't do much for the blackheads on my nose but my skin feels a bit more cleaner than usual. May work better for oily skin.
  32. Good


    This is amazing for my oily skin and reduces the appearance of my pores and makes them look cleaner
  33. Love this!


    A skin tech recommended trying a salicyclic acid product to try and balance out my insanely oily skin (open pores all over, not just t-zone). I've used this as a part of my skin routine once a week for a month and the difference is amazing! Very few blackheads and my oiliness is really toned down, without leaving dry skin behind. Highly recommend!
  34. It works!


    I have been using this product once a week for a month. It is a little zingy after applying it on the face. I fount it effective. The face feels brighter after usage.
  35. Formula was not what I expected but results are good


    The formula is a lot thicker and grittier than I expected but the results were good. I used it at night after cleansing and it left my skin feeling clean but not dried out after. The next morning my skin still felt nice.
  36. My go to mask


    There is a big trend for sheet masks recently. However if u have oily skin these are not the best to use. I like the ordinary mask as the salicylic acid helps to clear out pores and minimise breakouts. I use this twice a week.
  37. Smoothed Texture


    I am a little disappointment in this product, I have been using it once a week as a deep clean mask along with my other skincare (mostly from the Ordinary), product advises will deep clean pores but I can only see my complexion smoothed out immediately after washing it off, my black heads and breakouts don't seem to be affected by this. I might have to give it more time to work but so far can't se...
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  38. Squeaky clean


    This masque makes you LOOK like you have new skin almost instantly. Every time I use it I forget how much I love it - it makes all your blemishes look smaller and less inflamed, and gives the rest of your face a lovely glow! Would highly recommend
  39. My favourite mask ever

    Cristina Z.

    I'm in love with this mask. I use it twice a week in the pm, and wake up with fresh radiant clear skin.
  40. Pleasantly surprised with the results


    I bought this as a trial because isn’t read that salicylic acid is gentler on the skin than glycolic acid & does a better job of diminishing blackheads...I have to say I agree & I’m impressed with the results! I also use Alpha Gold but I think I prefer this. The pores around my nose are definitely clearer & smaller & my skin just feels really well exfoliated within being stripped. Will definitely ...
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  41. Deep cleansing


    I really enjoy using this product. I apply the mask once a week for deep cleansing or my enlarged pores. It is easy to apply and rinse off. The after effects are glowing clean skin.
  42. Deep cleansing


    I really enjoy using this product. I apply the mask once a week for deep cleansing or my enlarged pores. It is easy to apply and rinse off. The after effects are glowing clean skin.
  43. Good mask for sensitive skin


    Good mask, I use it 2-3 times a week on my problem areas (t-zone + chin). My skin always feels really clean after wards, but I have noticed it doesn’t draw out all blackheads. Needs to be used consistently to see improvement. I like this product, it’s not as drying as some clay masks can be and I have repurchased this. I think going into summer it will be my go to mask to help combat oily summer s...
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  44. Enjoyed by Teen Model

    Teen Model

    My 14 yr old daughter is a model and needs to keep her skin looking really nice. Like most teens, she gets breakouts and blemishes. She's just tried this for the first time and enjoyed using it. She said it's easy to apply and she liked the tingling sensation. (She gave her Dad a good fright when she walked into the family room with it on!!) She couldn't peel it off as she put on a thin layer, so ...
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  45. Lovely!


    This product really gives a deep clean.

    The texture is a little too rough for my liking so I have to be careful of how much pressure I use when applying it.
  46. An affordable way to gently exfoliate skin


    An affordable way to gently exfoliate the skin, I use this about once a week, I find if I use it more frequently it irritates my skin. I always patch test with any Salicylic products as I've reacted badly to some salicylic serums in the past. I was strangely fine with this one though.
  47. Great product but not right for my teenage daughter.


    I bought this product for my acne prone teenage daughter. Yesterday was the third time she tried it over a 3 week period (once a week) and as much as we both wanted it to be the product for her, it wasn't. After each try, her skin looked incredibly dewy and her spots seemed to have calmed down. The next day though, her skin erupted in a break out. Unfortunate but it is just a case of the prod...
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  48. Good in small amounts


    Used a few times, and I love how it makes my face feel.
    I do have sensitive skin so if I use it more then once a week I get too dry and itchy.
    But sticking to once a week I have seen a difference in my acne spots.
  49. Refined pores


    I bought this to bust blackheads, and I'm hoping with time this will be the case. For now, with once a week use, it has minimised pores and left me feeling fresh and clean. I like that I can use this on target areas more frequently and so far the bottle has lasted well.
    I have not had any irritation from using this masque. Nice one T.O!
  50. Great to target break outs!


