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theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner

theBalm Authentic
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theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner

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A rich, long-lasting liquid eyeliner, Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner defines your peepers beautifully with a matte, true black finish. Schwing Liquid Eyeliner is smudge-proof and fast drying, so you have enough time to perfect your liner, but won't end up with it all over your eyelids. The applicator has been specially designed to make application a breeze and Schwing's paraben-free and specialised formula makes it suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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Great product with reasonable price - 15-01-2017 by

I've started using it from few months .... I wear eyeliner almost everyday and this is the best one in liquid eyeliners. I just love it. It's so fresh and light.

Perfection! - 12-01-2017 by

Best eyeliner EVER. This coming from someone who wears eyeliner almost every single day and is always trialing different eyeliners (drugstore and higher end) to find the perfect one for me. This is the darkest, most pigmented black liquid I have ever seen and it dries completely matte (unlike some other more expensive ones that have a more sheen finish).

It literally can last 8+ hours and still look fab, doesn't crack, doesn't flake onto the under eyes or transfer at all! However it will smudge if you directly rub it so be careful, the brush tip is very thin so you need to be very precise when applying (it will probably be too flimsy for beginners) and you don't really get a lot of product but those are pretty much the only downsides. Never switching from this stuff!

All time favourite - 03-10-2016 by

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this eyeliner yet!

This is legitimately my all time favourite eyeliner. The brush is a paintbrush tip, not a felt tip, so I feel like I have heaps of control. I can do everything from a super thin delicate line, to wing so sharp I could cut someone.

It's matte, it's super black, it doesn't flake and it's affordable. What else could you want from an eyeliner?! I've already repurchased this 5 times and I will continue to for a while yet!

Eyeliner made easy! - 01-04-2015 by

By far the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used. The colour is a gorgeous, inky black and doesn't fade throughout the day like some others. With a long handle, drawing it on is steady and easy, and the applicator is fine enough to get right close to the lash line. It won't smudge or leave prints above your eyelid, plus you can build it up to whatever thickness you like. I've not yet made a mistake, and that's saying something! At just $20 it's also a steal ;)

Nice! - 23-12-2014 by

This is a winner! I've tried a lot of liquid eyeliners to varying degrees of disaster - I personally prefer to use a brush and a gel most of the time because I feel I can get the most control that way.

This is the only exception to the rule - I love the brush for this! It makes achieving a perfect sharp eyeliner really easy, and really quick too!

You get a decent amount of time before it dries to make the shape you're after, and I love how black this is - no watery lines here, just solid pigment. Sometimes I use eyeshadow to map out the shape I want and then go in with this to get the perfect shape if I'm being really particular!

Overall, definitely worth a try! It's really well priced for the quality you're getting too :)

great for the experienced with liquid eyeliner - 09-12-2014 by

I love the darkness and consistency of this eyeliner, its really black and it lasts all day. the brush is especially thin and takes some getting used to, even for someone who has used liquid eyeliner for years, but it makes mistakes very easy to fix with precision. will buy again.

Great product - and a great price - 23-11-2014 by

After trying a LOT of liquid eyeliners, I followed a recommendation by Cherry Dollface to this product. Have been using it now for several months and really, really like it's longevity, which other products (even one twice it's price) did no offer.

Now it's not a liquid eyeliner for newbies, so if you are new to this type of product, don't be disheartened by not popping on the perfect winged eyeliner straight away, or even for a while. I'm not sure what it is - the consistency of the product, or the type of brush, but it's worth using (and smoothing the bumpy line with a cotton bud) as this one stays on all day, unlike the other products I've tried.

Hope it helps.

Love at first Schwing - 09-09-2014 by

Love love love this eyeliner. It creates a lovely thin (but easily buildable) matte black line that lasts ALL day. No smudging or fading, and it looks as fresh after dinner as it did when I applied it before work over 12 hours earlier. I have finally perfected my winged eyeliner, and I wear this product daily. I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

Fabulous!!! 5 stars - 11-04-2014 by

I'm super fussy about eyeliner, bought it for the cute packaging and am totally in love with it!!!

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