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The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost 500ml

4.6 of 182 reviews


4 instalments of $10.50


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4 instalments of $10.50


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To give you a daily shot of extra nutritional support, The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a delicious new organic, bio-fermented probiotic concentrate designed to increase the skin’s production of collagen and promote a radiant, naturally plumped complexion from the inside out.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost

The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 182 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Improved my skin and tastes delish


After trying Beauty Boost for a couple of weeks I can tell I see the difference in my skin. Will be purchasing again!

Most Helpful Criticism

Tastes good but didnt notice a difference


Tastes delicious but I can’t say it did much!
  1. Improved my skin and tastes delish


    After trying Beauty Boost for a couple of weeks I can tell I see the difference in my skin. Will be purchasing again!
  2. Goodbye fine lines and sweet cravings.


    I've been using the Collagen Inner Beauty booster on and off for 4 months, My skin is calmer and more hydrated it is also less reactive and feels stronger. I no longer get that tight dehydrated feeling from work air conditioning. I drink it in a glass of water in the afternoon. It revitalizes me and I've noticed I don't get an afternoon slump or headache behind the eyes when I have it. I have also noticed mentally I am more clear headed and calmer.
  3. Collagen inner beauty boost


    Iv purchased this product 3 times now and when taking consistently I defiantly see a difference in my skin. I can tell the overall complexion of my face is a lot better.
  4. Saving my hair one day at a time.


    I'm now onto my second bottle of this product and it's the only thing that has stopped the ends of my hair from breaking off after years off too much lightening and heat styling, can't live without it!
  5. Tastes good but didnt notice a difference


    Tastes delicious but I can’t say it did much!
  6. Amazing


    This product has improved my skin a lot and I have been taking this with the glow powder from this brand and my skin has never been better. I very rarely break out now and my complexion is getting better
  7. Great so far


    I have normal to oily skin, and as I am newly to my 30's aging/fine lines & dullness have come a skin concern for me. I recently started taking the GLOW powder and wanted to take the Collagen to give myself a bit of a boost. In just a week I have noticed my skin does not look so dehydrated. I took before photos so I am excited to see how everything continues to improve!
  8. Lovely product


    This collagen liquid is pleasant to have, and tastes great. However I find it doesn’t last me long enough and I can find other collagen products which work just as well for much less (not as pleasant to drink).
  9. Yum


    Love the larger size - such a great product that fits seamlessly into my morning routine. Tastes great, brightens my skin, would recommend to anyone. (I love drinking it with coconut water!)
  10. Have noticed an improvement in my skin


    I’ve noticed my skin looks more supple since taking this for the last 3 months. I’ll be repurchasing the product. Taste great I add it to my shake every morning.
  11. LOVE


    I've been taking this in my morning shake now for a month and love the taste. Certainly makes me feel better on the inside. Starting to see results with my skin too!!
  12. So far so good


    I've been using this for three weeks and so far so good. The taste is pleasant, and I feel that my skin smoother.
  13. So yum


    Tastes so delicious and I find it helps me to stay hydrated and drink more water when using the product. I have noticed a difference in my complexion and my gut. Love it!
  14. Would love a constant supply


    I really enjoy the Beauty Chef Products. I think this has improved my skin health. I love the taste and like pairing it with the glow powder and antioxidant liquid. Lovely mixed in cold water, super refreshing.
  15. Best anti-aging product


    Since using this my skin looks and feels more plump and hydrated. I have also noticed some fine lines disappeared.
  16. Great taste


    Received this as a sample. I really enjoyed the taste and preferred to the powder varieties in this brand. I probably did not use it long enough to see if it made me feel any different but will Definetly purchase in the future
  17. Gives glowy skin


    When I first started drinking Collagen, I was shocked at how glowy and radiant my skin looked. It's super easy to drink as it tastes like Cordial. The glycerin sometimes didn't react well with my stomach but overall was a good product. Not something I have continued to use though.
  18. Yum


