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The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef


To give you a daily shot of extra nutritional support, The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a delicious new organic, bio-fermented probiotic concentrate designed to increase the skin’s production of collagen and promote a radiant, naturally plumped complexion from the inside out.

Specifically formulated to address skin firmness, fine lines, free-radical damage and aid skin maintenance, The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost contains a blend of Certified Organic maqui berry, acai, papaya, blueberry, goji-berry and pomegranate powders with grape-seed extract, zinc and vitamin C. Boosting natural collagen formation from the inside, the potent formula is also rich in antioxidants to help combat cellular damage and support healthy skin, hair and nail growth.

Utilising the Beauty Chef’s exclusive new five-stage Flora Culture™ Plus fermentation process - whereby a variety of natural probiotic strains are used to ferment the carefully selected blend of ingredients to create a supercharged, bioactive concentrate - The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a powerful preparation that contains more than six-billion naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics per 15ml serve, to balance the digestive tract and boost skin vitality.

Suitable for anyone concerned about skin texture, firmness and fine lines.


  • Naturally Fermented

  • Berry flavoured

  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity and fights free radicals

  • Supports healthy skin, hair and nail growth

  • Supports digestive health; 6 billion probiotics per serve

  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives 

  • Diary, sugar and gluten free

  • 33 x 15ml serves per bottle


What do the probiotics in this product do?


Probiotics hold the key to our overall digestive health. They are considered to be the “good” bacteria that work to defend against pathogens linked to bloating, inflammation, and stomach cramps. In addition to improving the gut flora keeping the digestive system in check, this harmonious state of balance in the stomach biome makes for better skin health. When our bodies experience inflammation, it is reflected in our skin with redness, acne breakouts, and a loss of healthy radiance. Probiotics improve our skin with less redness, improved clarity, texture and tone. Skin looks younger, healthier, and more vibrant over time.


What is Inner Beauty Boost formulated WITHOUT?


Many skin supplements contain artificial colours, flavours, and even fragrance. Additionally, they often contain biotin, which can aggravate acne flare ups. Another common supplement ingredient used in beauty products that The Beauty Chef does not use is gelatin, which is derived from animals. This is a vegan product and is free of artificial preservatives.


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The Beauty Chef is not available for shipping outside Australia.

Caution: All of The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Products are totally natural, highly nutritious, food-based supplements. 
However, because there hasn’t been any studies that specifically show them to be safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding, we are not at this stage able to recommend their use during these times. We advise that you seek the advice of your health care practitioner before taking.

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Delicious! - 09-01-2019 by

I am a huge fan of taking collagen supplements, and this is one of the best I have tried. Not only do I love the results, but it is actually quite pleasant to drink!

Worth trying - 06-01-2019 by

I was skeptical in trying this product and wanted to just experiment with it. I am yet to complete the first bottle and not sure whether it has contributed much to my skin appearance but a noticeable difference was there in my energy level. As soon as I take it (first thing in the morning) I feel very energetic. I did get some compliments about "glowing skin" and this might have been one of the reasons. I have ordered 2nd bottle and will see the result. P.S - I am trying this along with "Inner Glow" powder.

Amazing - 04-01-2019 by

I took this along with the beauty chef powder and oh my! My nails were strong and grew super long! My skin had a nice glow too it and it tastes like some sort of delicious cordial! Tastes naughty but it’s not :) so good

Lovely - 03-01-2019 by

I love this beauty boost! tastes great and great for me too! I find that I feel healthier when taking this product! Big yes from me!

Great product! - 31-12-2018 by

It is easy to drink because it has a lovely berry taste and is helping my skin look and feel better!

GLOWING - 30-12-2018 by

I am using this as well as Glow and Body. Within my first week of taking this every morning diluted in water I noticed a difference in my skin it felt more firm and my complexion was glowing!

