Thalgo Bains Marins Plasmalg Gel

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Thalgo Bains Marins Plasmalg Gel by Thalgo


The Thalgo Bains Marins Plasmalg Gel is one of Thalgo's best-selling products. Suitable for use on both the face and body, this gel remineralises and purifies the skin, while encouraging micro-circulation.

It is a true catalyst, and use of the Thalgo Bains Marins Plasmalg Gel reinforces the benefits of the marine bath, encouraging the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements.


Key Ingredients:
Micronised Marine Algae- Purifying, healing


Apply over the entire body before the bath, concentrating on legs in case of circulatory problems.

For the treatment of oily facial skin or scalp, leave to act for several minutes before rinsing off.

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A classic product that more people should know about - 03-04-2018 by

I actually wrote the "Anonymous" review back in 2011 and I stand by everything I wrote there.

This is a strange product and it's probably not one you'd use unless someone recommended it - so, consider this my recommendation! This falls into a couple of categories:
1. It's great for soothing itchy irritated skin;
2. It's a good moisturiser for breakout-prone, acneic, oily skin.
3. You can add it to a bath and soak in it for general wellbeing.

It is a brown gel with a funky seaweed smell, but it dries with no scent at all. You can use it for face or body. I like to use it on my legs after I shave, for its mild antimicrobial and antiinflammatory qualities. It's light and not very nourishing though, so I then follow with a heavier lotion.

New Skin - 07-07-2014 by

I have recently had a bad reaction to eye brow waxing and could not use any thing on my face apart from Thalgo Bains Marins Plasmalg Gel. It has cleared up my rash and feel like I have new skin!

A lovely product - 23-05-2011 by

I am reallly enjoying this product. I have been using as a serum at night - just a small amount spreads beautifully over the face and absorbs completely. My skin is ready for a moisturiser straight after application. Since using this product I have found my skin to be more balanced, with tightened pores and a brighter overall complexion. I highly recommend it, particularly for the price which is excellent value.

Surprisingly amazing: calming, balancing, upliftin - 09-04-2011 by

This smells very strongly of seaweed and brine and at first I was not sure how to use it on my face: as a gel mask or a leave on treatment? With or without moisturiser? In the end I did both, applying thickly as a gel mask, leaving on for about 15 minutes before softening again with a damp washcloth, massaging into my skin properly and applying a moisturiser over the top. My skin looked fabulous - taught, even-toned, calm and bright. This is a fantastic product which I may just become addicted to.

- 28-02-2011 by

My God, how I love this product. Such a great all-rounder. Firstly, it's lovely as a light nourishing and re-mineralising moisturiser. I love to use it as a night cream on its own or underneath a heavier moisturiser if I need something extra. Men and teenage boys also like this as a moisturiser because it's not heavy or shiny. Secondly, it's great to use underneath a masque to aid absorption. Thirdly, it's fabulous for the skin when added into a bath. Fourth, it's a wonderful general product for bites, sunburn, itches etc. The smell and texture take some getting used to - it's quite liquidy, it's brown, and the algae smell is unmistakable. But it's such a quality product.

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