    I now drink this every morning after I wake up, mixed with the Glow Beauty Chef Product and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice...a total refreshing metabolism boost and a healthy start to my morning routine. Love it!
  19. I like it


    This is a delicious drink. Very sweet. I really enjoyed using it. I didn’t notice an change in my skin after finishing off a full bottle but my nails grew and became stronger
  20. Good


    has been using this collagen for 2 weeks. I can see my skin is a bit brighter.
  21. Tastes amazing


    I’m on my fourth bottle, love how it has helped my skin glow from the inside out, no more break outs.
  22. Beneficial supplement


    This collagen inner beauty boost tastes so nice! It is refreshing to drink with cold water. It has a pleasant fruity taste to it. Since using this supplement I have noticed that my complexion is clearer, my nails are stronger and my hair is in great condition. I would recommend giving this product a go, as it has so many beneficial ingredients.
  23. Obsessed with this elixir


    I’ve used this elixir for months on and off, and each time it only take a few short days to see some results. Especially in winter I am terrible at drinking water, this helps keep my skin plump and hydrated. The taste is nice too.
  24. Longer hair and nails


    after taking these tablets i have definitely noticed my hair has grown much faster and my nails have become stronger! these definitely work and i can't wait to see more results.
  25. Wonderful


    Couldn’t say enough good things.. I see fantastic results in my skin and absolutely love the taste!
  26. Yummy


    I love this product. It tastes great, I have it with water every morning and I have noticed that my skin seems plumper and more 'glowy'.
  27. Definitely plumper !


    If you are into GLOW powder already, you must add this. They don't just complement the taste together but also bring the best result. I am in my late 30's, I do think my face look plumper since I added this in my morning routine. I have been taking for over 2 years. I add 1 teaspoon of Glow, 2 teaspoons of Collagen in half glass of water as I like the richer taste. LOVE !
  28. Surprisingly great taste!


    Have made TBC collagen a part of my daily routine - noticed a difference in my health & appearance after one week. Definitely didn’t expect it to have such a nice taste - added bonus!
  29. Vitamin C and Zinc dose


    I take this to keep colds away in winter. I have t noticed any difference in my skin but I like the vitamins not via a tablet. I wish it didn’t taste sugary though. I tried adding it to a smoothie once and it was overpowering sweet.
  30. Really like this!


    I use this with GLOW and mix them both to my smoothies in the morning. I think it works really well with GLOW. My skin seems plumper and clearer, so I will definitely keep using this!
  31. Taste nice but I don't think it does anything


    I didn't find this product achieved anything externally that you can't get from a healthy diet.

    I trialled this for 3 months (with the Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder) with a health diet and then removed the products. I continued on the healthy diet and I honestly didn't loose my "glow" or clear skin.

    I personally think it is a fancy cordial and you would be better of spending your money on good quality food.

    I cannot comment on internal benefits because I didn't go get "testing" to have markers to compare to.
  32. Best tasting Collagen elixir


    This is so delicious and really helps overall skin health. I add this to a glass of water each day. A great way to increase collagen as I approach my 40’s. I love all the beauty chef products and will continue to purchase this forever!
  33. Love it.


    I've been using TBC Collagen for over six months and I'm sure it has made a difference to my overall health. I notice if I don't take it for a few days (poor management of my reordering!) that my skin doesn't look as bright and I start to get a few blemishes.
  34. Tastes great


    Absolutely love the taste but don't think it's done much. My body doesn't feel that different and my skin doesn't look like it's improve either.
  35. Makes water delicious


    I have been adding the recommended 15ml to my 1L water bottle and it has made drinking water much more enjoyable. Have also added to smoothies. Am yet to notice any physical changes.
  36. My Daily Dose


    I now use this as a part of my daily routine, and wouldn't be without it. Delicious and feels like I am nourishing my body.
  37. Effective, tasty


