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St Tropez Tan Optimiser Shower Cream

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St Tropez Tan Optimiser Shower Cream


Well nourished, deeply moisturised skin is our top tip for a natural looking tan. This refreshing, luxurious shower cream from St Tropez is enriched with Mediterranean oils combining grapeseed, olive and sunflower oils with organic aloe vera, to help leave skin silky soft and beautifully smooth. So whatever your skin type its easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.

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- 30-09-2010 by

This little gem is absolutely my all time favourite shower product ever! My skin is sensitive to anything with sulphates in it, so I have a bit of a battle trying to find shower gels etc that won't irritate my skin. A lot out there are also very exxy for something that gets washed down the drain! This is not only at a great price, a little bit goes a long way, and it's just a dream to use! Creamy, moisturising and gentle on my skin, it actually does leave my skin silky soft after use. The scent is difficult to describe, but is quite mild, and smells just creamy and yum. I can't rave on about this enough - I will definitely be purchasing this again and again!

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