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The Ordinary Supersize Buffet 60ml 60ml

4.8 of 82 reviews


4 instalments of $11.83

Or 4 instalments of $11.83 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.83

Or 4 instalments of $11.83 with LEARN MORE

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Target multiple signs of ageing at once with Buffet by The Ordinary. The Ordinary Deciem has achieved global success with its high-performance products at affordable prices. The brand uses high-quality ingredients and no-frills marketing to deliver expert skincare products. Buffet is a potent multi-technology Peptide serum that tackles the visible signs of ageing skin.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Vegan
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary Supersize Buffet 60ml Reviews

4.8 of 82 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great serum


I used it in a 30ml size last year and was so surprised to find it has a bigger one at Adorebeauty, repurchased it several times.

Most Helpful Criticism



I haven’t really noticed any particular change in my skin. Will definitely finish but probably won’t repurchase
  1. Great serum


    I used it in a 30ml size last year and was so surprised to find it has a bigger one at Adorebeauty, repurchased it several times.
  2. Anti-ageing all-rounder


    Love this in the bigger size! Water-based, it's very light & refreshing when applied. And with peptides, amino acids & hyaluronic acid its got lots of goodies at a great price.
  3. Awesome size


    Have been using buffet for a few years now - love! Having this bigger size is definitely a positive!
  4. Highly recommend!


    I was recommended this by a skincare nerd friend and I LOVE it. Easy to layer with other skincare products, feels beautiful on the skin and I love that it's a multi-technology formula
  5. anti aging


    if you need something for anti ageing but with tight budget, this is the go to. But may not suitable for sensitive skin.
  6. Okay


    I haven’t really noticed any particular change in my skin. Will definitely finish but probably won’t repurchase
  7. Staple product


    This will always be my go-to. I've been using for years and have now started purchasing in a larger size. I use in AM and PM, I have sensitive fair skin that can get quite red and irritated and this certainly keeps it from happening and improves skin texture. Fan for life!
  8. Great value!


    Anti Aging products that work are sooooo expensive so it is great to be able to get benefits from such an affordable range. I put the Buffet on under my makeup in the morning. I find that it does tend to make my skin feel a little sticky, however, once my moisturiser goes on it feels a little better! I usually leave it to sink into my skin for 10 mins or so while I have breakfast before applying a...
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  9. Love it


    It works very well on my skin. I really love it
  10. best serum out there


    One of the greatest serums! perfect for teen skin as it adapts to every type of skin. Less breakouts after usage.
  11. Value for money


    I'd already been using the buffet serum for the past couple years before they launched their supersized range. Love this option and also appreciate the slight saving made when going for the bigger bottles!
  12. Soft and smooth

    Morgan B

    Skin left softer and more smooth after just a few applications
  13. Solid all rounder


    Definitely see a difference after using this product
  14. Great for dry skin


    This has really helped my dry skin. It goes on really nicely and gets absorbed quickly leaving my skin feeling lovely. Bonus, it's such great value for money.
  15. Totally worth the money


    While it is one of the most expensive the ordinary product, it is also completely worth the money. There are some great ingredients in the product and the formulation is great, I find that it works well under light makeup and absorbs nicely into the skin.
  16. So many goodies in one product


    I love that Buffet contains so many great skincare ingredients in one product. I watched a lot of dermatologist youtube reviews before I purchased this product and Buffet has become an important part of my daily routine. It can be a little shiny when it first goes on, but it penetrates pretty quickly without leaving any residue. I feel like the fine lines around my eyes have smoothed since I first...
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  17. Amazing product


    I was a little uncertain about The Ordinary serums at first. But after using this serum with a variety of others from The Ordinary range. I am hooked! My skin has never looked better. I would highly recommend this product and I am keen to try some others.
  18. Love this stuff!


