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The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder 150g 150g

4.6 of 384 reviews


4 instalments of $16.25


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4 instalments of $16.25


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Is this for you?

The Beauty Chef Advanced Glow is your essential daily beauty supplement. Think of Glow as your inner moisturiser, giving you that extra glow by feeding your skin all of the right superfoods that it needs to thrive, maintain health and look its best.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder 150g

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder 150g

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 384 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Works if Used Consistently!


I love this product, it tastes great and tackles gut bacteria which in turn affects your skin! I find if I drink it consistently over a long period of time, I see the results. I've been using this product for over 2 years now.

Most Helpful Criticism

Inoffensive and ineffective


I had such high hopes for this product as I thought it would really help my acne, while it was easy to drink, I really didn't see much of a shift in my skin!
  1. My new routine


    I actually don't mind the taste of this product, since taking it daily I have notice some improvement with my digestion. I have added this step to my daily routine and hopefully soon I will see the "glow" on my skin.
  2. Works if Used Consistently!


    verified purchaser
    I love this product, it tastes great and tackles gut bacteria which in turn affects your skin! I find if I drink it consistently over a long period of time, I see the results. I've been using this product for over 2 years now.
  3. Delicious Goodness that Saved My Skin!


    Firstly I must say this is the most delicious beauty supplement I have ever tasted! After discovering this Australian made powder all the way in NYC on holiday, I have been taking daily ever since! Noticeable benefits in quality of skin not only on the face, but rest of my body too! I have been taking this religiously for over 2 years now and mix it with my glow powder daily, first thing when I w...
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  4. :(


    Didnt see or feel any changes while taking glow it was very hard to drink everyday the taste isnt very nice.
  5. Couldn’t get past the taste


    verified purchaser
    I really wanted to see if this product worked but unfortunately I couldn’t get past the taste and I found that it didn’t dissolve well either
  6. I really like the taste


    I’m really liking this powder this is now my 2th bottle it really does a lot for me and my skin and body feels and looks so much better. I find that You have to be very consistent with using the powder on the daily. Great product
  7. Feel a glow of satisfaction


    I'm now on my second Glow Inner Health Powder and I'll definitely be ordering more in the future! I thought I'd give it a go after listening to the Beauty IQ podcast (ep. 4
  8. Inoffensive and ineffective


    I had such high hopes for this product as I thought it would really help my acne, while it was easy to drink, I really didn't see much of a shift in my skin!
  9. Must have product!


    I absolutely love this product and I see a huge difference in my skin when I accidentally forget to take this and skip it. This along with the collagen keeps my skin in check, especially now that I’ve stopped taking the pill.


    When I use this my skin and gut feels incredible! You do need to use this everyday to see visible results so if i forget to have it i can definitely tell. I am almost done on this bottle so I will definitely repurchase and try remember to drink it everyday!
  11. Still deciding


    Been taking this for a couple of weeks now, not sure if I see a difference on my skin yet. Though, it is easy to take so as of now I don’t have anything to complain. Will check back in a couple more weeks.
  12. Gut love


    I purchased the trial sachets of this before buying the full size. I've hd gut issues for years and noticed an immediate positive change. Once the trial was finished, my old symptoms returned. Purchased the full size straight away! I was more excited about the gut-health results that I didn't look at any skincare results this might have brought about, so can't comment on the "glow".
  13. Perfect


    When I have this every day, my skin almost never breaks out
  14. Delicious and refreshing!!


    Glow is now part of my daily routine. I drink it first thing in the morning mixed with water and TBC's Collagen Inner Beauty Boost. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now and I have seen a big difference in how I feel, and my skin has also become clearer. It tastes great, like berries! I have recommended this to all my friends. Will keep repurchasing this!
  15. Undecided


    I am terrible at taking things daily - so I haven't used this every day for 30 days like you're supposed to, which is why I probably don't see the benefits. I don't mind the taste or the granules and think it is good for me overall.
  16. Yum


    This powder tastes so yum! I love starting my morning with it.
    I have noticed an improvement in my digestion from using it, but not in my skin.
  17. One of the best products I ever bought in my life

    Chele Pagno

    I loved this product, I could see and feel the difference in my skin that was much softer and healthier.
    Worth every penny, I super recommend if you buy you will not regret it.
    I'm 37 years old with combination to dry skin.
  18. So so


    I got the sample from AB, not really like it, I am not sure It is good for skin or not
  19. Inner Beauty magic powder.


