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Remembering to look after the skin on the rest of your body, not just your face, is easy with Sodashi!

With luxurious oils, lotions and scrubs, your largest organ is in good hands with this Australian brand. 

Their body oils are super nourishing, tackling concerns ranging from stress to muscle fatigue. Use the Serenity one to soften, clear the mind and promote a sense of wellbeing, or pick the Fitness Recovery one for all your blood circulation, soreness and inflammation niggles.

Meanwhile, the Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant sloughs away dead skin cells, stimulates the lymphatic and vascular systems and helps unclog pores. It's great to use daily or whenever you need to show off soft, smooth skin!

Keep skin hydrated with Enlivening Body Lotion, a quickly absorbed moisturiser brimming with natural oils that not only have complexion benefits, but smell beautiful too!

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Sodashi Crystalus Body Oil 100ml
Sodashi Crystalus Body Oil 100ml

Versatile oil

I discovered this beauty it has an uplifting scent. I put on immediately after bath or shower and it smells calming and not oily most importantly. Can do body massage or put a few drops in your bath. This is my balancing scent. I am 56 years young and wish I had discovered this sooner.
Sodashi Serenity Body Oil
Sodashi Serenity Body Oil

spa-like experience

Such a beautiful, hydrating oil that plumps and rejuvenates dry skin, especially during winter.