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The Beauty Chef Body Inner Beauty Powder With Hemp - Vanilla 500g

4.8 of 12 reviews


4 instalments of $18.00


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4 instalments of $18.00


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An inner beauty powder designed to supplement lifestyle changes to help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight. The Beauty Chef Body Inner Beauty Powder With Hemp offers you extra nutritional support from within.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Certified Organic

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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4.8 of 12 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I tried another brand of protein body supplement and have now returned, and with the new formulation it's now even better. I can taste the difference and I'm now sticking to it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not a fan


The product itself was good but I couldn't get past the taste
  1. Great


    I always mix this with milk and fruits and put it in a blender. Love this!
  2. Returned


    I tried another brand of protein body supplement and have now returned, and with the new formulation it's now even better. I can taste the difference and I'm now sticking to it.
  3. Even better than before


    Loving the new formulation (i’ve used carla’s Protein powders since they were first released - I think this is even better than the original). It fills you up and takes the edge of the afternoon slump without bloating. I think the vanilla is best with some added green tea matcha powder and almond milk. Seriously yummy and feels great.
  4. Helps keep my tummy flat


    A nice tasting protein powder that i feel helps with my digestion and doesn't make me bloated like some protein supplements do!
  5. Great


    Great powder and tastes amazing. Very impressive and I’m obsessed with making shakes and adding this to it! Very good!!
  6. Great


    Such a wonderful beauty powder that make sure my skin look incredible! Very very lovely. I’m obsessed with the beauty chef!
  7. Another great product from The Beauty Chef


    Loved this product! Although it’s a bit expensive, the quality, taste and ingredients are worth the price to me. My skin has cleared up - it seems brighter and a bit of congestion on my cheeks/jawline has subsided. I switch between chocolate and vanilla as I like both.
  8. Delicious and Delightful


    I mix this with banana, strawberry and water (and some greens when possible) in my Nutribullet. It is SO delicious and filling. I usually exercise in the evening and after this "smoothie" I dont even need dinner. it digests super well and I never feel bloated since taking this.
  9. Not a fan


    The product itself was good but I couldn't get past the taste
  10. The Best!


    This protein powder is a game changer. I absolutely hated the protein powders my PT was recommending so decided to give this a go. The flavours are delicious and the results stack up compared to far more expensive (and disgusting) varieties.
  11. Can’t live without it, I am so grateful!!


    I habe been on these shakes for about a year and a half. I have the worst case of Fibromyalgia, and it has affected my skin, my insides and basically eating me up alive, it has affected my immunity and skin immunity where I have weird like blood vein type rashes on my body which you can get from Fibromyalgia. I am a very rare case of the extent of it and have baffled Rheumatologists, pain specialists and doctors. It is eating at my mental health on top of my body. The stress of Fibromyalgia is even shutting me down from healing after my surgeries which at times I don’t even wake up from 13 days later and that is from the typical Knee surgeries and shoulders etc. The doctors blamed the many surgeries I have had to why I ended up with Fibromyalgia. A usual WPI score is in between 10 and 15 and I reached a 29. I get cold sores as soon as the body thrashes in pain because of the impact of stress the Fibromyalgia is putting me through where I can’t even move! Since taking this product the less frequency of cold sores have been phenomenal!! Everyone around me will catch a flue and or virus and if I am lucky I may get symptoms of the flue and that is it now, where before I was bed ridden all the time basically 24/7! I double up when I have been around sick people or I am not feeling the best and I go okay!! This though not a cure, it has definitely been a big game changer to fight the Fibromyalgia. If I accidentally skipped a shake for more than one night, that’s it, I wake up with sharp pains running through my body, I can not barely open my hands or even walk and that is with me taking all my usual pain medications. Of course I still eat healthy and have another type of energy shake in the morning. But without this one, I will suffer without!! I have it at night with my medications so it goes through my system during the night. I also make sure it is on a empty stomach, I suppose one can do that in the morning if it suits them, but make sure empty stomach. But yes on its own it does not taste flash, well that is what you expect with healthy shakes, especially this one! But I have mastered it like it is a dessert; put a quarter to half a carton of egg whites in and 4 artificial sweeteners with water and wow it’s yummy, especially the Chocolate one! I have also mixed it with full cream milk in both flavours and sweetness and still yummy, but I do the full cream milk or even a full carton of egg whites when I have lacked meals or too tired or in pain to be bothered cooking and knowing I can get away with the fat and calorie content coming with the milk and calories with the egg whites, I put all of this I’m my Nutri Bullet so it all blends fantastically!! I sometimes even have two of these at night when I have had a healthy lunch. I have this for dinner to keep the weight down maybe two in case I am really hungry. Diet is the biggest key when you have Fibromyalgia and pain disorders and sugar sets off pain more. So if you are looking for the diet to fight diseases, viruses, and disorders and want it to fit your taste buds, this Beauty Chef is it!!. I have done every diet possible and then now all I do is have a healthy meal (veggies, salads 6 nights a week and make sure I have salmon at least 3 times a week and doing that and taking this shake has helped so much and has been better than anything else which I have tried which is far more expensive as I have searching for so long for something to help me and paying for expensive natural doctors, you name it!! This is not that expensive product for what it is, if you cut out all the bad snacks and drinks, it all works out the same!! This is a boost but of course not on its own singly will it work and as long as you are doing everything else right, you will surely benefit! My skin has improved so much too. Thanks so much Carla Oats! I have just purchased your cook book and I will now at least be able to finally get out of bed to enjoy cooking again!! I am your biggest fan if your products and have tried them all!!
  12. Devoted to this!


    I always hated protein powders but my PT urged me to try one. Decided to give beauty chef a go and haven't looked back - tastes delicious, super light and great natural makeup of ingredients.
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