    We spend a lot of time caring for the outside of our skin, but caring for our inner beauty, from within the gut itself, is proving to be just as important, for our inner and outer beauty and health.

    Like a lot of other people , I suffer from gut health problems that impact me not just on the inside but the outside too, resulting in acne and sensitivity, because of the condition Endome...
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  20. Looooove


    Even after a couple of uses I could tell my complexion had a subtle glow about it. Can’t wait to see added results with further use. Flavour is also yum!
  21. Feeling Good


    The smell is lovely and easy to blend with fruit smoothies- great for overhauling my morning routine.
    A great alternative to dairy-based probiotics.
  22. Great addition to your morning smoothie!


    A great addition to your morning smoothie, packed with so much goodness. Affordable price so it is an easy addition to your overall health and beauty regime. It also has a nice flavour, so it also isn't too bad in a glass of water.
  23. A great addition to my smoothies and morning routine


    After hearing The Beauty Chef founder speak on the podcast, I had to try this product. I'm a firm believer in the importance and power of gut health on our overall health, so this was the perfect product for me.

    It taste pleasant when drunk alone with water, and I also add it to my berry smoothies.

    My gut health was in disarray after being on a course of antibiotics and I...
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  24. Excellent


    Tastes nice and is doing something good for your body internally + skin.
  25. Amazing


    This has helped my skin health a lot and i feel like my skin microbiome has improved a lot. My hair has also grown longer but i also take multivitamins
  26. Really works!


    I’ll never go without this, I have been using it religiously for years and it makes such a difference to my skin and digestion. I recommend this to all my friends!!
  27. Amazing


    My breakouts have dramatically decreased and my skin looks so much better now. I love this flavour and add it to my smoothies and it helps me eat healthy
  28. Really works!


    This is a really lovely powder. The taste is quite nice. I noticed a difference in my skin after using it. It was brighter and more healthy in appearance. I would definitely purchase again
  29. Daily Essential


    I was skeptical at first but Glow would have to be one of my favourite beauty products. When I use it I have noticeably clearer skin and it also helps my tummy bloating. I can not recommend it highly enough!
  30. Simple and tasty


    Tastes great and Ive noticed a big improvement in my digestion. Really good step to my morning routine.
    Haven’t seen any results in my skin yet, but may bend more then 1 tub to see large improvements.
  31. Glowing


    I love this product, it tastes great and my skin looks so much better!
  32. Glowing skin guaranteed!


    I've tried a fair few probiotics and supplements, but this one always comes out on top. Taken consistently over a few months, I really noticed a difference in the luminosity of my skin, and it also helped to combat my hormonal acne breakouts. My nails and hair also were stronger and grew quickly. I take this in the morning with my smoothie, so barely taste it, though it's also a nice berry flavour...
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  33. Love it! Great results


    I really love this product and notice a huge difference when I use it. Not only does it help my gut feel better but I really do notice a difference in my skin. Highly recommend.
  34. Berry nice


    Tastes like berries! Not sure about the benefits yet, but definitely worth a try.
  35. Rather nice


    This berry flavoured powder isn't bad. Mixes nicely in water or in a smoothie.
    I didn't see a huge improvement in my skin but would try again
  36. The best way to start the day!


    Every morning I wake up looking forward to having my GLOW powder. It tastes fantastic and, as someone who doesn't drink coffee, I find it gives me a bit of a buzz!

