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theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner 1.7ml

4.5 of 66 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.99

Or 4 instalments of $4.99 with LEARN MORE

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theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner
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GREAT - 88% recommend

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theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner Reviews

4.5 of 66 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

super black


This is very black eyeliner, like very extremely black which I love. IT has very nice brush/tip. It gives me that prefect flick and wing. This eyeliner stays on really well throughout the day

Most Helpful Criticism

smudges by the end of the day


goes on well, but smudges by the end of the day
  1. theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner


    I love these eyeliners. I love that they have two choices....you can use the liquid eyeliner or the crayone-type. I really like these.
  2. smudges by the end of the day


    goes on well, but smudges by the end of the day
  3. Not bad


    verified purchaser
    I like this and will finish it, but I probably wouldn't buy again. It does dry nicely, and quickly. It doesn't smudge. But I don't find it easy to apply.
  4. Good black liner


    This is actually a true black liner and it's easy to apply with the brush. Not waterproof and does smudge by the end of the day, when applied thicker/more dramatically I found it does crack.
  5. amazing


    I wear winged eyeliner every single day, so I’ve been on the hunt for a good, pigmented, and long lasting eyeliner. This is definitely one of my go to eyeliners. ITs extremely black. Just hoped it was waterproof
  6. super black


    This is very black eyeliner, like very extremely black which I love. IT has very nice brush/tip. It gives me that prefect flick and wing. This eyeliner stays on really well throughout the day
  7. One of my faves


    This is supppper black which I love, and the brush/tip is perfect. Easy to make wings/flicks. Stays on really well throughout the day
  8. Very good


    He has very good texture and the brush is wonderful.
  9. Very good


    It has very good texture and the brush is wonderful.
  10. Great for beginners


    This is a great product for beginners. It is so easy to use and dries quickly which is great for someone like me who has hooded eyes. It stays on all day as well.
  11. Okay....


    Great intense black, lasts well on my oily skin. However, I find it has a tendency to crack slightly when I'm using it for a full on dramatic look. Even when applied to well primed eyes? Not sure what I'm doing wrong! Otherwise an ok product for the price.
  12. Fab


    Super matte, pigmented and I like the tip.
    It does have the tendency smudge a bit, but if you prime well it should be fine.
  13. Staying power


    This eyeliner has got great staying power. It dries matte and is easy to apply because of the long tube. I'm still perfecting my liquid eyeliner skills but this product is the easiest I've found so far to use. REally impressed with, and happy that AB stock this brand :)
  14. Very thick


    I found that it was too runny for me, I purchased for a thin line and I struggle to get that. If you’re after something thick and dramatic this would be good though
  15. very nice liner


    A very deep, dark black eyeliner that mattefies and doesnt smudge!
  16. Lovely eyeliner


    Easy to use. Goes on smooth. Doesn't smudge. Love the matte dry down. Nice product. I would recommend.
  17. good deal


    i use this everyday!

    Its matte black and very pigmented black. Great price for a high quality liner.

    Give it a go! I have tried every liquid liner out there and this is in my top 3 for sure!
  18. Not for me


    I wear eyeliner daily so it's important for me to find a good one. This eyeliner does the job, long-stay which is great and a nice finish, but the applicator is somewhat thick and makes it harder than other eyeliners to get a smooth straight line. Would add time to your makeup routine.
  19. My go to for years


    I've loved this product since I started wearing winged eyeliner at 16, I'm 22 now. It's able to make the sharpest wings and everyone always compliments the eyeliner. It's prone to smudging when wet or from tears but tends to last overnight in the exact same state if I've forgotten to take it off!
  20. Good!


    I really enjoy the eyeliner- the applicator allows for a thin line to be drawn but can be easily thickened. Easy to use, dries quickly! Affordable and you definitely get your moneys worth :)
  21. Cat eyes


    I can achieve such a sharp set of wings with this! Complete cat eyes look
  22. Great eyeliner


    I usually prefer a brush applicator to achieve a sharp wing but this eyeliner is so good! Very pigmented applies easily and reliably every time. It has great staying power especially with my oily lids and I would highly recommend!
  23. too wet


    this eyeliner is too liquidy and the applicator is not very good too. i ended up with a very thick eyeliner rather than a thin (which was the reason i got this for) i was very disappointed.
  24. Great precision


    I really struggle to put both gel or liquid liner. This brush is great! The product is also so easy to glide on. Fantastic for someone that struggles to apply winged liner
  25. Blacker than black


    Awesome, opaque pigment and stayed put! Would definitely recommend for a dramatic wing, the wand can get a little funky after a while though so take good care of her.
  26. Best liquid liner Ive ever used. Highly recommend!