Best of the bunch! - 25-12-2018 by

I've recently been regularly taking The Beauty Chef GLOW and this has been an excellent addition to my routine!
I experience dry skin regularly and this delicious tasting supplement has really given me an incentive to drink more water!
I feel as though I am Hydrating my skin from the inside out! :)
I have tried all three of The Beauty Chef Boosters and this is my favourite!
I've tried in on its own with water or mixed with GLOW! :)

Excellent - 21-12-2018 by

I have used other collagen supplement but this is my favourite. It tastes great - dissolves well and I have noticed my skin is less dry. I have recently added the glow powder to this in my morning smoothie and overall feel my digestion has improved. My nails are also stronger.

Delicious - 20-12-2018 by

This is a very delicious refreshing flavour. Not sure if it's actually doing anything but I feel like it is. I'm onto my 4th bottle.

Tastes great - 19-12-2018 by

I’ve been using collagen in addition to glow as well for over 7 months I mix them together and drink with a large glass of water. This is full of of probiotics and prebiotics and has helped heal my skin from acne and overall a better appearance if my skin. I will continue to use collagen and glow. Love it.

Tastes great - 14-12-2018 by

I've used this for about 4-5 months now and believe it to compliment the Glow powder nicely. It tastes nice which helps me remember to drink it!
My nails and hair feel stronger with less breakages.
I believe you have to commit to taking this over a long time to see the benefits.

Collagen Boost - 27-11-2018 by

I'm really not sure if this has done anything but I'm finding that I'm looking after my skin better since I've been using maybe if nothing else, it's a great prompt?!

It taste delicious (better than the glow version) and I'll keep using it in the future to see if I notice a gradual change.

Tastes amazing and works wonders! - 26-11-2018 by

My skin would always have little breakouts and have textual issues. I tried numerous skincare products but still was not happy. I used this collagen liquid and after 3 days noticed a massive difference. I pour a little bit of it into my water and it tastes so yummy! My skin is a lot smoother and had a great glow to it and no more breakouts. I keep re purchasing this product and I swear by it!!

Made my skin GLOW - 26-11-2018 by

I've used this product on and off for the last 12 months and love it! I began using it in summer 2017 and found Collagen to be super refreshing and easy to drink. I have also tried their glow product but the grittiness turned me off. After a couple of days of drinking this, I found that my skin was radiant and plump. I typically suffer from really dehydrated skin, with eczema and congestion and it really brightened up my skin despite no changes in actual skincare.

Fantastic in smoothies - I'm addicted - 23-11-2018 by

I take this every day in my morning smoothie with the Glow powder, for my skin but also for digestion. Whilst it tastes really great and prevents me needing to use sugar or honey, I can't say whether it in itself has made a big difference to my skin. Nevertheless, I feel great having this smoothie every day, and the ingredient list is enough to make me buy it. It's expensive, but makes me feel like I am doing something positive for my health.

Worth a purchase - 22-11-2018 by

My skin felt so plum and hydrated with this! I'm 29 and want to start taking better care of my skin, and this was an easy and delicious product to add to my skincare routine. I definitely recommend purchasing the big bottle as you need a few weeks before results start showing. Tastes delicious mixed with GLOW and the BODY protein powder too!

Really happy with this - 16-11-2018 by

I have had breakouts on my face very frequently but after having taken this for a month I haven’t had any pimple on my face at all. Really happy with it. Also the skin texture on my face has improved.

Tastes great - 16-11-2018 by

This tastes so good! Like berries - nice enough to have just mixed in with water. I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference to my skin after using it for a week but it does actually help settle my stomach which is a nice unexpected bonus.

So good! - 07-11-2018 by

I usually put this in some water and it tastes so good! Would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic taste + probiotic benefits! - 31-10-2018 by

This product tastes amazing. I cannot say whether this made much of a difference in terms of how my skin looks, but from the ingredients etc it looks to have great probiotic benefits which is good enough for me!

Tastes amazing! - 31-10-2018 by

As others have said it tastes like Ribena. Really easy to drink or add to a smoothie. My skin feels softer and looks clearer. I will definitely continue taking it.

Tastes delish - 29-10-2018 by

Tastes really really good, kind of like grown up Ribena to me. Honestly i'm not sure if it made much of a difference to my skin but the taste and probiotic benefits make it a good alternative to probiotic pills.

