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The Beauty Chef Glow Sachet 5 Pack 5 x 5g

4.3 of 56 reviews


4 instalments of $4.50

Or 4 instalments of $4.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.50

Or 4 instalments of $4.50 with LEARN MORE

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Find out what all the fuss is about with The Beauty Chef Glow Sachet 5 Pack. Featuring five single-serve sachets of The Beauty Chef's superfood beauty blend, this pack is perfect for travel or anyone who wants to sample the award-winning formula.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Certified Organic

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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The Beauty Chef Glow Sachet 5 Pack Reviews

4.3 of 56 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Such a pleasant surprise!


I was initially sceptical of how well this product would work for me given that my skin is quite stubborn, but after taking this powder daily for 2 months I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It appeared much more dewy and hydrated, although it didn't necessarily eradicate my spots, it really gave my skin a healthy glow that I haven't had in ages. Would definitely recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism



Loved this product and was a really good trial pack, didnt see a huge difference in my skin but will be repurchasing as it will take longer to work
  1. Would recommend getting a full size instead.


    verified purchaser
    I didn't notice much of a difference. I think you would need to use the product for quiet a while to notice a change. However it tastes quiet nice and was easy to put incorporate into my smoothies.
  2. Glow Sachet 5 Pack


    verified purchaser
    I had been recommended this product by just about every one of my friends. The 5 pack was a really nice way of trying it out without committing to a full sized product. I really like it and have been putting it in a smoothie each day. I haven't seen any major changes to my skin, but I think that's probably because I've only been using it for 5 days. I'm really keen to purchase a full sized product...
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  3. Love


    verified purchaser
    Loved this product and was a really good trial pack, didnt see a huge difference in my skin but will be repurchasing as it will take longer to work
  4. Such a pleasant surprise!


    I was initially sceptical of how well this product would work for me given that my skin is quite stubborn, but after taking this powder daily for 2 months I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It appeared much more dewy and hydrated, although it didn't necessarily eradicate my spots, it really gave my skin a healthy glow that I haven't had in ages. Would definitely recommend!
  5. It’s ok


    I don’t mind the taste of this, and my gut does feel better for using it however I’m not sure that I’ve noticed any difference in my skin. Don’t think I’d repurchase.
  6. Good for travel


    A good size for travel or just wanting to try the product without buying a big tub. I did not notice much with this, but it does taste nice.
  7. The Beauty Chef Glow Sachet 5 Pack


    I love this product! It is delicious & my skin and gut are feeling great. i normally suffer with alot of bloating but it is rarely occuring since starting with The Beauty Chef.
  8. Amazing!

    Elle H

    I was lucky enough to receive numerous sample satchets and really got to love the taste of this. Now I’m pregnant and haven’t been using it, I definitely notice a different in my gut and skin. Can’t wait to put this back on rotation!
  9. My new travel companion


    I live for this product! I have the larger tub at home in the fridge, and recently purchased these packets to travel overseas with so I could still get my daily boost, without taking an entire tub. I think this is the best use for these packets. Put one in your purse, or backpack and feel good everywhere. Glow also encourages me to drink more water because I'll keep refilling my glass until I know...
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  10. Nice for everyday


    Nice, everyday face masks that hydrate my skin, give it glow and smells nice too!!
  11. Unsure of this one


    Unsure of the efficacy of this product. It tastes fine, I mixed in my chocolate protein shake. It has a berry flavour. But think my money is better spent on skincare and fresh fruit and vegetables sorry.
  12. Looooooove!!


    I received this as a sample and loved it - felt energized and less bloated so I ordered the full sized tub. I'll update if and when I notice any skin changes but, honestly, the fact that it helped my well-being is more than enough for me. x
  13. Okay but not convinced


    The 5 serves aren't really enough to tell if the product is doing anything. My biggest concern is that it has a grainy consistency and is best mixed into a smoothie rather than water.
  14. Great


    This is a great product for my energy levels but I’m not sure if it’s really done anything for my skin. I’d only purchase the sachets for travelling - otherwise it’s too wasteful. I’m also not a huge fan of the taste though it’s not unbearable.
  15. Super convenient for travel


    This is so great for travel because I don't like to carry the tub around! There seems to be more than 5g in the sachet for some reason, though!
  16. The sachets are perfect for travelling with


    The sachets are perfect for travelling with, I'm a big fan of this conveniently sized pack.
  17. Perfect for travel


    I decided to purchase the sachet packs as it is perfect for overseas travel. I have a sensitive stomach and tend to get sickness when eating and travelling in a foreign country. I decided to try and drink these each morning to strengthen and line the stomach. I did not get sick on my latest trip and it definitely helped with bloating and digestion.
  18. This is amazing!


