Subtle Energies The Night Queen Double Cream

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Subtle Energies The Night Queen Double Cream


Dosha Effect: Balances all three Doshas (TriDoshic) resulting in a harmonious synergy of the fire, air, water, earth & ether energies within us, providing balance to the skin and the senses.

Fit for royalty, the splendid synergy of oils in the Subtle Energies The Night Queen Double Cream hosts the Queen of Jasmines- mogra, the Queen of Oils (rose) and a rare jasmine that only blooms at night, known as raat ki rani - The Night Queen.

Enhancing this exotic combination is the delicate jasmine, juhi and the spiritual oil of sandalwood. Together, these oils create a freshly sweet and grassy aroma and provide moisturising, revitalising and balancing benefits to the skin.

This beautifying blend of oils combined together with an ultra rich cream of natural butters and nourishing plant extracts make up the Subtle Energies The Night Queen Double Cream. The ultra rich and thick, creamy mpisturiser will provide the skin with the extra hydration and protection that it needs, and leave it feeling satin smooth and dewy.

Benefits of the Subtle Energies The Night Queen Double Cream:
Revitalises the appearance of the skin
Soothes dry skin
Rich & hydrating
Sensual aroma
Gives skin a radiant glow

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Good deep moisturiser - 05-02-2012 by

This product is great if you are looking for a really intense moisturiser. It is a thick cream that goes on pretty well, I found it a little more difficult to spread than some other body butters. It feels a TINY bit greasy for about an hour after putting it on, but once it soaks in it leaves your skin feeling very satiny. It has made an improvement to dry areas like my knees and elbows. The smell is quite intense at first but it soaks nicely into the skin. I am using this as a twice a week moisturiser rather than an every day one.

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