Best supplement - 26-10-2018 by

I recently discovered that collagen production stops around age 26, so I’ve been on the hunt for a collagen booster as I have many pitted scars from old acne. This is actually healing those scars I’ve had for years!! I don’t wear make up often. Particularly because it makes the scarring more obvious but since using this I only have ONE visible scar when I wear makeup!! I wish I discovered it sooner because it has changed my life completely. I love this!!

My skin feels great - 24-10-2018 by

Using this product, my skin feels great, pearly, smoother, firmer and clearer overall. I highly recommend this product. Depending on how I am feeling I take 1-2 servings and it tastes great also. I am a big supporter of this product.

Noticeable results - 23-10-2018 by

This really does work well. Skin looks clearer, calmer and moisturised. Give it a try!

Results noticed within a few days - 18-10-2018 by

I ordered this product after hearing about and noticing a lot of publicity of the brand. It is so nice to buy a product that delivers results as promised and within a few days of starting to use. My skin was brighter, clearer and so fresh because of this product. It has such a pleasant taste also! Highly recommend.

Delicious - 18-10-2018 by

I love the taste of this product, it's fresh and delicious. My friends have commented lately how great my skin looks, it's hard to pinpoint if it's because of this product because I have been spending a lot more money on getting facials and other skin care products. So it's probably a combination of a lot of things.

After I'm finished this bottle, I will definitely be buying the powder as I've heard it's more effective.

Tastes good, but I prefer the powder... - 11-10-2018 by

I have been using the beauty chef's products for years, and still think that the Glow Powder is the standout product. I tried this because I thought it might be an easier option, and it does taste better than the glow when mixed with straight water. However, I found that after a fortnight it didn't seem to carry the same benefits as the glow powder. I returned to the powder, which I think packs more punch. (my mum, however, prefers this, and finds it gentler on her digestive system)

Great taste, unsure of long term benefits - 07-10-2018 by

I've been having my Collagen Inner Beauty Boost daily for the last month now, and find it has a great taste and is very refreshing to have first thing in the morning. However, I am unsure of the long term benefits of this product. I have not noticed any direct effects to my skin, but do find this product actually helps ease my IBS symptoms which wasn't expected. I will continue to take it and have just ordered the Glow powder as well!

A must-have for me! - 05-10-2018 by

I love this little powerhouse so much, and combine it daily with the Inner Beauty Glow Powder too. It's perfect to add to a smoothie, greek yogurt (to make it berry flavoured), or just water if I'm not hungry.

Ever since I've started taking these two products, my once-a-month breakouts have basically disappeared. I've been told by so many people how good my skin looks (and for someone who's been on roaccutane twice, that's saying something). I haven't gotten this compliment since I was in high school and on the birth control pill (and I never want to go on hormonal BC again because of what it did to my skin when I came off it...).

I also read that collagen is good to take when pregnant, and after clearing it with my midwife, I have been taking this throughout my pregnancy. Hoping it will help my skin stay stretchy and whatnot as I eventually shrink back to non-preg weight, but obviously check with your dr too if you want to do the same. For now, all I can say is I will not stop using these products because they make me look and feel so so great.

Yum! - 05-10-2018 by

I recently bought a small bottle of this in my last order, to make up to a free gift, and I'm glad I did. It tastes great, perfect for in the morning to perk you up. I haven't used this for long enough yet to notice changes in my skin, but ill likely repurchase in the future

LOVE - 02-10-2018 by

I'm forever reordering this product! I love it.
It's a bit on the sweet side but it's delicious. I always notice how much clearer & smooth my face is whenever I use it. My hair even seems a bit more glossy & strong when I use it too!
I use this alongside GLOW and find them to be the perfect combo.

Beautiful tasting - 01-10-2018 by

Tastes beautiful. I have mine every morning. My skin is glowing and less fine lines. Will be repurchasing again and again

My morning go to - 27-09-2018 by

This is my go to for beauty. I now re-order it regularly, and it is part of my morning routine. Tastes great added to a hydrating glass of filtered water first thing in the morning. My body always looks forward to it to waken the skin and senses with a boost.

Good with Glow - 25-09-2018 by

I take Collagen mixed with water and Glow powder and my gut has felt better for it! I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in my skin though, it does feel smooth and healthy but it hasn’t improved any fine lines or unevenness. I feel good taking both supplements, so I’m too scared to stop!!