    I have found a noticeable difference in my skin's texture. In the past, my skin would get congested - forming little lumps on my chin or near my eyes. Although small and not quite pimples, I always found these annoying! Sin...
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  37. Glow from within


    I’ve been taking GLOW & COLLAGEN for a couple of months now, loving the taste. Glow does what it says, my skin is clearer and has helped to fade my acne scars on my chin. Definitely worth the investment :)
  38. Absolutely Fabulous


    The Beauty Chef's Glow Powder really lived up to expectations for me. I could see a difference in the overall health of my skin and my stomach, but most importantly, I FEEL more energetic and less sluggish, or sleepy after I eat. Tastes pretty good, but if you mix the powder in a glass with water, you do have to make sure it doesn't sink to the bottom of the glass. Anyway 10/10 would recommend to ...
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  39. Taste


    I didn’t like the taste, smell was ok but I just couldn’t drink a whole glass of it.
  40. Yum!


    I was drinking another elixir until I finally succumb to all the hype of this one. It tastes great and I feel good. I have more energy and anything that can encourage me to drink more water is a bonus. The only (small) con is the grainy texture - if only it completely emulsified in water, The Glow Inner Powder would be perfect.
  41. Effective


    I've used this product on and off over the past few years. It's difficult to say if this alone has improved my skin, however, I definitely feel that it's helped with bloating & digestion. This combined with the gut primer product is fantastic!
  42. good for gut health


    i was recommended this product by a friend who swears by it so I had high expectations of this product, hoping to clear my skin from congestion and breakouts, however, I didn't notice any major changes in my skin which I was hoping for. although it does help with gut health and digestion. it also tastes amazing and is full of all natural and beneficial ingredients. I love adding it to smoothies
  43. Love Love Love


    I was so skeptical of this product... Like how great can a powder be? It’s amazing. After a week I noticed a real change in my skin. It sounds funny but it was like my skin just seemed happier. I got my sister to buy some and she loves it too. I’m 3 bottles in and will definitely continue to buy. I don’t like drinking large amounts of fluids/flavours in the morning other than coffee but it has com...
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  44. Not transforming but incredible taste and ingredients


    I didn't notice any skin improvements by taking this powder every day - it is however an incredible supplement full of a plethora of highly potent and beneficial natural ingredients. It tastes amazing - I think it does help your gut health and is perfect to add to juices and smoothies, but I wouldn't expect any 'transformations' if you have skin issues simply by taking this product.
  45. Pretty Good


    I have been using this product daily for a month or two now. I bought it in the hopes of seeing some improvement in my skin. I have trouble with congestion and breakouts and was hoping to tackle this from the inside out. Whilst I have not seen a huge difference in my skin, I have found that drinking this daily has made me feel better generally! Placebo? Maybe... But I have felt less sluggish and I...
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  46. This actually works!


    I was sceptical at first but after using this product for one day, i already felt the effects! After a week, I'm less bloated, more energised and my skin is looking more glowing and hydrated. My itchy flaky skin is gone! I also use collagen and sleep but Glow is my personal favourite.
  47. Love it


    I initially purchased this product to help with my skin. I love the taste of it, and not only have I noticed improved skin, it assists me in feeling better overall. I have been using for a few months now and don't want to stop!
  48. Actually makes you glow


    I was sceptical before using this product and didn’t believe any powder could make you glow! After around 30 days I started getting comments from friends all asked what I was using on my skin because it was glowing. Definitely works but it’s quite expensive to use long term.
  49. Amazing


    Tastes beautiful, I love knowing that I’m getting so much extra goodness with my morning glass of glow
  50. Tastes good


    You have to really stir very well, otherwise its grainy. I still think its okay for me as it has helped with my Gut help. It tastes nice with water or almond milk! :)
  51. Thankful


    Originally I bought this to help my hormonal acne, which it helped to an extent by removing the intensity of it and helping the natural glow sorta look (I have had to use some other products to help keep the acne somewhat calm) and even though I’m going to a naturopath to remove it, this product has been the ONLY thing to help my IBS. Numerous doctors and god knows how many tests, this thing has c...
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  52. Amazing!!!