    I started using this when I first decided to up my skin care game. It absorbs nicely and is fine to wear under makeup. What I noticed from using this along with a very simple cleanser, toner, moisturiser routine is how much better my skin looked. I had some spots on my cheeks that were slightly raised and after a few weeks of using this they were gone. I got so many compliments on my skin, it was ...
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  19. Great introductory product

    J walker

    I absolutely loved this product and saw changes in my skin immediately. However, after 3-4 bottles it stopped having the same affects. I would highly recommend it as an introductory product to get your skin used to different ingredients.
  20. Good Start to anti ageing


    I used this for a month and could see some faint lines disappearing. Also find this very hydrating paired with the right moisturiser
  21. Value for money :D


    The buffet serum supersize is amazing value for money :D
    Great simple brainless serum for my skin day and night!
  22. LOVE


    I love this product I have repurchased this many times. This is my first time getting the supersize version and it’s a great size. Should last me a good while!
    My skin loves this stuff, my texture and pigment looks much better since using it.
  23. My one go to serum


    I've been using the buffet serum for a while now and adore the benefits for my skin and it is my one go to serum (even after trying others on the market) . Having this in the supersized bottle is amazing value for money (especially when you use it every day!)
  24. A personal must-have


    This is god sent product. Such great value for a wonderful serum that delivers what it promises. I've used the hyaluronic acid serum for a while but found it too light for dry skin (especially in winter) so I switched to the buffet serum which is more moisturising and my skin just absorbs it so quickly. Can't say I've seen a reduction in fine lines etc but I do see an improvement in my skin.
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  25. Such a good serum, feels high end


    Great serum for the price! I use it all over and up to the eyes and my skin feels hydrated, soft and glowy in the morning. Just need to remember not to mix this one with any retinol products like I did at first...oops
  26. A staple in my routine


    I use this twice a day every day! Love it and can’t live without. Amazing serum for its price point.
  27. Skincare staple!


    Love that you can purchase the larger sized Buffet from The Ordinary - they're already known for great value for money skincare, and this product is even more cost effective than the original 30mL size.

    Have been using this staple AM and PM for the past few months and find it to layer really well with the rest of my skincare routine (including Vit C in the AM, and Retinol & Niacinami...
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  28. Great


    Loved this product and the ingredients. Applies smoothly and I didn't have any issues with piling
  29. No more dry flakey patches


    I've been using this for years now I was so happy they brought out a bigger size. My skin can be quite sensitive sometimes and some products cause dry, scaley, flakey patches on my face. It was a constant battle between wanting to use high strength active ingredients and not wanting to irritate / compromise my skin. Buffet is so effective and hydrating, it allows me to use those high strength prod...
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  30. Nutritious serum for your skin


    I bought the smaller size the first time and decided to buy this bigger bottle as I use this every day and night now. It feels nutritious for the skin and it is also very moisturising. Will be buying again.
  31. Very good serum


    I've been using this serum for more than 6 months, I also bought this serum for my mum as well.
    I like this serum as it could layer well with others such as retinol and Niaciamide from the same brand or other brands. My mum also like it.
  32. Won’t give this up!


    A staple in my anti-aging arsenal that I simply wouldn’t give up without a fight! For my 50+ dry combo skin, it’s a critical formulation of peptides that begins my skincare regime. I put it on slightly damp clean skin, in the AM, let it set and proceed with my other serums and moisturiser followed with sunscreen. No one has successfully guessed my real age and I’m fortunate enough to look about 10...
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  33. Not too convinced about this one


    I bought this product because I love a good multi-tasker. It is easy to apply, seems to be gentle enough for my sensitive skin and like with a lot of The Ordinary products a little goes a long way. However, I'm a bit disappointed by the feel of this serum. It's a bit tacky and I always feel like it hasn't really absorbed into my skin. I've been using it for 3 weeks now and can't say that it has ma...
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  34. A staple in my routine


    Buffet is totally a staple in my skincare routine. I love how it makes my skin feel and look. I feel like it’s one of those things that everybody needs in their life
  35. Works pretty good