Love it! - 19-09-2018 by

This tastes too good to be true. Initially I had 20mls of this in water on its own if I ever needed a sweet 3.30pm pick me up. Then I started mixing it in with Glow in my daily smoothies and I haven't looked back since. Having stomach issues and poor absorption I often have dull looking skin. Collagen has definitely given my skin a pick me up and I've also noticed my mood and gut health improve also. Definitely give this a try if you need gut health improvement along with the Glow powder!

Highly recommended for a much younger looking skin - 17-09-2018 by

I’ve been using this for a couple of months now
I used to have some forehead fine lines but these started to disappear after using this twice a day for the past couple of months

Combine the Glow Inner Beauty Power with this! - 14-09-2018 by

After about 3 weeks of using the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, I can't say I noticed much difference... Until I purchased the Glow Inner Beauty Powder and added it to the mix. After a week of mixing the 2 products together, my mood and energy improved and my skin is feeling smoother. I feel the two products really compliment each other. I mix my drink up first thing in the morning with filtered water. I love it!

Highly recommended for a younger looking skin! - 14-09-2018 by

I’ve been using this product for a couple of months now, I have fairly young skin with some fine lines,
I’ve noticed that since I started using it my skin has nourished and these fine lines started to disappear
Highly recommend the product for a younger looking skin

Tastes great and actually works - 13-09-2018 by

I have been using the Collagen liquid in conjunction with the Glow Inner Beauty powder for a little while now. Initially I wasn’t sure it was making much difference but I ran out for a little while. That’s when I noticed it definitely DID make a difference! My skin lost its radiance and seemed to become saggy and dehydrated.

I re-purchased and won’t be letting myself run out again!

It tastes great too, unlike some previous Collagen liquid supplements I’d been taking.

Love it - 11-09-2018 by

This product is great. Not only does it taste great (like cordial!) but my skin seems to glow now and feel plump. I mix it with the Glow power and love it. Will definitely keep using it.

Great product - 07-09-2018 by

I have been using this in conjuntion with the glow powder and I am so excited to see the results. I have some problem spots that I am trying to clear and I have already noticed an improvement in my skin after 1 week. I mix this with a cup of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning, a great way to get more fluid in!

Delicious - 04-09-2018 by

I have started drinking this and already noticing my skin improving. My go to beverage first thing with water in the morning. Very tasty, and refreshing.

Not a fan - 27-08-2018 by

Gave me a sore stomach and didn't see any difference in my skin. A shame as all the reviews are great! Just not for me.

Good, but don't expect drastic results. - 27-08-2018 by

I believe this product would only benefit someone who actually has bad or problematic skin. If you have relatively good skin to begin with, I highly doubt you will see a difference.

One thing I can say is that it has definitely decreased my digestive issues, as well as unexpectedly helped keep my cravings under control -- so I think it's safe to say I did have some sort of imbalance in my gut and this product has certainly improved this.

I have purchased this a couple of times now -- and use it in conjunction with their Glow powder -- and will definitely continue to purchase.

But yeah, unless you have skin problems that result from poor gut health, or a diet lacking in nutrition, it's unlikely you will see visible changes in your skin.

Tastes great! - 17-08-2018 by

I'm not sure how much this does for me internally as I can't can't feel or see many physical changes but it does taste great is smoothies as it adds sweetness and if it is benefiting my health then that's a bonus!

My go to probiotic - 15-08-2018 by

I'm on my 5th bottle of this now and absolutely can't live without it.
The taste is really nice (berry flavour) which prompts me to drink more water (always a bonus) which is why I love this compared to probiotic and collagen products in pill form. My hair and nails started to grow a lot quicker within the first few weeks of use and my nails are now stronger than they have ever been. My skin is glowy and I've noticed a decline in my hormonal breakouts.

Love this so much and will continue to purchase FOREVER!

Didn’t notice anything - 14-08-2018 by

This tasted really great but I personally didn’t notice a change in my skin. I used for two weeks straight and my skin (I have combination skin) didn’t change at all

Can't live without! - 13-08-2018 by

I have noticed such an improvement to my nails and hair by using this product daily. I've never had nails that actually grow and now they are so strong. And I have so many new baby hairs popping up. I take this daily with some water and it has a lovely berry flavour. I even bought some for my mum too!

