Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System

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Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System


Amplify your teeth-whitening results with the Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System. A combination of Professional Activating Rods, Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Accelerator are all included in this set to get you going.


Activating Rods (8 included): prepare the surface of teeth to be more receptive to whitening ingredients in the toothpaste and accelerator. Specially infused with effective cleansing agents that mimic the first step of an in-office professional whitening treatment. Opens enamel rods. Cleanses and conditions teeth for amplified whitening results

Toothpaste 50g: helps remove stains from day to day drinking of coffee, red wine, cigarettes etc.

Accelerator 34g: increases the efficacy of the toothpaste and removes stains above and below the enamel just by brushing.


The Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System is simple, safe and effective. No sensitivity. Makes your teeth whiter, brighter and healthier. Strengthens and protects for a healthy mouth and gums.

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