    I use this serum every morning after cleansing. I feel my skin is pretty but I use a fair few of the ordinary products so I can not so for sure it is this. No complaints though :)
  36. 3rd bottle I've purchased


    A must have - this is the 3rd bottle I've purchased, it is a perfect base after cleansing & before serums. I have normal to dry skin and it has helped retain moister and a healthy glow
  37. Amazing VFM


    I have been wearing this twice a day for months, and am incredibly happy with the results. I follow it up with an oil (go-to), and then moisturiser. I have normal to dry skin and couldn’t love it more.
  38. Mine HG


    I've been using this am and pm for three months now, it socks in fast, the serum isn't sticky like the HA serum and it leaves my skin feeling very hydrate.
  39. Pre bed ritual


    Originally bought for me by a friend this is now a staple pre bed product for myself and my partner (he more so than I) - can definitely see improvements in skin softness and smoothness after use.
  40. Great serum


    I’ve never used this brand or many serums, but this really impressed me! It goes on easily, you don’t need much, sinks in well. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive, dry skin! I recommend trying it. I think it will last a fair while too, you don’t need much when applying it!
  41. Holy Grail


    I use this on my skin AM and PM for over a year now. My skin is more hydrated, and I've seen a reduction in some fine lines on my forehead. It's really gentle on my sensitive and eczema prone skin.

    I'll have this in my routine forever!
  42. So excited this comes in a larger size!


    This is one of my holy grail products so I'm thrilled it comes in a larger size so I don't need to re-order as often (and less packaging). This serum doesn't irritate or dry out my skin like some others do, and I have really noticed a glow from this product. Love it and can't live without it.
  43. good texture


    Thi serum feels smooth and hydrating on the skin, mixes well on top of other serums and goes well under make up. However, I don't really see a difference in my overall skin since using.

  44. Great addition to any routine

    Maddie L

    I love this! Works well in any The Ordinary routine. Also great price point. Absorbs nicely and is hydrating.
  45. Excellent Value


    I first ordered the smaller size Buffet as I had never used it before and wanted to test it out on my dry skin first. It lasted for ages and was fantastic so I had no hesitation in ordering this supersize. It's a beautiful nourishing serum that it is now part of my everyday routine.
  46. The best !


    This is one of my favorite products from this range. I have religiously been using it every single morning for the last months. It leaves my skin looking smooth, plump and glowing. I have received many compliments since using this product.
    Highly recommended !.
  47. First purchased and will buy it again!

    James Choi

    endless of amazing reviews and hearing good story mouth to mouth from friends and cowers, it does the job for what it says on description. Great price for the effects!!
  48. Love it!


    I use this daily under my makeup and its great. I find it hydrating and a great makeup base1
  49. Perfect


    One of my favourite skincare product! it plumps, hydrates and smoothes out my skin
  50. Works!


    I have been using this product for a few months and I can definitely see the difference in my skin. My skin is hydrated and glowing! Will always be a staple in my skincare routine
  51. My skin care staple


    Love The Ordinary range! Buffet is hands down my favourite product. I use it just before bed each night after cleansing, and toning. My skin look great and feels fantastic.
  52. Hydrating although a little sticky


    This is my first time using The Ordinary products & took a bit of reading to work out what products would be best for me.
    My skin can be sensitized around the nose & mouth area but not sensitive, I get an oily t-zone therefore I get the odd blemish & I am close to 40yrs.
    The BUFFET was such an easy choice as it says it targets multiple signs of aging and hydrates - although I get oily ...
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  53. perfect!!!!!


    10/10!! this is an amazing product! made my skin so smooth and fresh looking
  54. Great


    I ran out of the 30ml so glad to use this. So far, the results remain amazing and my skin is always plump and healthy looking bec of this
  55. Best serum, now comes in a larger bottle


    This serum absorbs quickly and doesn’t irritate. I use it day and night with signs of acne scaring improving after 6 months. The larger bottle means no more worrying about running out soon and better for the environment!
  56. Bigger bottle = better for the environment


    I love that Adore is stocking the larger size of the iconic buffet.
    The fewer bottles in landfill the better!

