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Subtle Energies Tranquility Bath Soak

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Subtle Energies Tranquility Bath Soak

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Dosha Effect: Pacifies Pitta, resulting in a synergy that calms the fire and water energies within us, providing calming & cooling effects to the senses.

Containing the dream oils of Kewda & Frankincense, the Subtle Energies Tranquility Bath Soak is blended with 84 essential minerals that make up the crystal salt found deep within the Indus Valley.

The Tranquility Bath Soak ideal for finding that blissful moment when you need it most, gently soothing the senses.

Benefits of the Subtle Energies Tranquility Bath Soak:
Aroma is calming
Aroma is Relaxing
Aroma provides peaceful surroundings


sodium chloride (himalayan crystal salt), pandanus odoratissimus (kewda) attar, boswellia carterii (frankincense, luban) oil, citrus aurantium (pettigrain) oil, citrus aurantium (narangi) oil, andropogon martini/roosa (palmarosa) oil, rosaeodora (iIndian rosewood) oil


Add 2 to 3 table spoons of bath salt blend to a large full warm bath, immerse the body into bath and enjoy.

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Nice, but nothing special - 12-07-2013 by

These smell really nice once they hit the water, but then the fragrance very quickly disappears. Bit slow to fully dissolve, they give the water a sort of silky feel.
Nothing special considering the price, you may get five, possibly six baths out of this tub.
Overall, nothing special or exciting about these.

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