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Sodashi Clay Cleanser With Lime 150ml

4.8 of 26 reviews


4 instalments of $17.25


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4 instalments of $17.25


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This deep cleansing emulsion dissolves make-up, impurities and excess oil.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

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Skin Concern:

  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.8 of 26 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Lux and Love


I started my Sodashi journey here with the Clay Cleanser. I was after something that was good for my skin with no chemicals, and something that would mean my acne wouldn't flare up. I tried it, I loved it, and now I basically use the entire Sodashi range. I will never chose anything else..... Sodashi for life haha!

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This is a great lightweight and gentle cleanser. My skin feels clean afterwards plus it smells amazing.
  1. Lux and Love


    I started my Sodashi journey here with the Clay Cleanser. I was after something that was good for my skin with no chemicals, and something that would mean my acne wouldn't flare up. I tried it, I loved it, and now I basically use the entire Sodashi range. I will never chose anything else..... Sodashi for life haha!
  2. Love it!


    The Sodashi cleansers are fantastic. I’ve had bad breakouts during pregnancy and this cleanser has calmed my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling tight or dry afterwards.
  3. Fab


    This is a great lightweight and gentle cleanser. My skin feels clean afterwards plus it smells amazing.
  4. Feels so luxurious


    I have combo dry skin and I love using this cleanser, it doesnt strip my skin as normal oily targeted cleansers do. My skin just feels really soft and nourished, plus it smells amazing... like a day spa in a bottle
  5. Love it


    Soft and gentle on the skin but still packs a punch to remove dirt and oil. Especially great for double cleansing
  6. Excellent for combination skin


    I have combination skin and I started using the Sodashi Clay cleanser with Sandalwood at night and was impressed by the results. I then read about the lime cleanser in the same range and decided to give it a go in the morning as I have always been a bit naughty and used cheaper cleansers in the shower which were not particularly targeted at combination skin, just convenient.

    My skin is thanking me for this decision and the congestion I used to suffer from on my forehead is clearing. It also has a great smell which I love.

    The down side is that the product is a bit expensive
  7. Great


    I have such sensitive skin and before i started using Sodashi was prone to break outs. My skin feels so much better. Cleanses without leaving my skin feeling at all dry. And it has no nasty chemicals.
  8. Bought and Re-bought.


    I have oily/dehydrated skin and I love this cleanser! I was put onto this cleanser when I had a facial a couple of years ago and (because of the price) I have tried other cleansers to see if I could find another that was just as good, and nothing. It is my holy grail. I use it as the second face-wash in my double cleanse at night after a cleanser to remove all my makeup, and on it's own in the morning. It is so moisturising and healing, I don't feel like my skin is about to crack when I step out of the shower, and I honestly think the calming effect the clay has on my skin has made it less sensitive. Especially as I use lots of different chemical exfoliators and toners to keep my breakouts at bay. The lime is great for oily skin and it smells so good too! X
  9. My holy grail cleanser


    This cleanser is pricey but definitely worth the price. I’ve tried all 3 sodashi cleansers and the lime is by far my favourite. i have combination skin with clogged pores and this cleanser does a great job of cleaning the skin gently. It leaves my skin clean and hydrated.

    One down side is that the cleanser doesn’t effectively clean all make up off the skin on its own, so a pre-cleanse is definitely required for those days when i’m wearing heavier make up.
  10. Light and Effective


    Firstly the smell is divine! It's lightweight and the texture is milky. It cleans really well without drying :)
  11. Beautiful


    I bought this on sale and even then it’s pricey. But I do love it.

    I have dry, sensitive skin with hormonal breakouts and this is beautiful to use. Doesn’t harm my eczema at all and my acne seems to have calmed down.

    It seems to really clean the skin and get rid of makeup.

    I’d definitely buy this again.
  12. Love it


    scent is so refreshing I love to use this as a morning cleanse. This is definitely my favorite cleanser for morning times as it wakes me up.
  13. So beautiful and refreshing


    I have combination skin and this cleanser works really well for me. It is really gentle on my skin but also removes all my makeup, dirt and oil accumulated during the day. This doesn't break me out at all and leaves my skin glowing. I also really enjoy the scent of this. I would definitely recommend this.
  14. Creamy, smooth and refreshing

    Patrice S

    I love Sodashi skincare! I’ve been using it for 4 years and my skin has improved out of sight. The clay lime cleanser is beautiful, it feels silky smooth on the skin and smells so divine! Best of all the product is organic and cruelty free.
  15. changed my skin....