    I recommend this to all of my friends, it visibly improves the look of the skin, even those with sensitive skin.

    If you want a bare-bones skin routine, this is the product for you. It also smells faintly like butter?
  57. Love this.


    The Buffet was one of the first serums that I introduced to my sensitive skin. I've never had a reaction, and within the first few days of applying my skin felt so much softer than when I used a hyaluronic acid. Whilst it takes a few minutes to be absorbed, and can leave a slight sticky feeling on the skin for a few hours after applying (if not used with a moisturiser), it is fantastic value for m...
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  58. Can't say a bad word


    My skin is the best it's ever been since using this product. Less pimples, my skin is brighter and just a better complexion all round. Love that it comes in a bigger bottle too!
  59. Good for beginners


    Has all the ingredients that you need which makes it perfect for beginners. I have noticed a huge improvement in hydration, texture and plumpness.
  60. Supersized value


    I used the regualr sized buffet serum for months then I noticed this. Its the exact same great formula but in a larger quantity.
  61. A Must Have


    I am so glad that now I can buy the big bottle of TO buffet. This is a very good product, which keeps my skin soft and smooth. I have used it for a almost a month, and I can definitely see the difference on my skin. Will continue to purchase.
  62. Great product!


    Really love the way this product makes my skin feel. I use it morning and night.
  63. Supersize me!


    So glad to have Buffet in a supersize bottle! Buffet is sticky and doesn't layer super well under makeup... but my skin is so healthy looking that i'm pretty happy to go without foundation these days. I mix it with the Hyuralonic Acid and the hydration is through the roof. The Ordinary have got a lifetime fan in me!
  64. Supersize me!


    So glad to have Buffet in a supersize bottle! Buffet is sticky and doesn't layer super well under makeup... but my skin is so healthy looking that i'm pretty happy to go without foundation these days. I mix it with the Hyuralonic Acid and the hydration is through the roof. The Ordinary have got a lifetime fan in me!
  65. get this big size


    The buffet was my introduction to the ordinary when it first became popular. It quickly became my base product for any skincare routine i have done and makes the skin feel amazing. Worth getting the bigger size as you will use it constantly.
  66. Amazing!


    The buffet serum is amazing. The consistency is not too runny not too thick, just right. and after application the product is absorbed to your skin right away without feeling being heavy. It doesn't leave a grease shine to my otherwise oily/sensitive skin.
  67. Great


    This makes my skin look healthy and hydrated. It also gives my skin a subtle glow
  68. love


    Completely transformed my skin to less dry and flaky, I’m in love!
  69. Skin saver

    Holy Grail

    I love this product, its hydrating and anti aging and ashes with my very sensitive skin, I've noticed a reduction in the redness of my face since starting to use this product
  70. The Ordinary Supersize Buffet 60ml


    Buffet is a great one for targeting just about everything. It's a great product at a usually great price, but to be SUPERSIZED... you can't go wrong on price or product!
  71. LOVE the supersize!


    Love this serum, and now LOVE that it is in supersize. It feels really plumping and cooling on the skin, and I find it soaks in well. I rotate serums and this always such a good staple to have on hand.
  72. My go-to product.


    I LIVE FOR this product. It’s a bit sticky at first, which isn’t my favourite texture, but holy Gods it is amazing! My skin is so soft and beautiful. 10/10
  73. Good


    Hydrating and smooth, doesnt make me oily or sticky.
  74. Supersize ftw!


    So glad to have Buffet in a supersize bottle! Buffet is sticky and doesn't layer super well under makeup... but my skin is so healthy looking that i'm pretty happy to go without foundation these days. I mix it with the Hyuralonic Acid and the hydration is through the roof. The Ordinary have got a lifetime fan in me!
  75. I can't believe the price!