    This powder is the best! I have only been using it for a week and already noticing a difference in my skin and gut health. I was a bit sceptical at first trying this product but after listening to Hannah and Jo on the podcast with the lady behind The Beauty Chef, I thought I would give it a go. I have tried multiple products to clear my skin, never thought about my gut health until now! I can’t wa...
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  53. GLOW ME UP!


    I was skeptical when I bought this for the first time, but can honestly say that I have noticed a huge change in my skin. My skin is clearer and brighter, the taste is delicious and is easily mixed into smoothies or my breakfast. I'll be definitely buying this again!
  54. Love it


    Love the taste, it hasn't made me feel amazing but I feel like if I stopped I would feel blah. So i'll continue taking it.
  55. An excellent prebiotic


    An excellent prebiotic, I've been using it for a couple of months now and my skin has started to plump up and glow. I think it is working, will wait and see what the results are long term.
  56. Radiance


    I have been using the Glow Inner Beauty Powder for 4 months. I bought it to replace my usual probiotics because it also contained prebiotics and other nutrients. I'm delighted to say it more than delivers on its promises. My skin is more hydrated and even toned. I have less breakouts and when I do they don't last long. I have also noticed if I have it at lunchtime I don't get a 3 o,clock slump an...
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  57. Great taste and can see/feel the benefits


    I was initially skeptical with products like these and vitamins, yet have been surprised to see such good results using this! I think the taste is nice and is super easy to drink and has no bad after taste that I find some powders have. I have deffs seen less bloating and think its been also great for my skin!
    Only downside is that it only lasts a month, so it can be quite expensive to keep...
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    This product is incredible, and life changing! After listening to the podcast with Hannah, Joanna and the founder of The Beauty Chef, I decided to give Glow a try. I’ve been suspecting that I may have had some gut issues for a while, but had no idea what I should do about it. I’ve suffered from psoriasis on and off since I was born and after hearing Joanna’s review of Glow on the podcast I decided...
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  59. Bright skin, less bloat!


    Recommended by a friend, I love it! I have about a teaspoon amount daily. I did struggle a bit with the texture in water, as it doesn't fully dissolve and felt a little 'Gritty', however I saw on their instagram about mixing it in yoghurt.. I now had it to my plain yoghurt and muesli every morning and it tastes great! I have noticed a difference with less bloating, and my skin!
  60. Good for gut!


    I’ve been interested in this product for a while but wasn’t sure if it was a worthwhile purchase - after listening to the AB podcast I took the leap to purchase. I consume most days and on those days I’ve noticed a difference in how my stomach feels. I actually forgot to use it all weekend as I was out of routine and the uncomfortable stomach feeling I previously got returned. I’m not sure if this...
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  61. Goodbye eczema


    I have had patches of eczema on my face for the majority of my life and I could never get on top of it, until 6 months ago when I came across The Glow Inner Beauty Powder. I take it every morning with my yoghurt and fruit and it tastes so so good! I also take the boost Hydration with it and I believe that these two products have beaten my eczema. I've only had a couple of flareups and that's it! A...
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  62. Good product


    I liked this. I used it during weeks spent teaching during Winter and managed to avoid all sickness, so I feel like this, along with a generally healthy diet and approach to life, contributed to my wellbeing. I did worry I wasted a bit, because the last couple mouthfuls were always too grainy for me to tolerate, but that's my only real complaint. I felt like I also had reduced breakouts while dri...
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  63. Fantastic supplement that tastes surprisingly nice!


    One of my friends absolutely RAVED about this supplements so I just had to try it. I have to take medication that can cause damage to the GI tract so gut health is extremely important to me. After repeated use, I feel like my digestion improved and my stomach wasn't bloated or sore after eating. I look forward to seeing benefits in my skin with continued use. The taste and texture of this drink is...
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  64. Tastes great compared to the Cleanse!