    The Collagen beauty boost firstly is delicious. It takes like raspberry. I found it effective after two weeks. My skin, hair and nails looked more plump and clear. I have found that the Antioxidant is better for me in terms of health benefits but this is a great collagen supplement. I found taking this in the morning was most beneficial. The only gripe I have is that it doesn't last a super long time.
  38. Delicious


    This product is so delicious and goes perfectly with the glow powder which I have used for years. My tummy is very happy :)
  39. Great for your skin


    After I started seeing the development of some lines in between my eyebrows I decided to give this a go. I’ve used it for about 6 months now and it feels like my forehead is a lot smoother. Skin looks firmer and more plump. I like the taste and how it dissolves in water completely. A yes from me.
  40. Love this product


    After using this for a month my nails grew the longest they have. It tastes great too,
    I add it to my smoothies and breakfast to add a boost. Love this product.
  41. Hello Hydration


    Better than expected, helped a lot with the dullness and dehydration of my skin. I love the Beauty Chef products work from the inside out, I also saw a noticeable difference in gut health.
    I usually drink mine of a night before bed!
  42. Great Booster!


    I add the The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost to the Inner Beauty Powder and its my favourite combination. Not only does it taste great but I also find a difference in my complexion when I drink this! This has now become an important part of my nightly routine!
  43. Hair growth and stronger nails!


    I have been taking Glow for over a year now and wanted to see whether the Collagen would boost further results for my hair, skin and nails. I added a teaspoon of Collagen to my smoothie everyday and after 1 bottle of Collagen I noticed that my once weak nails were the strongest they have ever been and my hair was finally starting to grow and thicken up. I feel with this product you won't see immediate results however with regular use over a couple of months you will definitely see results.Furthermore, as it is a liquid it is very easy to drink and the flavour when diluted with water is very enjoyable.
  44. Great taste


    I love the taste of this beauty booster and really wanted to love the results, however, I can’t be convinced I saw any. None the less. Tasted great and can’t see any harm in taking this as an added extra to the water I drink daily.
  45. It compliments the other products


    I really like taking this with the Glow powder, just by it self it doesnt feel enough but when I team it with glow my skin looks amazing clear and radiant!
  46. Collagen Inner Beauty Boost


    Better than expected, helped with my bloating and the taste was amazing, cant wait to try the other products in this range
  47. Taste


    I don’t mind the taste and it helps my skin and nails so that’s a win
  48. Worth a try


    I have purchased this and enjoyed the benefits of happier skin and less sugar cravings. I prefer to use Glow over this product as it suits my needs more, but Collagen is still a great product!!
  49. Skin Angel


    My beautician recommended this to me and I'm so glad she did. I use it every morning (and sometimes even at night) it's absolutely delicious, but more importantly keeps my skin feeling hydrated and plump.
  50. Amazing taste


    I have been mixing this in with my glow powder and drinking in water on its own. the flavour is soo good and helps me get through the water i need to drink every day. would recommend!
  51. Great with sparkling water


    One of the tastiest collagen supplements I've tried. I mix mine with sparkling water.
  52. Tastes Great


    I love this product, I’ve been using since December 2018 and have noticed a huge improvement in my nails and hair. Even my hairdresser noticed an improvement. The taste is seriously good and now my husband is addicted too!!
  53. ah-ma-zing!


    tastes great, super easy to drink and super gentle on the tummy. love it. my skin also.
  54. Fantastic product


    This product tastes absolutely delicious! Like a cordial! I used this in conjunction with the beauty chef powder and noticed a significant improvement in my skin and particularly hair and nail growth! Would definitely recommend and will be purchasing again
  55. Definite improvement in gut health!


    I was given a pack with this and the Glow powder as a gift late last year. Even though it was a smaller size and only about two weeks worth I noticed my gut and digestive health improved whilst taking the two.