    While it has taken some getting used to using a bottle with a eye-dropper, The Buffet is now an integral part of my maturing (53 yrs) skincare routine. My skin has seriously never felt so hydrated and healthy and well ... glowing! I travel fairly frequently so I have the 60ml size at home and the 30ml in my travel bag. Make sure to seal the bottle tight after each use. It does feel a bit sticky, s...
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  76. Use daily for soft, plump skin


    I'm a big fan of The Ordinary products & I use the Buffet every day as part of my morning and evening routines. I'ts a little sticky, but it makes your skin feel really soft & plump. Love that it comes in the larger size now.
  77. Great value!


    I previously fell in love with the ordinary's buffet formula since it made my skin feel so nourished and smooth. However I do find that I go through the normal sized bottles super fast and it is sometimes harder to get the last bit of serum out of the bottles. With this supersized one, I find that since there is a lot more pooled at the bottom, getting that last bit out seems to be a little easier...
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  78. Go to skin product


    The Buffet is my holy grail. It makes my skin feel fresh and revitalised the next day. This is my first time purchasing the larger size and I can't wait to save some extra bucks after repurchasing the smaller bottle so many times!
  79. Amazing


    Since using the buffet my skin has never looked better. Use it with the rest of the Ordinary’s range and you are on a winner.
  80. Even more value


    I love The Ordinary products and this one is one of my go tos. I love that it now comes in the super sized so it gives even more value now.
  81. Amazing Value


    I still can't believe that this brand exists. Its so affordable and does exactly what I had hoped it would. It takes a bit of additional effort to establish a routine, but it is so worth it and allows you to target the specific requirements for your particular skin concerns.
  82. The Bigger the Better


    It's hard to believe that something in this price range is actually this good! I am in my 30s and noticed that it made a difference to the way my skin feels.

    The cute little dropper ensures a no mess application.
  83. Keep purchasing


    I love to try new products, but I've purchased this many times, it is an amazing product for the price. Love it, and it makes a noticeable difference to my skin.
  84. Keep purchasing


    I love to try new products, but I've purchased this many times, it is an amazing product for the price. Love it, and it makes a noticeable difference to my skin.
  85. Really works


    I started using TO's Buffet just over a year ago and it has delivered on it's promises! After I turned 40 my skin looked dramatically aged compared to my 30's and daily use of this buffet has reversed that. My skin looks hydrated and plumper, but the real difference has been in the reduction of my wrinkles (both fine and deeper) that had appeared. It's lightweight and easy to use under make up ...
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  86. Amazing morning boost


    I love this stuff, have quite dry skin and I use this under moisturiser every morning, and no more dryness, you don’t need much as it spreads really well. Very excited to have a bigger size
  87. My favourite serum


    One of the best and very affordable serum I have been using. Very happy to see it come in the bigger size. Just try it everyone, it’s work!
  88. Faves

    Kylie Q

    Beautiful product. I'm fairly new to this serum but I really really like it. I feel like it has improved my skin texture
  89. love love love this product!


    This is my fav The Ordinary product- feels so good, is hydrating, my skin feels amazing and it goes on beautifully. I love to use this morning and night and the bigger bottle means I dont have to restock so often. 100% recommend for dry skin.
  90. Awesome serum


    I'm in love with the Buffet, make my skin feel much more hydrated. Very happy to find out now they offer the bigger size
  91. Yes please!


    I have now emptied a few bottles of Buffet - love it as a multipurpose, easy serum to apply when your skin needs a quick, simple boost! Glad to see this in a larger size - purchased ASAP!
  92. Hoorah


    Yay for adore stocking the bigger size! I’ve repurchased the smaller size several times, it really is a great all rounder product, with one drawback! I can only use this as night because in the day it balls and peels under my makeup. I think using an oil on top deliver the best hydration results (my favourite from the ordinary is the marula oil). Works well on top of the niacinamide too.
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