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Subtle Energies have incorporated the principles of Ayurveda into their unique skincare range, which works to achieve balance and harmony at the individual Dosha (element) level, whilst also nurturing the skin and senses.

Doshas in relation to skin care

Vata: Air & Ether energies that dry and age the skin, characterised by light, dry and cold attributes. [shop products for Vata]

Pitta: Fire & Water energies that brings excess heat and moisture to the skin, characterised by hot and wet attributes. [shop products for Pitta]

Kapha : Water & Earth energies that makes the skin dull, heavy, moist, cold and clammy, characterised by cold, moist, slow and heavy attributes. [shop products for Kapha]

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Skin Care

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Subtle Energies Wild Kashmir Purifying Toner

i really liked this toner, it smells great and the spray bottle made it... read more >>

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Subtle Energies Kashmir Purifying Cleansing Gel

Subtle Energies Kashmir Purifying Cleaning Gel was recommended by my sister... read more >>

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