So great! - 13-08-2018 by

This stuff is awesome. I saw such great results in my skin, so glowy! It tastes great and does magical things! I highly recommend!

UNSURE - 11-08-2018 by

I haven't really noticed much of a difference in my skin but I have a great skin regimen so I cant complain however it tastes great and easy to drink! makes to inner beauty cleanse powder more tolerable to drink!

Great for the gut - 10-08-2018 by

I really love this product even though I've not seen any real results for my skin - I am still in my twenties and have clear, combination skin with little to no issues - but it works wonders for the gut. I take it as a preventative measure against ageing and I love the fruity berry taste. I find it easier than the powder but obviously less portable.

Amazing - 09-08-2018 by

this is really great! makes my skin look so amazing and glowy, reduces wrinkles and makes me feel great

a little too sweet - 08-08-2018 by

Can't feel any noticeable changes but taste ok, just a bit too sweet for me

Amazing! - 07-08-2018 by

I noticed a huge improvement in my acne and my skin in general when I started taking this daily. Probiotics are so important for many aspects of health and this is one of the only products/supplements that combines probiotics and collagen in one. Once you start with these products you won’t be able to stop haha

LOVE LOVE LOVE - 24-07-2018 by

Absolutely love this supplement. Not only does it taste great but it also makes a noticeable difference to my skin when I take it. I have purchased this product many times now and will continue to re-purchase.

Un-decided - 18-07-2018 by

I have gone through about half the bottle and notice breakouts the day after drinking this formula. I have super sensitive skin so maybe not the best for this type of skin. The flavour is nice & it is easy to drink.

Tastes great - 13-07-2018 by

The main thing I love about it is it is so easy to include in my day as it tastes great. I am unsure if this has done anything for my skin or hair as they a both generally pretty good but it has done wonders for my nails they are a lot stronger and grow really quickly when I use this.

Amazing - 11-07-2018 by

This stuff is amazing, I have noticed my skin looking and feeling so much better plus the taste is great too

Undecided - 10-07-2018 by

This tastes really nice however I'm not sure that I've noticed any changes to my skin and I've been through the whole bottle

Can’t go without - 09-07-2018 by

I have been using Collagen by the Beauty Chef for around a year now and can’t go without, my skin seems rosier and is much brighter
I take daily just mixed with water.

Taste amazing! - 04-07-2018 by

I put this into smoothies and acai bowls for added sweetness along with the flow powder and it is delicious! I can't say I have noticed a difference with my skin or how I feel but I believe you would have to consume this product daily for an amount of time to get all the benefits but I love the taste!

Stocking up on this gem - 04-07-2018 by

I've been using the collagen for a couple of weeks now, after avoiding taking collagen for a few years because I was wary about what the taste would be like, I took the plunge and I'm glad I did. This collagen supplement tastes delicious mixed in to water. It is very sweet (a bit like Ribena) but you only need a small amount. It works well with the Glow powder and I drink them both together each morning. Haven't felt a huge change yet, my skin is clearer though and not as dry as it usually is in winter so it must be doing something. I am looking forward to using it for a few months to see the full benefits as I have read it takes a few months for it to fully take effect after daily ingestion.

Taste is amazing - 02-07-2018 by

Such a nice tasting liquid. Haven't been using it consistently enough to comment on weather its changing my skin at all. I do enjoy it in a glass of water in the morning with this in it. Such a nice start to the day.

My skin loves this product - 30-06-2018 by

I have been using this product now for a month and I am loving it. It tastes great and I am noticing a huge difference in my skin. I can honestly highly recommend it.

100/10 - 28-06-2018 by

Absolutely cannot live without this stuff!! Tastes incredible in smoothies and juices, and within a few weeks your skin glows like you’ve just had the best sleep/holiday/spa weekend of your life. Essential Beauty Chef product!

