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Subtle Energies Facial Blend Oil


Dosha Effect: Balances all three Doshas (TriDoshic) resulting in a harmonious synergy of the fire, air, water, earth & ether energies within us, providing balance to the skin and the senses.

Ideal as a daily facial moisturising oil or for facial massage, the Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy Facial Blend Oil is a rich oil with a silky velvet texture that gives a youthful glow, providing rejuvenation and hydration to dry, sensitive and normal skin types.

This exquisite and precious blend is unique in its aroma, with the essential oils of mogra, sandalwood and Indian rose together blended in a base oil of jojoba and the fortifying oil of ashwagandha.

The Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy Facial Blend Oil helps to soothe the senses and revitalise the appearance of damaged skin.

Benefits of the Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy Facial Blend Oil:
Revitalises the appearance of the skin
Soothes the skin
Smoothes blemishes & wrinkles
Uplifting sweet floral aroma with a woody tone
Tones the skin
Promotes a radiant complexion

An Adore Beauty staff favourite! The scent of this little gem is divine; it reminds us of incense sticks!


withania somnifera (ashwagandha infused in sesame) oil, santalum album (sandalwood oil: chandan/sukhar) oil, jasminum sambac (mogra) oil, rosa damascena (rose) oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil


Apply 3 to 4 drops on your palm and gently pat all over the face, neck and decolletage after cleansing and toning.

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Reviews (13)
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A must try.....! - 21-03-2015 by

The best facial oil ever, non greasy, a light oil that penetrates the skin, suitable for all skin types.....Love the light delicate natural fragrance........a liitle goes a long way, bottle lasted 11 months......just purchased my second bottle.....

a delight for the senses and your skin - 29-11-2014 by

This is an amazing product! I have been using this Subtle Energies oil for a few years now and I love it. It is surprising as when you think of oil for your face you think slick, oily layers BUT this economical oil is absorbed quickly and you can apply a foundation without any concern it will slide of your face. I am a mature women and this oil addresses my needs for a moisture filled treatment. Apart from that I have very few lines developing. It is therapeutic also. All in all this is a fantastic product and I love the aroma. People comment on its perfume long after it has been applied in the morning. I LOVE IT!

I'm in heaven facial oil - 04-08-2013 by

This is one of the most beautiful products I have ever used. A very small amount glides over my face easily & I adore the smell. Applied just before bed, the fragrance is so relaxing I always have a great night sleep when I use it. On waking the next morning, I don't know if it is the great night sleep I have had from the relaxing fragrance or what this oil has done for my complexion, but my skin is so soft and smooth and seems to glow. I have mature skin and highly recommend this incredible product.

Beautiful smelling oil, - 24-06-2013 by

The face oil was easily absorbed by my skin (I have very sensitive skin), left my skin very calm, smooth and soft.

Beautiful - 27-03-2013 by

I don't have dry skin, but it still soaks straight in and makes my skin beautifully soft. I don't know that it helps with any fine lines, but my skin sure does feel nice!

It smells beyond amazing and the scent lingers, which I love. I use it on its own a couple of times a week (I don't want to run out!!) but it smells so good, I've taken to adding a couple of drops to my moisturisers for the scent alone...

Feels sumptuous and smells amazing! - 06-01-2013 by

As soon as I opened the lid, I was in olfactory heaven! The scent honestly took me to another place mentally and emotionally. I just kept sniffing at the product. It's like I couldn't get enough of it. The feel of it on my skin was lovely as well. I was a bit dubious at first but the oil absorbed quite quickly into my skin and I've found it useful in helping to soften the lines on my face.

Amazing oil for both skin and mood - 02-09-2012 by

This oil come in the super serum pack and I tried this one first. I applied this oil and instantly jumped online and purchased a full bottle. Not only did my normally dehydrated skin felt nourished and amazing but the devine smell also lifted my mood!

I use this oil twice daily and it can be used on it own or before your mosituriser but either why this little bottle of magic ownt disappoint! I also find if I apply it at night on it own it aids in relaxing me for a great nights sleep.

Heavenly Serum - 30-08-2012 by

I've been wanting to try a Subtle Energies skincare product for a while now so was happy to see their Facial Blend Oil was one of the samplers. Using this oil is like having an at home spa treatment, you feel like you're pampering yourself wholly.
The first thing I noticed when I took the lid off was the amazing scent, it was uplifting and earthy. I would use this oil after cleansing, toning and my usual application of SK-11 FTE. This oil is the typical oil consistency and so it spreads extremely easily over my skin; face and neck. This oil I love to use of a night time, it is so rich and luxurious and after sleeping all night with my face soaking this in, my skin is pliable, healthy, glowing when I wake up in the morning.
After applying this to my face and neck area, I would sit there for a minute or 2, with my Subtle Energies Facial Oil Blend - smelling hands opened and covering my entire face, breathing in the scent deeply for extra relaxation. The perfect end to any day. This is a definite repurchase.

Would buy the product felt good on my skin - 24-08-2012 by

Liked the way the oil blended into & it left my skin smooth

My favourite facial oil - 28-06-2012 by

This oil smells DIVINE and gives a sense of well being as I massage it into my face in the evenings. This is like a serum and moisturiser in one - I have combination skin, and don't apply a moisturiser on top. Skin feels hydrated but not greasy, and it really feels plump and smooth after applying it. I love the scent which is left on the skin. This is a luxurious product which I really enjoy using.

Divine - 28-11-2011 by

I found out about this product at the wonderful Divine Feminine event in Sydney when Farida gave a presentation.

I love using pure oils on my face and I've been hoping to find a special aromatherapy facial oil... this one is just divine. Thank you!

A true aromatherapy experience. - 20-07-2011 by

This is a beautiful hydrating facial oil that I like to use at night as a treat for my sometimes dehydrated/irritated skin. I really love the incensey smell, it completes the aromatherapy experience. As an oil its not greasy once massaged into the skin nor does it make my skin feel oily later on. The packaging is lovely but I always seems to have trouble with oil bottles that have this type of dispenser. I find it hard to get enough product out and have to keep tapping the bottle against my hand. That aside I would highly reccomend.

Great all-pupose moisturiser - 25-05-2011 by

I just bought it a week ago and have used it in the morning as a moisturiser under my sunscreen. I like the smell and the texture and it melts into the skin within a few minutes. The skin feels all day quite nourished and smooth without getting oily. I like to use it around the eyes too, as it smoothes away any lines. My sensitive combo skin with occasional outbreaks seems to relax with it and I have a feeling that I am doing something good for my skin.

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