    Bought both this and cleanse after i read the reviews. The glow is much better tasting than the cleanse. This is very berry like while the cleanse is more algae green kind of flavour :/

    Im currently on a one day glow one day cleanse plan and i havent yet seen any significant improvements like lot of others reviewed. However im only on my first bottles so im planning on trying at leas...
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  65. Feels like the right thing to be doing


    I was pretty unsure about this but heard the discussion about it on Beauty IQ and felt encouraged to try it. I must say the taste is surprisingly pleasant and I feel good taking it. My skin is good, maybe a combination of this product and other changes I've made but I am keen to keep taking it and see how I feel after the full 3 months.
  66. TASTY!


    I have been using this product for the past few weeks, I haven't noticed a great deal of change in my skin but then again it is early days.

    It does have a grainy texture but tastes quite nice and is very easy to drink.

    I will continue using as it does make me feel better after drinking and does help with digestion in my opinion.
    I do really like the fact it has s...
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  67. Easy to drink!!


    I recently started drinking this on a daily basis, I was so surprised at the taste and how easy it was to drink (mixed with some fresh juice). The ingredients list speaks for itself and I believe it is better than drinking lemon and water.
  68. Miracle product


    I have tried a lot of products that promise glowing skin but nothing has delivered like this has. In less than a week people were commenting how bright and clear my skin looked and I noticed a significant decrease in bloating after only 2 days. Definitely a must have product!
  69. Big fan!


    Since coming off the Pill 6 months ago, I've had non stop acne on my chin, I've tried fortnightly facials, expensive creams, changing my skincare and nothing has worked. This powder is an absolute game changer. My acne has stopped and my skin is incredible!!! I can't recommend this enough!
  70. Daily routine!


    I can feel a difference in my skin when I take this Glow Powder daily. I have combination skin prone to break outs especially when my diet has not been clean. I find this accompanied by drinking a good 2 litres of water a day has reset my skin and makes all my skin care products work even better. You get use to the taste plus is easily mixed into smoothies
  71. Quite nice but not sure what it did for me


    The texture is quite grainy but it tastes good, just not sure what difference it made!
  72. Surprising taste


    It tastes a lot better than what I was expecting, although I think it is an acquired taste and make sure you keep stirring after each mouthful otherwise you will get a big gulp of granules at the end!
  73. Amazing!


    I was skeptical at best but was convinced to try this by two friends who were adamant they had seen significant improvements in their skin with this product. And I wholeheartedly agree! My skin is looking so clear and bright and I didn't have a break out during my period this month (which is standard for me). I will be continuing to use this product!
  74. Loving it!


    I have normal to oily skin. I was looking for a product that gave a boost to my skin as I am newly in my 30's and I am noticing fine line and a bit of dullness. I have only been using GLOW now for a week but am really enjoying it! I took before photos so I will know a bit more after using the product for a month but my skin already seems to have a bit more of a brightness to it. I am not feeling ...
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  75. Absolute yes


    I didn’t realise how much this was working for me untill I stopped taking it for a couple. Break outs and dull skin!! After 3 weeks back on this my skin is glowing and clearing. It really really helps me!!
  76. The best ever!


    I have been suffering from chronic eczema and couldnt find anything to help resolve it. I have been drinking a glass of this a day with water and my eczema has visibly improved. I also feel alot more energetic. I found the taste hard to take at first, but am now use to it and even look forward to having it each day!
  77. Amazing


    I love the taste of this!!! It also has helped so much with my skin and I only get three or four pimples per month now whereas before I used to get a pimple every other night.
  78. Mega Fan


    I am such a fan of this entire range - I got a hamper for my birthday from my co-workers and my skin is noticeably better! I make a glass of this in the morning and drink it alongside a probiotic drink - I haven't had a single zit in weeks. I will be buying this range (but particularly this powder) indefinitely. Would highly recommend.
  79. Made a difference


    I have been using this for 3 months and have noticed a difference in my overall well being.


    Purchased this along with the Collagen Elixir and Gut Primer for my teenage daughter. Seeing some promising results with clearer skin and her gut health has improved too. Will definitely keep up the morning routine. Great way to start the day.
  81. Amazing Product!


