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Thalgo Collagen Booster Beauty Elixir

10 x 10ml
Thalgo Authentic

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Thalgo Collagen Booster Beauty Elixir by Thalgo

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Thalgo Collagen Booster Beauty Elixir helps maintain normal collagen synthesis and protect against oxidative damage.


Beauty can come from within, ideally complementing the action of cosmetics. Today there are scientifically proven, powerful molecules that act where cosmetics cannot go - to the heart of the dermis. Thalgo Collagen Booster Beauty Elixir is a food supplement with sweetener based on marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and selenium. Its ingredients have proven efficacy by the European Food Safety Authority. Collagen is a key component of youthful skin: it forms a real mattress of support to your skin giving it strength and elasticity.


The exceptional concentration of high quality collagen within Thalgo Collagen Booster Beauty Elixir is contained in one drinkable shot.


Key Ingredients:

Marine Collagen Peptan (1000mg) has a smoothing (anti-wrinkle) and restructuring action through the stimulation of collagen synthesis by fibroblasts.
Hyaluronic acid (10mg) with its water retention properties, moisturizes the skin and fills wrinkles.


Antioxidant Complex: 
Vitamin C (80mg) - antioxidant action by scavenging free radicals in the heart of the cell. Works synergistically with Vitamin E to regenerate. Promotes the synthesis of collagen and promotes optimal cell renewal.
Vitamin E (12mg) protects the cell membrane and lipids by limiting their oxidation, protects the skin from drying out, controls the microcirculation.
Selenium (50µg) works synergistically with Vitamin E. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme forming one of the first lines of active defense against free radicals. It also stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts.
100% of Recommened Daily Allowance of Vitamin B8 (50µg) plays an important role in maintaining the integrity and radiance of skin involved in many metabolic pathways.


Thalgo Collagen Booster Beauty Elixir is to be used in accordance to the needs of your skin. In a course of 10 days, repeat two to four times throughout the year dependant on the needs of your skin.
Example of a Thalgo Collagen program:
25+ years = 1 - 2 x per year
35+ years = 3 x year
40+ years = 4 x year

Consult packaging for more detailed information and directions.

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