    I haven't taken this by itself so am unsure as to how much of the positive effects were from the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost or from the Glow powder. However, I was so impressed that I am gearing up to buy the full sized items to continue using for a happy belly!

    I'll add that my belly is very sensitive and easily upset so anything that helps is amazing and rare! I'd definitely give it a go if you also suffer from belly troubles.
  56. My first liquid drink early in the morning


    This is my first liquid drink when I a wake up in the morning. Mixed it with coconut water and glow powder, it works really well, my skin becomes more happier and healthier, got lots of compliment how my skin is glowing, I nearly finish my bottle and definitely will by again. It really take good care of my skin.
  57. New daily treat yo self


    Ok stop fooling around with any other collagen products. This works, it's worth it's weight in gold and my tummy and skin are super duper happy. Easy to take each day and will definitely be a staple forever.
  58. Great taste~*


    People always say good medicine will taste bitter... this product threw this believe out of the window! It tasted amazing yet great for you~*
  59. Love it


    I felt this was too expensive to try out for ages. Decided to try it eventually and I'm so glad I did. I'm so much more confident in my skin. It hasn't worked miracles (yet!) I still have some issues but feel I have broken out less and my complexion seems clearer. Just purchased my 2nd bottle!
  60. Not sure!


    I purchased this with another product of the beauty chef, and personally I did not see ANY difference in my skin! Which makes me wonder where all these amazing reviews are coming from?
  61. Refreshing


    Hoo boy, this drop sure is refreshing when taken with chilled water. I truly feel like the pinnacle of health as I take my collagen boost each day. I've just about finished the large bottle and my general impression is that I think this product needs to be taken in conjunction with Glow. I took a bottle of Antioxidants with a tub of Glow over a month and saw fantastic results. I am going to buy another bottle of this and see if the results are more noticeable when taken with Glow.
  62. its ok.


    I use this product with the Glow powder and water. This product tastes really good, however I am not sure if it has made any real difference with my skin.
  63. Love this!


    I do love this product, it tastes beautiful and is even nice as as a special drink with ice and mixed in with the Glow powder. Just as nice by itself though. I noticed after two months of taking this (and 4 bottles!!!) that my skin was looking much more plumped and glowing, but for the price of 4 bottles to get this 'glow' it is rather expensive.
  64. Love this


    I've just finished my first bottle & I feel like my complexion is much clearer (I have some acne scarring, pigmentation from pregnancy) since I began taking this. It also tastes lovely so is easy to drink, sort of like a cordial.
  65. Amazing!!


    This is my favorite product from Beauty Chef. I was getting a deep line between my eyebrows and pronounced wrinkles around my eyes ( I am 35 yrs old) after a couple weeks of Collagen they are barely noticeable. I have just ordered my 4th bottle! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Tastes good too :)
  66. Purchase today!


    Great product, skin has improved and hair is growing (finally). I have every morning with water and re-purchase once a month.
  67. A real skin saver


    I have been suffering from mild hormonal acne since going off the pill and I have really noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin when I take this (or don't). I was really worried about going off the pill because of my skin's reaction in the past, introducing this as soon as I went off has made such a huge difference.
  68. Great but expensive!


    I love the taste of this one! Whenever I have a sugar craving I just add a few drops of this to my water instead. I’ve been taking this for over a month now and haven’t really noticed any of the benefits touted, aside from a less bloated tummy, I honestly just love it for the berry taste! Tastes like cordial, but healthier! Too pricey for me to keep purchasing, but I will definitely come back to this product when my finances are more in order.
  69. Yum


    This is by far the most delicious of all the Beauty Chef products I use. The taste is very berry in flavour and is yum! I add this to my Glow Powder in the morning. The bottle is a little messy so have a cloth on hand as I suspect dribbles might stain. Like all Beauty Chef products this must be stored in the fridge which is a good place for it because the ants definitely like the flavour too. Since using both Glow and this product I have noticed my skin does glow and my stomach is less irritated. Beauty from the inside out definitely makes sense and is a great investment in your skin care routine.
  70. Easy to drink