    I can’t believe the instant results! I drank it daily and every morning I woke up I was glowing! I also felt really good and energetic in the morning when I woke up. Definitely buying the full sized tub!
  19. Is it working?


    Ahhh I am so conflicted whether to buy the full size of this product. I feel like the 5 pack is not enough product to tell whether or not it makes an actual difference to my skin. Tastes lovely though!
  20. Great sample size


    Great way to sample product and also good for travelling.
  21. Tasty


    I got a sachet as a gift with purchase and loved it so much that I bought a tin. It tastes really nice and I do feel a lot brighter and better by it. The sachets are a great idea for someone who is worried about the taste and wants to try before they buy.
  22. Nice


    I one sachet in my order as a sample and I really enjoyed it! I liked the taste a lot. Having it made me feel good knowing I was nourishing my skin from the inside out!
  23. Really great


    Great way to try these out! I think they’re great and really help out the skin a lot. Buying the bigger size is better for your money though!
  24. Nice way to try


    Really cute little trial set if you're interested in trying the powder. Would recommend if you're not ready to buy the big tub.
  25. Versatile skincare edible


    I love how versatile this powder is - tastes great on its own with water, great as a sprinkle of cereal and porridge, great in a smoothie or smoothie bowl and it’s also great just mixed with yogurt! I think everyone with skin issues should consider their inner health as a way of treating it - it definitely helps!
  26. holy grail!


    i have dull and oily skin and this product literally made my skin the most dewy (without being oil) and brightest i have ever seen it! It takes at least 4 days to see the benefits of this amazing product but after those 4 days you barely need as much makeup as before and literally no use for primer! its amazing!
  27. Great way to get extra nutrients


    I tried sachets to see how it would suit. Probably a little early to say it's effect but quite good.
  28. So impressed


    I got these to test before committing to the full size product and I’m happy to say I will be doing just that! I had these in a smoothie every morning and really felt a difference! Can’t wait to see further results.
  29. Great taste!


    I bought these sachets to be able to try without the price-tag of the full size product. I really wanted to love this product off the bat but haven't noticed much of a difference to my skin/hair etc.

    I feel this is a great product if you know you aren't getting enough nutrients and need an easy way to do so!

    My only complaint is that the powder doesn't completely dissol...
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  30. More apple than berry

    Tea Sommelier

    No clue about the health benefits of this glow inner beauty powder from The Beauty Chef, but I did notice that other reviewers mentioned a berry flavour. I quite like berries, but when I tried this, I found an apple-like flavour. Personally, I dislike the taste of apples, preferring almost every other fruit over them, so this dietary supplement is not for me. These sachets are perfect if you are s...
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  31. Great Idea before comitting


    I bought these sachets because the tubs quite expensive and I wanted to make sure I loved the product. Lucky for me I did, but still occasionally buy the sachets to keep in my desk draw or have on hand when travelling.
    Great product and clever packaging!


    I couldn't handle the taste enough to finish my first sachet with water, which left me feeling sad so I decided to buy empty capsules online and fill those up along with a plain glass of water.
    Other than the taste, you'll notice a difference by first day, your body loves you and you feel that.
  33. My travel companion


    I use glow every day and love it! So the 5 pack is a no brainer, particularly when travelling - food and drink always means my skin needs a little extra TLC
  34. Great for on the go


    These are so great if you are a regular beauty chef consumer and are travelling or on the go.. best powder!
  35. Great for travel


    Great way to try the product if you don't want to commit to the large tubs. Also really good for travel or keeping in your handbag. Would definitely recommend trying
  36. Berry taste


    Im so glad I got this pack because it was a great way to sample the product instead of investing in a full size. I found it had a strong berry taste which was nice but didnt like the grittiness of the drink it kind of had little 'bits' which I could feel in my throat as I drank it and personally didn't enjoy that. On the other hand i split these packs in half and drank each morning over 10 days an...
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  37. Very soothing for the stomach


    I really enjoyed the berry flavour of this powder, it's easy to drink down and I feel noticeably happier in my gut as a result. Definitely works if you have stomach pain or digestion issues, most likely from living a high stress lifestyle. Inner beauty is the way forward!
  38. buy the tub as its better value


    The product itself is wonderful but the sachets are not good value for the price vs the tub
  39. Health Benefits


    I will be the first person to say I dont like 'berry' and this product is 'berry' and does have a grainy texture to it when drinking which isnt pleasant on the throat. Putting that aside its really great health wise - I have been forcing myself to drink these daily just in some water and quickly and i feel great and less bloated. I will continue to keep doing this.
  40. Very satisfied!


