Subtle Energies Rose & Cardamon Hand Cream + Gift With Purchase Hand Cream

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Subtle Energies Rose & Cardamon Hand Cream + Gift With Purchase Hand Cream


Treat yourself to the luxury of Subtle Energies Rose & Cardamon Hand Cream and receive another as our Christmas gift to you!

The luxe new Subtle Energies Rose & Cardamon Hand Cream contains the exquisitely exotic aroma of skin nurturing oils rose and gulheena, blended together with cardamon for an intense moisture therapy.

The addition of calendula into this magical blend also helps to comfort dry, irritated skin. The intense, creamy formula is quickly absorbed and protects hands from the harsh conditions we expose them to on a daily basis, leaving them feeling soft and rejuvenated.

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Best hand cream I've ever used. - 15-11-2013 by

I was so excited to get a sample of this hand cream with one of my orders. I had never seen this brand anywhere else but I was curious and wanted to try it.

I've had really dry hands lately and my usual hand cream wasn't really helping much. I tried this sample and I was hooked! My dry, sore hands were soothed overnight. I applied the hand cream before bed and woke up to visibly hydrated hands. The chapped, dry feeling was gone. This cream also appears to have a lasting effect because usually when I use a hand cream, my hands feel soothed until the next time I wash them - then I back to where I started from with dry, sore hands. With this cream, I can go a bit longer before I'm reminded that I need to reapply.

I'm not in love with the scent. The Cardamon is very dominant and it's not a fragrance that I am used to smelling in skin care products. In chai, it's lovely. But on my hands... It takes a bit of getting used to. But because this hand cream works so well, I don't actually care how it smells.

Price - it's a bit pricey for hand dream and if I hadn't tried it first, I probably wouldn't have considered buying it. But now that I've tried it and know how good it is, it's worth the price. This hand cream is a real lifesaver.

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