    This cleanser has been the game changer of my skincare routine. After trying Sodashi during a facial at a spa - I couldn't get over how my skin felt after just one session. I decided to purchase this cleanser to begin with to try and get that feeling at home and have not looked back! The thought of citrus in skincare freaked me out a little bit, but it is a gentle & non-stripping cream cleanser that is effective enough to take your eye makeup off but doesn't sting if you accidentally get some in there! My skin is smooth and my breakouts far less. A small amount goes a long way - am only on my second bottle in over 2 years... Works so well when followed with the balancing serum. Highly recommend!
  16. great gentle cleanser


    I was suffering from peri-oral dermatits and nothing was calming it or helping clear it up. I researched a cream cleanser that was suitable for combination skin and this one came up. I really liked it and a little went a long way. it cleansed my skin without stripping and making it feel dry. It is a little pricey, but the benefits for my skin made it worth it. It also had a lovely smell.
  17. A product worth repurchasing


    Previously I don't really like plant-based cleansers since lots of them are way too gentle for the combination skin. But since my mom recommend this to me..well, then let's give it a try. This one is gentle as well. I accidentally made a bit of it enter my eyes when rubbing my face, but it didn't irritate my eyes at all. It's gentle but does help wash away the excessive oil without dehydrating the skin, and leave a smooth complexion.

    By comparing this with the fabulous/amazing cleansers from Aesop, the skin feel smoothies and more hydrated after using the Sodashi one. All of them use no foaming formula, but based on my own skin type and opinion, Sodashi would be a better choice for those have combination skin and prone to breakouts.
  18. great for sensitive skins

    Carly ( Adore Beauty staff)

    this lovely creamy cleanser removes makeup well yet is super gentle.

    I love the fragrance, you can smell all of the natural oils with a soft hint of lime.

    I used this as my first cleanse to remove my makeup and the followed up with a foaming cleanser as my second.

    Very nice product!
  19. Amazing cleanser!


    I was recently introduced to the Sodashi Clay Cleanser With Lime and I am very impressed. It has a beautiful texture and feels great on. Definitely worth the price tag as the quality of ingredients are superb.
  20. Gentle, effective and smells divine!

    Yasamin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've recently been trying to introduce more natural products into my routine, so when one of these landed on my desk to try I was super excited! I must say I've always been a fan of foaming cleansers, so at first I thought this wouldn't 'clean' my skin as well. Boy was I wrong! The texture feels luxurious and the clay does all the hard work to draw out impurities. The scent is so fresh, I love to use this as a morning cleanse so I can't speak for it's making removing properties, but it does an amazing job of waking me up and giving me a clean, fresh base for the rest of my morning skincare.
  21. Impressed!


    I've tried so many different cleansers and can confidently say I'm impressed with this one! It cleans my skin easily, doesn't leave it feeling tight, and the quality of the ingredients is superb. All natural, no nasties, it's just great! Look forward to trying more from the Sodashi range.
  22. My favourite cleanser


    I am in cleanser love! This product immediately makes my skin feel like it can breathe, is great for removing make up and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. Yes, it is on the pricier side but the way it makes my skin feel is worth every penny.
  23. Invigorating


    This cleanser is lovely to use in the morning, as the lime essence really wakes you up. I love the texture of this product - feels like the clay is extracting all my impurities! Plus, it feels great to support an Australian, cruelty-free brand.
  24. Lovely cleanser


    Sodashi Clay Cleanser With Lime is a lovely cleanser, with a beautiful texture. Feels great on.
  25. Part of my ritual!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Ooooh this one's a keeper. I'm a little over beauty products that have no real soul and no thoughtfulness to them. At the end of a long day I always really appreciate the little touches, and I really love introducing little rituals into my everyday to make it feel special.

    This cleanser is wonderful! My skin veers dry and sensitive so this is certainly not a product aimed at me however I do find it to be very gentle, and it feels like it does withdraw impurities from my skin. The texture is a joy to work with - it's not a foaming cleanser but is more of an emulsion. Think of it like a clay mask in a cleanser format!

    Either way, love it, and I'm really keen to try the other cleansers from Sodashi!
  26. Luxe!

    Katerina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm a huge fan of clay cleansers and have only recently discovered that they are the holy grail of cleansers for my skin type! I absolutely love using this cleanser, it smells gorgeous and really mattifies my skin in a comfortable way so it never feels dry. A little goes a long way and it's quite a large bottle which justifies the price. Definitely worth a try!
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