Subtle Energies Gul Heena & Carrot Moisturiser

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Subtle Energies Gul Heena & Carrot Moisturiser


Dosha Effect: Pacifies Pitta, resulting in a synergy that calms the fire and water energies within us, providing soothing & cooling effects to skin and the senses.

A calming and grounding synergy for the skin, Subtle Energies Gul Heena & Carrot Seed Moisturiser hydrates the skin, with a cooling touch.

The gentle and revitalising nature of the essential oils used create an ideal moisturiser for normal to sensitive skin types. It is a lightweight cream, which is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, cool and comfortable.

Benefits of the Subtle Energies Gul Heena & Carrot Moisturiser:
Revitalises the appearance of the skin
Soothes delicate skin
Smoothes blemishes & wrinkles
Soothing sweet aroma with an earthy undertone
Tones skin

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Average - 29-05-2012 by

I didn't really feel at any time that this moisturiser had any remarkable effect on my skin. It is lightweight with a gentle fragrance, however in terms of benefit I feel that their Mogra & Rose Gold Moisturiser packs far more of a punch. In comparison this moisturiser is far more lightweight and versatile, whereas the Mogra moisturiser is more targeted at older dry skin- but the Gul Heena and Carrot moisturiser failed to impress.

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