Holy grail of skincare - 27-06-2018 by

I literally cannot live without this stuff. Have been using it for over 18 months now and could not recommend it enough. Within a couple of weeks of using my skin became more plump, hydrated and overall glowy. Great flavour and really easy to use with just three teaspoons in water a day. The trick is to ensure you're using it everyday for best results.

In love - 21-06-2018 by

I am 28 years old and am wanting to combat the early stages of ages before I reach my 30's. I absolutely love this product. I mix The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder with this boost every morning. It's amazing taste is a bonus. It masks the terrible taste of the beauty powder.

Tastes Amazing! - 21-06-2018 by

If I could add this to my water all day I would.
It tastes so hydrating and sweet! It feels like you are doing something great for your health whenever you take a sip of this wonderful liquid.
I can't say I noticed any dramatic improvement while using this but it was certainly delicious.
If the price was a bit lower, I would definitely keep buying
Great ingredients to help with collagen production which is essential in staying youthful and radiant

An easy, delicious item to add to your health regime! - 20-06-2018 by

I love this product. I use it in conjunction with the Beauty Chef Glow powder. It really makes a difference to my skin when I’m using it regularly - quite simply, I look healthier and my skin has a nicer finish to it.

Tastes yummy! - 18-06-2018 by

I look forward to having this in a glass of water every day. It tastes delicious! I’m almost out, and can’t wait to get another bottle. I think it’s done wonders for my gut health as well as my skin tone.

I could drink this all day - 18-06-2018 by

The taste of this is amazing! I pour the required amount into a large glass and fill with icy cold water.. YUM

Great Boost - 18-06-2018 by

This taste great! I add this to my smoothie in the morning or just to a glass of water for a great flavour. Only just started using it so waiting to see results which I’m guessing will take their time. Can’t wait! And happy to keep using

Fantastic healthy elixir! - 18-06-2018 by

I love this Beauty Elixir so much! I first tried it at a health salon in Bondi and have been hooked ever since! It taste great and makes me feel energised and helps my skin glow! I can't wait to try the other products in this range :)

Love this stuff! - 30-05-2018 by

I love this stuff, it tastes great and has no nastys in it! I have quite tight, dry skin so I wanted to get something that would keep my skin fresh and also wasnt full of chemicals. This hits the spot and my husband loves it too! he complains if we forget to have it in the morning!

Love this stuff! - 30-05-2018 by

I love this stuff, it tastes great and has no nastys in it! I have quite tight, dry skin so I wanted to get something that would keep my skin fresh and also wasnt full of chemicals. This hits the spot and my husband loves it too! he complains if we forget to have it in the morning!

Delish! - 27-05-2018 by

i love this stuff, this is my second bottle and i swear it 100% does what it says. My skin is more glowy and smoother, and my issues with a red face seem to clear u p when pairing this with the glow powder. ALSO its yum, like red cordial.

A must have! - 25-05-2018 by

I received this as a sample, and had to immediately repurchase. It tastes amazing, and I think it has helped keep my skin plump and fresh. I'm 34 and people mistake me for being 10 years younger which I will never complain about!

Definitely repurchasing - 08-05-2018 by

I’m 31, and have combination skin and still get random breakouts/pimples. No matter what I do. I’m half way through my first bottle (actually tastes good, and plant derived) and for the first time in my life (no joke) TWO people complimented me on my “glowing skin” today. One sales person at Mecca (asked if I’d had my makeup done professionally) and my hairdresser who I see every couple of months asked if “I’d just had a facial, your skin looks so healthy”. I’ve noticed it looks clearer and more plump, older post pimple / red pigmentation seems to have faded quite quickly (faster than normal) and for someone who doesn’t have perfect skin - to receive 2 compliments in one day was mind blowing. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more results over the next month or so.

Tasty but... I don’t know - 29-04-2018 by

TBC’s Collagen tastes like black current cordial (without the nasties) so it’s incredibly easy to get through but after finishing the bottle, I didn’t notice a lot of difference in my skin or hair. As someone who has tried different collagen supplements, this wasn’t my favourite.

Delicious and effective - 16-04-2018 by

I just received this and firstly it takes delicious! I have tried other superfood skin supplements that were not nice and this is yum. I have only been using it for a few days and I swear my skin is already brighter. I can't wait to see the results after a few weeks.