    I hate taking tablets so I love that this is in a liquid form and can be added to juice or water. I add one cap to my bottle of water each day and love it.
  71. So yummy and addictive


    I have very dry skin and starting to notice a few wrinkles around my eyes so I thought I’d try this range of intensely nutritious products. I love the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost. I’m addicted to it. I really, really love the taste. I mix this one with both the antioxidant and hydration, just in plain water with some ice - tastes AMAZING! I have tried many collagen products and this is the best. I sometimes mix it into a berry protein smoothie and it is mega yummy. I highly recommend this to everyone.
  72. Love!


    This product is definitely the best collagen product I have tried....and I have tried many! The taste is great, like a soft berry flavor when mixed into water. I do feel like this helps with the appearance and health of my skin.
  73. Tastes AMAZING!!


    I love drinking this everyday! Fist off it tastes amazing!! I've been taking this since August '18, and can't imagine life without it now. My hair and nails are stronger and my skin is better. I also don't get as many upset stomachs as I used to. If I start feeling like I'm getting an upset stomach, I take this (usually if i haven't already for that day), and it helps settle it down. Would highly recommend!
  74. Great tasting product!


    I love the taste of this Collegen. I have tried a few different colleges products and I would have to say this is my favourite. The taste is so delicious. I have it with nice cold icy water. Such a great refreshing summer drink.
  75. OMG Love it


    I mix the Collagen with my Glow Inner beauty powder, so i have no problems with the taste- it's yummy and I have find that the condition of my skin and hair have improved so much, that I feel I look younger than my age (mid 40's) which has to be a plus. I will keep on buying this product.
  76. I like the taste


    Some people say this tastes like cough syrup, which I sort of understand... But if this is what cough syrup tastes like, I'd drink it every day. I love the fruity taste. It reminds me of a berry cordial. I am not sure if this is helping my skin, it's too early to say. It's definitely not making it worse. I feel like it gives me a bit more energy and helps me wake up in the morning. I like that it has probiotics in it. I will continue to use and see if there are benefits for my skin, but for now I'm happy to drink it because it just seems to make me feel good.
  77. Easy to palate


    Super easy to drink- great flavour, blends well in water and also blends well with the beauty chef glow. Doesn’t upset my sensitive stomach
  78. Ehhhh


    I'm not sure about long-term effects of this stuff but whatever it is I'd rather do something else. It tastes weirdly bland. I've tried this both in water and in unsweetened almond milk and both didn't really do much. The taste is so weird, really unnatural and I can't get over it. I prefer it in the milk, because then I guess it's like an odd smoothie, sure. Wouldn't repurchase just because it tastes so weird. You might like it. I'm not fond.
  79. Really nice Berry flavour


    I struggle to drink enough water each day so its nice to add a tablespoon of this and get my collagen boost as well as adding some nice Berry flavour to my water.
  80. Consistent use pays off!


    On to my fourth bottle of collagen and I am extremely impressed. In particular by the strength of my nails. I can even see the difference in the new nail bed coming through.
  81. Great taste compared to alot of ingested beauty collagen products.


    I have been trying quite a few collagen products taken orally lately and this is my favourite. I like the syrup mixed with water and tastes quite good. As for the results on my skin, I a’m still not completely sold, however there’s definitely no detrimental effects and I have only used one bottle. Will keep using this to see results.
  82. Amazing!


    I love this product, I have been using it for 7 months now. There is an obvious difference in my skin tone, my skin is plumper and I have less breakouts. It has also made my hair grow. It’s worth the money.
    I also observe a strict low FODMAP diet and this does not upset my stomach at all.
  83. Daily essential


    I love love love this delicious elixir! I add a slurp into sparkling water whenever I feel like it, usually twice a day. It tastes like soft drink but it’s good for you. Not going to lie, I’ve also occasionally added a bit of vodka on a Sunday afternoon. A bit bad, but a bit good. My only complaint is that my husband now loves it as well so I go through a bottle every two weeks. It’s the best. Oh, and my skin feels plump and bouncy, but I’d keep drinking this even if it made no difference at all.
  84. Works well!