    Was a little hesitant to purchase this due to the reviews complaining about the taste, but I actually really like it! I mix it into my fresh juice and it gives it a bit of a nutty flavour, I don’t find it offputting at all and am really enjoying this product. Will probably purchase the full size when I’m done with the samples. Wish the price was a little lower but the ingredients list is fantastic...
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  41. Unpleasant


    I've received a few samples of these, and would very unlikely purchase, so I can't comment on the long term results. I don't find the product palettable. The flavour is unpleasant, and really doesn't taste like berry, more grassy than anything. It's also very grainy, and made it feel like little bits were stuck in my throat.
  42. Okay..


    Tried these after they were recommended to me and tbh I didn't see much of a difference, given the price though I would have to say, give it a go for yourself
  43. Does the job


    I got it as a free sample and have decided to give the sachet pack a go. I can’t say that it is yummy, but lets put it this way, it’s an acquired taste. I put half a sachet in my coffee in the morning and the other half in my afternoon coffee. Guess what it ?It did help with the bloating and the afternoon snacking. Let’s see how I go with it in the next couple of weeks.
  44. Really happy


    The best part about this little 5 pack is being able to try the product before paying for a large bottle. I found the taste to be just okay but the actual benefits were amazing - felt less bloated and over all my body would have been loving the great nutrients within it. It did have a bit of a gritty taste to it but I can look past that.
  45. Great sample


    Happy with this! Was the perfect way to trial the product. Had a black currant flavour. Was very strong so I mixed it with quite a bit of water. So much health!!
  46. Cant Fault


    Great little boost for the immune system and has so many great things in it. Taste is okay its a berry like flavor or black currant. Cant fault health wise.
  47. Beautiful


    These sachets are a great way to trial Glow. After trialing this, I would definitely purchase the larger tub or more of these for when travelling. These are great for keeping my immune system up while on the go
  48. Great morning supplement

    Court K

    I find it hard to get myself to eat breakfast in the morning so I usually just drink a fresh juice so im at least having something. This is really great to add to a juice or just have in some water on the go to help boost my body for the day. I couldn't say I seen huge benefits from taking this 5 times but its definitely improved my energy and with everything in it im sure my body is benefiting. I...
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  49. Great for busy people


    Really easy way of keeping my body healthy. I'm usually always on the go or working and often forget to eat things that keep up my nutrients so I rely on products like this to drink on the go. I absolutely love how many different things are crammed into one drink. Massive health benefits. Things you would usually not think of. Great.
  50. Great ingredients!


    Im not going to come on here and say that after drinking this 5 times (5 sachets) that my body was magically feeling healthier because that would be a lie...it would take a lot more than 5 days of using this to get those kind of results. In saying that I loved this product and give it a 5 star purely because if you read the back you'll see how many GREAT ingredients and nutrients are in it - that ...
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  51. Love this product


    I really love when companies have a smaller sample option (even when its pricey) because its so nice to try a product before having to commit to the large size.This was really great came in a nice little box and the sachets were decent sized. It was a thick blackcurrant/berry consistency almost reminded me of a berry smoothie but with water instead of milk. Taste was good. I was so impressed with ...
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  52. Amazing powder


    Absolutely love this powder!! Really helps with tummy issues and gives your skin an inner glow! Love that they are now in travel packs for when we are on the go
  53. Fabulous product!


    I'm so glad these come in travel sachets now! I have been using glow powder for years, it is a staple product for me (alternated with welleco). I have mine with plain cold coconut water and it's delicious. Long term use definitely improves skin and gut health.
  54. great!!!


    These are great if youre traveling, as they're easy to carry. They taste great and reduce bloating while making me GLOW!!!!
  55. Convenient!


    Perfect little travel companions! Ensures that I can still get my daily dose of GLOW..... The Beauty Chef GLOW has become a daily essential for my complexion to stay radiant and hydrated!
    Yes a tad on the expensive side but if it's only for special occasions then it is justified! :)
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