    Absolutely love this liner, it makes it really easy to apply a thin line and the formula is really matte in coliur when it dries. I struggle with liquid eyeline but the brush/tip on this one makes it sooo much easier!
  27. Easy to use


    I love this liner because it is so easy to apply, has staying power and dries fairly quickly. Will definitely repurchase!
  28. Easy application


    I've always been a big fan of the Kat Von D tattoo liner but I thought I would give a different brush a go. I find it so easy to apply a wing with this liner and it dries down beautifully. The one thing I have noticed is that it is not 100% transfer proof, after a day at work I had black smudges transfer onto my upper lid - however, I also have semi-hooded eyes. Overall a good product.
  29. Great tip shape and formula


    i love this eyeliner, the formula glides on and dries quickly but not so quick that it catches as you are putting it on. The tip is a nice sharp shape which is good for control, and also doesnt dry out or fray.
  30. Easy to use


    I find the shape of this liner so easy to create a flawless winged look with. Not only is it long-lasting and a great texture but it's also nicely pigmented. Only negative is it does have a tendency to smudge a little!
  31. Love


    Love this eyeliner! Gives me the perfect control over how thick I want the line to be and the angle of the flick. It has a nice solid colour and doesn’t come out patchy or flakey like some eyeliners do. Will definitely repurchase!
  32. Great buy


    Yes this liquid eyeliner is great quality, easy to use, lasts forever and great for wings... would buy again.
  33. everyday eyeliner

    perfecting skin

    have loved this eye liner and whenever i am in hurry this never disappoints me. it glides very smoothly and applies very nicely.
  34. Obsessed


    I am obsessed this is the best eyeliner, it’s super use to use
  35. I will always use this eyeliner


    Perfect product that stays all day and night, doesn’t sweat away and dries matte which I love. The pigment is also amazing and doesn’t fade, very easy to shape a wing with.
  36. Pros and cons


    I love the fact that this dries down matte, is smooth and easy to apply. However the formula is not waterproof and will smudge and transfer. I have hooded eyelids so this was an issue for me.
  37. Love this!


    Very long lasting! This really does stay in place all day and well into the night! I love the applicator, making it very easy to apply, A winning product!
  38. One of the best


    I find the shape of this liner so easy to create a flawless winged look with! Not only is it long-lasting but it's also nicely pigmented.
  39. This does everything it promises


    This is easy to apply and a nice solid black matte liner. It does exactly what it promises to do.
  40. Brilliant!


    Black liquid eyeliner has been a staple product in my make up bag for ever and over the years I have had some terrible ones! Ones that bleed in to any crease, ones that leave an imprint every time you open your eyes and ones that just fade into a grey mess.

    However, this one is definitely one of the best ones I have ever used.

    Perhaps not as easy for the novice who may ...
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  41. Nice black eyeliner!


    I bought this because Kathleenlights recommended it, it’s a really nice black eyeliner but the brush tip is a little finicky! Still love and use tho!
  42. you need this


    For a $20 eyeliner you cannot go past this. Beautiful matte look that lasts me a whole 10hour night duty, including the occasional accidental eye rub. Brush is super fine & enables the thinest point. I will purchase again.
  43. pretty good


    such a deep black that glides on so perfectly, dries so nice and matte without cracking and is a good size for on the go
  44. Pretty good


    This eyeliner looks great and is super black and lasts all day, i just found it was a little bit tricky to apply probably not good for beginners but overall a nice eyeliner
  45. One for those who love a dramatic wing


    This eyeliner is smooth, fluid and seriously black. As an eyeliner novice I require a bit of pratice with a formula this liquid but for the more experienced who love a super dark wing it would be ideal.
  46. pretty good


    This is a pretty good eyeliner! stays on for ages and is nice and dark! love the packaging so much
  47. nice!


    A good eyeliner that has a very dark and easy to apply colour and tip! Looks great and stays on for ages without smudging!
  48. Great product


    Great eyeliner that allows for precision and does not budge throughout the day. Also does not irritate my eyes like other eyeliners do.
  49. excellent


    amazing hold, definition and superbly surprised. So glad I bought this.
    Affordable, can rub off any mistakes.