    Great collagen supplement that has helped my skin feel soft and have less breakouts!
  85. Great for those needing a little bit extra


    Delicious liquid supplement that tastes fantastic, I genuinely look forward to drinking it daily! I don't religiously use this as I find it helps my gut health more than my skin but I definitely feel more (ahem) regular and well overall and it certainly doesn't hurt my overall complexion!
  86. Amazing! Results in a dewy plump skin


    I love this! I use it in conjunction with the inner beauty glow and also on its own, and it’s great. You can tell it’s plumping up your skin for a beautiful glow within days
  87. Don't like the taste


    It tastes a bit like cough medicine when you add it in plain water. I haven't used it long enough for me to know if does make skin better but I just can't get past the taste to drink it every day. I prefer the taste of the Glow powder than this one
  88. Delicious!


    I am a huge fan of taking collagen supplements, and this is one of the best I have tried. Not only do I love the results, but it is actually quite pleasant to drink!
  89. Worth trying


    I was skeptical in trying this product and wanted to just experiment with it. I am yet to complete the first bottle and not sure whether it has contributed much to my skin appearance but a noticeable difference was there in my energy level. As soon as I take it (first thing in the morning) I feel very energetic. I did get some compliments about "glowing skin" and this might have been one of the reasons. I have ordered 2nd bottle and will see the result. P.S - I am trying this along with "Inner Glow" powder.
  90. Amazing


    I took this along with the beauty chef powder and oh my! My nails were strong and grew super long! My skin had a nice glow too it and it tastes like some sort of delicious cordial! Tastes naughty but it’s not :) so good
  91. Lovely


    I love this beauty boost! tastes great and great for me too! I find that I feel healthier when taking this product! Big yes from me!
  92. Great product!


    It is easy to drink because it has a lovely berry taste and is helping my skin look and feel better!


    I am using this as well as Glow and Body. Within my first week of taking this every morning diluted in water I noticed a difference in my skin it felt more firm and my complexion was glowing!
  94. Best of the bunch!


    I've recently been regularly taking The Beauty Chef GLOW and this has been an excellent addition to my routine!
    I experience dry skin regularly and this delicious tasting supplement has really given me an incentive to drink more water!
    I feel as though I am Hydrating my skin from the inside out! :)
    I have tried all three of The Beauty Chef Boosters and this is my favourite!
    I've tried in on its own with water or mixed with GLOW! :)
  95. Excellent


    I have used other collagen supplement but this is my favourite. It tastes great - dissolves well and I have noticed my skin is less dry. I have recently added the glow powder to this in my morning smoothie and overall feel my digestion has improved. My nails are also stronger.
  96. Delicious


    This is a very delicious refreshing flavour. Not sure if it's actually doing anything but I feel like it is. I'm onto my 4th bottle.
  97. Tastes great


    I’ve been using collagen in addition to glow as well for over 7 months I mix them together and drink with a large glass of water. This is full of of probiotics and prebiotics and has helped heal my skin from acne and overall a better appearance if my skin. I will continue to use collagen and glow. Love it.
  98. Tastes great


    I've used this for about 4-5 months now and believe it to compliment the Glow powder nicely. It tastes nice which helps me remember to drink it!
    My nails and hair feel stronger with less breakages.
    I believe you have to commit to taking this over a long time to see the benefits.
  99. Collagen Boost


    I'm really not sure if this has done anything but I'm finding that I'm looking after my skin better since I've been using it....so maybe if nothing else, it's a great prompt?!

    It taste delicious (better than the glow version) and I'll keep using it in the future to see if I notice a gradual change.
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