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The body plays a heavy role in Ayurveda, the principle on which Subtle Energies is based, so it makes sense that the brand has a strong bath and body range.

There are five create elements - air, water, fire, earth and ether - which affect all parts of our organism. Each cell is affected differently by nutrients, be it via taste, smell or touch.

Food in particular affects the body's temperature, with hot dishes freeing up energy, the ability to digest and other metabolic tasks. Cold dishes on the other hand require extra energy for the food to be processed by the body, reducing other activities as a result.

This has a consequence for the bath and body products you use. For example, acneic skin is 'hot', so a great exfoliator should be used, like Subtle Energies Rasayana Detox Body Scrub. Its spicy blend of wild turmeric, limbu and tulasi oils will help re-balance the skin, detoxify and also flush out clogged pores.

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Bath & Body

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