Must try! - 09-04-2018 by

I could tell my skin felt plumper after a half way through my first bottle. I am in mid 30s and I really needed something like this for so long. Wish I tried sooner. I am on my 2nd bottle about to order 3rd one. it tastes delicious and it makes you feel SO good! MUST TRY!!

Tasty and good for you! - 22-03-2018 by

The taste of this is delicious, I start my day with it mixed with water. My skin feels more hydrated and plumper after having used this product for 3 months, I am a convert!

The fountain of youth tastes like cordial - 19-03-2018 by

Somebody asked me what I was doing differently the other dau, and the answer it taking this! I really like the taste as well- a bit like Ribera!

Refreshing - 12-03-2018 by

I really like this product and look forward to drinking it every day, my skin has been looking better in the weeks I've been using it , I have also started using the glow powder at the same time which I think has also helped a lot.
It's not too sweet but definitely doesn't taste unpleasant.

Great tasting skin elixir - 05-03-2018 by

I've been taking this most days for a few months and my skin, hair and nails definitely seem a lot healthier. It also tastes great mixed in with water and contains added probiotics for digestion.

Tastes great! - 16-02-2018 by

I have ageing, dry skin and I felt like it needed something from the inside. My worry about trying this product was would it taste yucky! If it did, there's no way I'd keep drinking it. I didn't need to worry, it tastes great. I have it in water and it's actually really very refreshing. I don't like things too sweet--so I have it at a weaker strength. Then I get to have two glasses. I'm about halfway through the bottle and I think it is having an effect. My skin does seem to feel plumper. I'm going to keep drinking it.

Worth more than the hype it gets! - 13-02-2018 by

Oh my lord, this product is amazing. I add it to my smoothies everyday and after two weeks of continuous consumption people started complimenting me on my “glowing skin” and hair.
I cannot foresee a time when this is not in my beauty regime. It has made a world of difference and I feel healthier with it in my system as well.

Dont know why I waited so long - 25-01-2018 by

Id heard about these products but never tried them till now, tastes great, really does what it claims to do, makes you feel good, your skin looks great and it tastes great in smoothies or to drink with water as a refreshing drink! Love it

Glowing! - 10-10-2017 by

After two years of chronic illness and treatments my body is feeling battle weary! I decided to wean off drugs I felt were causing me issues, remaining on those that are to prevent becoming unwell again. So, with that in mind I needed to also start healing my gut. I was excited reading about The Beauty Chef's Collagen Inner Beauty Boost as it was free of gluten, preservatives, articial nasties, and so on, but more so that it was a probiotic concentrate with benefits for skin, hair, and nails (all of which are still repairing). It has a delicious berry flavour and I see improvements in my skin already. I'm so thankful I found this product and will continue to purchase.

Love it!! - 19-09-2017 by

Tasty, very easy to drink in a glass of water or sometimes add to my smoothies.
I have had compliments on my skin looking glowing and one girlfriend even asked if I've had botox. (3weeks of use.. Most days)
Definitely can feel and see a difference in the texture and colour of my skin. I highly recommend this product!

Love it - 26-07-2017 by

Taste is so delicious mm
I add it to my water before I go to gym. My skin looks more hidrated and healthier

fantastic product - 25-07-2017 by

i drink this in the evenings before i go to bed, i am always getting complimented on my skin when i don't wear makeup and believe this is an exceptional addition to my skin routine, it also tastes amazing.

So far, so good! - 31-03-2017 by

I started slow on this product (I misread the directions and was taking a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon - whoops), but I'm glad I did. It really helped ease me into using this prouduct, and I've now increased my dosage to the full tablespoon.

This beauty booster tastes fantastic - like a natural cordial taste, and it always feels like a treat having it each day. It encourages me to focus on making sure I'm drinking enough water too, which is a bonus!

I haven't noticed massive changes in my hair, nails or skin just yet, but I do definitely feel better inside for having taken this. I'm not all the way through my bottle yet, but my skin is showing the first signs of perking up, so I'm hopeful that I'm going to see improvements very soon :-)

Will update when I have gotten all the way through my bottle, but so far, so good!

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