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theBalm Meet Matte Shmaker PalettetheBalm Meet Matte Shmaker Palette
theBalm Meet Matte Shmaker Palette

great for any kind of look

it has all the colors that one need either for special occasions or for everyday use. this palette is travel friendly and has both day and night time colors to pick from. i totally recommend this palette especially to the people who are just starting off with eye makeups. you can do 2 colors to start from 1 matte and 1 shimmer.
theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid PrimertheBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer
theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer

A nice light eye primer

This a great primer for mature skin or hooded eyes as it is very thin and doesn't build up on the skin. I also find it helps with application of colour corrector and concealer under the eyes too. It's not the best for making eye-shadow last but does a decent job.
theBalm Meet Matt(e) TrimonytheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony
theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony

A big yes for this brand

Basic mattes to get you started in building up your eyeshadow collection. All the colours work together and blend well to produce nice basic eye looks for every day wear.
theBalm Nude Dude Volume 2 Eyeshadow PalettetheBalm Nude Dude Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette
theBalm Nude Dude Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Blendable Beauty

I am such a big fan of the balm and this palette is no exception! Amazing pigments and colour payoffs! Love this product would highly recommend - extremely easy to blend and mix and match
theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow PalettetheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette
theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette


I love this palette so much, and it's become part of my go to palettes for makeup looks for my workplace. All the shades are highly pigmented, and blend really well.
If you pair these matte shades with a shimmer base, it works wonders!
theBalm Nude Beach Eyeshadow PalettetheBalm Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette
theBalm Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette

My First TheBalm Purchase Didn't Disappoint

I love this palette! it’s everything i want in an eyeshadow palette and is what i always find myself using lately because i know i’m going to get great every day shades that are easy to blend in. Hadn't bought from this brand before but love their products now.
theBalm In The Balm Of Your HandstheBalm In The Balm Of Your Hands
theBalm In The Balm Of Your Hands


I love The Balm and I love this palette! It has eye shadows, blush, bronze, highlighter and lip stuff. It is honestly such amazing value for such an affordable price. These colours are all their 'best' products put into a palette so each shade I have used have all been very pretty and pigmented! I honestly am in love with this palette. It is great for beginners to!!
theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid PrimertheBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer
theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer

A Must Have - Obsessed

I LOOOOOOVE this eyelid primer!! Works amazingly well and creates a great base for your eyeshadows to cling to. My eyeshadow will last ALL DAY & NIGHT with this beauty. I seriously don't know how i survived without it and it will now be a permanent part of my make-up arsenal. GREAT value for money as you only need the tiniest amount. Can not recommend this product highly enough!!
theBalm Sexy MamatheBalm Sexy Mama
theBalm Sexy Mama

Fantastic, lasts forever

This product is great, leaves your skin shine-free and lasts forever!
theBalm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer BlushtheBalm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer Blush
theBalm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer Blush

All worth it

All of the three products are beautiful on the skin, not too powdery and leave a nice almost natural glow on the skin. It lasted me quite a while and I will be repurchasing!
theBalm Manizers theBalm Manizers
theBalm Manizers

Beautiful yet subtle!

If you're new to highlight, this is the one for you. Very subtle but so beautiful, its more of a sheen than a sparkle which makes you glow very naturally. Definitely a necessity in the makeup kit and very affordable.
theBalm Schwing Liquid EyelinertheBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner
theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner

Easy to use

I find the shape of this liner so easy to create a flawless winged look with. Not only is it long-lasting and a great texture but it's also nicely pigmented. Only negative is it does have a tendency to smudge a little!
theBalm Meet Matt(e) TrimonytheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony
theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony


this is an everyday palette for any occasion, weather your going for a no makeup makeup look, and everyday bronze or a night out this has definatly got you covered. you can build up the layers perfectly, good quality, pigmented, wouldn't expect anything less from the balm absolutely love there products
theBalm Cabana Boy BlushtheBalm Cabana Boy Blush
theBalm Cabana Boy Blush

Love this plummy colour!

I have fair skin down with brown eyes and hair, and I normally would think a blush like this would be too dark for me - as it's got this beautiful plum undertone - but somehow I just love it and the quality is excellent.
theBalm downBOY BlushtheBalm downBOY Blush
theBalm downBOY Blush

Great colour and quality

I love all of the blush colours from the Balm - they get it right every time and the quality is so there!
theBalm Even Steven Whipped FoundationtheBalm Even Steven Whipped Foundation
theBalm Even Steven Whipped Foundation

PERFECT for oily or combination skin

Dior Forever has forever been my go-to foundation... until I found this little gem.

It keeps my skin looking so clear and matte for hours (I have a very oily t-zone).

You only need to use the tiniest bit for very even smooth coverage.

Such great value for the price, I would absolutely recommend this for anyone with oily or combination skin. I have noticed i...
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theBalm Overshadow theBalm Overshadow
theBalm Overshadow


(Work is overrated)
I don’t have this yet, I really want it though! Every time I get the chance to touch it at the shops I do, it’s so pretty, it’s like a champagne gold. It has some sparkle but at the same time it doesn’t? I could easily use this as a highlighter, I’d love to put this all over my eyes for an easy but very pretty look. I could put this everywhere
theBalm Bahama MamatheBalm Bahama Mama
theBalm Bahama Mama

great bronzer

This is a cult favourite for a reason. It suits most skin tones, blends out nicely and is just an overall winner. I was after a matte bronzer and there didn't seem to be a lot out there, they all seemed to have some shimmer. This is one of my favourites.