    I have been using the Glow Inner Beauty Powder for years, and even got a bunch of my friends and family on it as well!
    - Feeling great from inside out
    - Easy to use
    - Lasts a while
    - Comes in sachet form for easier use and carry

    - Taste
    - Price
  82. Incredible for Hormonal Breakouts


    Since coming off the Pill 6 months ago, I've had non stop acne on my chin, I've tried fortnightly facials, expensive creams, changing my skincare and nothing has worked. This powder is an absolute game changer. My acne has stopped and my skin is incredible!!! I can't recommend this enough!
  83. I would have a constant supply if it was cheaper


    Love this product. I think it has definitely been one of the things that has helped to clear up my acne (as well as using The Ordinary products). I also find my stomach is a lot less irritable than it used to be. I love the taste too, nicer than any other similar products I've tried. My ideal is mixing it with the collagen and antioxidant liquids as well. Super refreshing mixed with cold water.
  84. Glowy skin forever


    This product has made my skin glow and gotten rid of so much of my skin problems. My gut health is much better now too and I don’t feel bloated anymore.
  85. best skin product money can buy


    I have very acne prone/hormonal skin and have spent hundreds of dollars on high end products, pills and facials and I want everyone to know that this is the only product that stops me from breaking out. I love it and I will never stop using it. I hope it works for you too! :)
  86. I like it


    While I don’t use this regularly, when I do I find my fur health is improved and I don’t feel as bloated. Has a nice taste to it. Does get a bit gritty at the end but overall it’s a nice product.
  87. Noticed a difference within days


    I have been having this every morning with the collagen boost and noticed a difference in my skin within the first few days ! My skin is less congested and brighter looking, I will definitely continue to use both products and couldn’t recommend them more !
  88. Starting to see a difference!


    I have quite problematic skin and have never found anything that makes a huge difference other than expensive skin treatments. I was recommended this by a skin clinic and although it took a while (I'm onto my second tub) I believe I am finally starting to see some great results - and they are great! There is a difference in my skin when it comes to usual hormonal break out time and a difference in...
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  89. Lovely


    This is a really lovely powder. The taste is quite nice. I noticed a difference in my skin after using it. It was brighter and more healthy in appearance. I would definitely purchase again
  90. Beauty comes from within!


    Everyone who wants amazing skin should look into what they are eating and putting into their bodies not only on their face.
  91. Hormonal Acne Be Gone!


    Have just gone through my first tub of this stuff, and for the first time in years, my skin has not only cleared of the hormonal breakouts, but it looks like my skin is actually healing from any scarring and fine lines!
    Dark eye circles and pigment discolouration is disappearing and for once since my childhood, I actually feel like my skin is truly glowing!
    I take Beauty Chef Glow in c...
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  92. Glowing skin


    I am on my third tub of this which i have with the collagen from the beauty chef. I have noticed huge improvements in my complexion, and have had many people comment on how "glowy" my skin looks. I have found it's also helped reduce occurence of pimples and mildly reduced my rosacea. I haven't noticed any difference in digestive health, but for my skin it has been great!
  93. OMG YES


    All my friends and family is hearing from me these days is Glow power this an Glow powder that. This stuff is seriously the real deal. My skin has never looked better, also my gut health has been great since using this. I am on my 4th lot of the product. It also tastes SOOOO GOOD!!!!
  94. I like it


    I went through two tubs of this powder and although I didn’t notice any change in my skin condition it did make my nails grow and become stronger and I quite liked the taste too
  95. Gut health


    Loved how this product made me feel after using it for a few weeks. I noticed my stomach felt more settled and my skin was more radiant
  96. Effective


    I love the idea of beauty treatment from the inside, and this helps to cleanse my body and helps me look and feel better. Keeps me full so I don’t snack as much.
  97. Great!


    Super yummy! I actually really like this product and see some lovely changes in my skin when I use it. It’s so so easy to drink and my tummy feels great afterwards. Definitely a great product to add to the routine!
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