    I first purchased theBalm Schwing Eyeliner back in 2015 and it has been the only one I've ever used since then. The brush has NEVER (and i really mean never) frayed and it's nice and thin. I don't like to draw a thick liner, I like when it's a nice and thin cat wing so this is just perfect! AND it lasts FOREVER! It's almost like a never ending tube. If you haven't tried it, you should definitely p...
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  51. Amazing!


    Absolutely love this liquid eyeliner! I've tried and tasted many liquid eyeliners over the years. This is definitely one of the best I've used. Love the applicator! It doesn't smudge and stays on all day.
  52. Love it


    Nice matt black (never had a matt finish before!) goes on well, lasts all day yet easy to remove. No complaints!
  53. The best hypoallergenic eyeliner EVER!!!


    The skin on my eyes are prone to severe eczema, to where I need prescription medication to reduce the inflammation. As a result, I don't often wear eyeliner due to the stinging. I decided to give this eyeliner a chance because of the branding and the type of brush style, and happily discovered that this does -not- cause any sort of irritation to my eyes. Not only that, it is extremely pigmented an...
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  54. Pigment for days!


    I prefer a pen tip liner as I find it easier to apply but have struggled to find one that’s actually black. I saw amazing reviews about the pigment in this and thought I would give it a go. The brush is super easy to use, it stays put all day and it is pure black! Super impressed. Will repurchase.
  55. My new go-to


    I love this eyeliner - it is so easy to use, i dont have eyeliner dripping anywhere when applying and it has a good coverage with one brush stoke (i find). It's not too expensive and it lasts a decent amount of time without smudging etc.. Definitely purchasing again!
  56. Disappointed


    Love the application of this product however I found that it often irritated my eyes and would make my eyes water over time and the liner would smudge easily. I wouldn't recommend if you're looking for a liner that won't budge.
  57. Great product with reasonable price


    I've started using it from few months .... I wear eyeliner almost everyday and this is the best one in liquid eyeliners. I just love it. It's so fresh and light.
  58. Perfection!


    Best eyeliner EVER. This coming from someone who wears eyeliner almost every single day and is always trialing different eyeliners (drugstore and higher end) to find the perfect one for me. This is the darkest, most pigmented black liquid I have ever seen and it dries completely matte (unlike some other more expensive ones that have a more sheen finish).

    It literally can last 8+ hour...
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  59. All time favourite

    Alexandra (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this eyeliner yet!

    This is legitimately my all time favourite eyeliner. The brush is a paintbrush tip, not a felt tip, so I feel like I have heaps of control. I can do everything from a super thin delicate line, to wing so sharp I could cut someone.

    It's matte, it's super black, it doesn't flake and it's affordable. What else could you ...
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  60. Eyeliner made easy!


    By far the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used. The colour is a gorgeous, inky black and doesn't fade throughout the day like some others. With a long handle, drawing it on is steady and easy, and the applicator is fine enough to get right close to the lash line. It won't smudge or leave prints above your eyelid, plus you can build it up to whatever thickness you like. I've not yet made a mista...
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  61. Nice!


    This is a winner! I've tried a lot of liquid eyeliners to varying degrees of disaster - I personally prefer to use a brush and a gel most of the time because I feel I can get the most control that way.

    This is the only exception to the rule - I love the brush for this! It makes achieving a perfect sharp eyeliner really easy, and really quick too!

    You get a decent amount o...
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  62. great for the experienced with liquid eyeliner

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love the darkness and consistency of this eyeliner, its really black and it lasts all day. the brush is especially thin and takes some getting used to, even for someone who has used liquid eyeliner for years, but it makes mistakes very easy to fix with precision. will buy again.
  63. Great product - and a great price


    After trying a LOT of liquid eyeliners, I followed a recommendation by Cherry Dollface to this product. Have been using it now for several months and really, really like it's longevity, which other products (even one twice it's price) did no offer.

    Now it's not a liquid eyeliner for newbies, so if you are new to this type of product, don't be disheartened by not popping on the perfect...
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  64. Love at first Schwing


    Love love love this eyeliner. It creates a lovely thin (but easily buildable) matte black line that lasts ALL day. No smudging or fading, and it looks as fresh after dinner as it did when I applied it before work over 12 hours earlier. I have finally perfected my winged eyeliner, and I wear this product daily. I will definitely be repurchasing this product.
  65. Fabulous!!! 5 stars


    I'm super fussy about eyeliner, bought it for the cute packaging and am totally in love with it!!!
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