    I've been using this mask for a couple of months now. It's fantastic to target break outs. I've been using it just on my acne prone areas because it can be a bit drying. The biggest downside it you can't use it too frequently so I'm often stuck between applications with breakouts I'm struggling to control.
  51. A gentle mask for acne prone skin


    I really like this mask. You only have to leave it on for 10 min and it doesnt dry too 'tight' on your skin. I do hate that it is black though. I still prefer he Ordinary's salicylic acid serum but as that doesnt seem to be in stock this is a great alternative. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth and it is very gentle.
  52. Great mask!


    This is an amazing mask! I love The Ordinary's salicylic acid serum and this mask is almost just as good. It tends to bring out the breakouts which were under the skin, so for a day or so it sucks. However, its really a clarifying and the breakouts clear super quickly. My favourite part is the little tiny bit of physical exfoliation you get when you remove it. Its like a little powder-y gritt-y. ...
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  53. Great


    This product has helped with decongesting my skin and my pores look better and my blackheads are much less. Amazing product
  54. Absolutely love the way this makes my oily skin feel


    I've been using this mask for over a month, as per directions (so, twice a week). It's effective, my skin feels extremely cleansed after washing off the mask. I have visible, enlarged pores around my T-zone and this mask seems to penetrate deep into my skin and unclog my pores. Haven't had any break outs since, and my blackhead situation seems under control. Will continue using it.
  55. Nothing amazing


    I brought this mask hoping it will help with my ache prone skin. I’ve used it twice a week for 2 weeks now and It hasn’t made my skin worse but not any better. I will finish the bottle and see if there are any changes.
  56. Amazing!!!


    Wow! I really didn’t expect much from this mask, but it’s left my skin feeling amazing after washing it off. Your skin feels a little tingly afterwards but so soft and pores look clean and smaller. You don’t need to dedicate too much time to it, only 10 minutes max and it washes off easily enough. The only issue I have is that it comes in such a small tube, I hope they eventually supersize this on...
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  57. Great


    This is so affordable and it has helped my pores a lot. My oily skin is also left feeling fresh, clean and refreshed after
  58. Amazing!


    I am a huge fan of this brand, and this masque is no exception. Although it tingled a bit and I was a little bit red when I rinsed it off, after applying some moisturiser my skin was absolutely glowing! It was even better in the morning - definitely clearer. Highly recommended!
  59. Good Starter Acid Mask


    This mask is just nice. It isn’t too powerful, so it would be ideal for people who’re new to acid masks.
    But for people who have used stronger acids, I don’t think this has much benefit.
  60. Great and affordable


    Love this mask; it tingles a little bit which I don't mind and it seems to unclog my pores and leave my skin glowing. I use this twice a week and it's working wonders for me. Salicylic Acid really is an amazing acid.
  61. Really does work


    I can actually notice a difference immediately after using this mask, it has become my new favourite product from The Ordinary. My skin feels so clean and fresh after using it and it has really helped to clear out the pores on my nose and chin that other masks double the price haven't.
  62. Good


    This is a good product. I find it helps a lot with shrinking my pores and reducing the appearance of blemishes
  63. Works a treat for pores


    I have been using this product since it came out - and it makes a noticeable difference to my skin. I have very large pores, which nothing else has seemed to make a substantial difference with, and this is working wonders. I'm using it in combination with The Ordinary Niacinamide and a clay mask to help, but the mask has made the most significant impact. It does smell slightly chemical, and I'm...
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  64. cleaning your pore!


    price 5
    value 4.5
    effectiveness 4.5
    re-purchase 5

    great one!!!
  65. Glowing!


    I love this mask and I use it during times when I can just sense my skin needs a pick me up and deep clean. Messy to put on and off but it’s worth it! Highly recommend!
  66. Well priced and works!


    This is an amazing mask! Love all the ordinary products as they are such high quality products for such a cheap price! This mask really clears and refreshes my skin leaving it bright and healthy
  67. Such clean skin!


    I really like this mask! It tingles a bit while it’s on, but my moderately sensitive skin recovered quickly. My face was glowing and shiny clean after using this. Love it.
  68. Cleansing


    I like the ordinary’s simple, slim and compact packaging, great for small bathrooms where storage is an issue. When I bought this product I didn’t realise it was for blemish prone skin, I was looking for a clay deep cleanse but liked the idea of Salyclic acid. The product is black, so messy to put on and clean off, black splashed everywhere. The mask is a little grainy, dries quickly, tingles on y...
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  69. Wonderful


    Leaves skin lighter and brighter. In the application it has a refreshing sensation and I felt dry, but the next day the aspect was wonderful.
  70. Amazing


    Soooo glad this exists, works well for me during those hormonal breakouts, fantastic produce!
  71. Works to clear pores and skin


    As soon as I saw The Ordinary had released this, I bought it straight away. As someone with generally easy going skin, my main problem is my pore size, and I find that there aren't many products that help with their appearance. I saw great effects with this product after use. You need to work quickly as soon as it comes out of the tube, as it turns to a somewhat grainy consistency quite quickly...
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  72. Perfect mask


    Love this mask! Skin feels so clean and bright after using it! Such a great price too!
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