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Remembering to look after the skin on the rest of your body, not just your face, is easy with Sodashi!

With luxurious oils, lotions and scrubs, your largest organ is in good hands with this Australian brand. 

Their body oils are super nourishing, tackling concerns ranging from stress to muscle fatigue. Use the Serenity one to soften, clear the mind and promote a sense of wellbeing, or pick the Fitness Recovery one for all your blood circulation, soreness and inflammation niggles.

Meanwhile, the Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant sloughs away dead skin cells, stimulates the lymphatic and vascular systems and helps unclog pores. It's great to use daily or whenever you need to show off soft, smooth skin!

Keep skin hydrated with Enlivening Body Lotion, a quickly absorbed moisturiser brimming with natural oils that not only have complexion benefits, but smell beautiful too!

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Sodashi Body Brilliance Cream 200mlSodashi Body Brilliance Cream 200ml
Sodashi Body Brilliance Cream 200ml

Super rich and hydrating

I tried this body cream way back when the jar was taller and the price was slightly higher but the amount of product was a bit more. If memory serves, I think I paid $109 vs $104.50 for 250ml vs 200ml. I enjoyed this body cream then, but just found it too pricey. But since then I’ve paid more for body creams so I thought I’d revisit Sodashi. Seeing the repackaging and reading the description, I’d hoped for a different body cream but this feels and smells the same as I remembered. The smell, you’re either going to live it or hate it, I love it, but I’d hoped for more ylang ylang. I smell none of that. This jar is easier access than the high one they used to have, but it feels small by comparison so even if my memory of the quantity of the previous version isn’t accurate (but I think it is), the appearance is certainly that of less product. It’s a beautiful product though. It hydrates beautifully and the smell is very soothing and grounding.
Sodashi Serenity Body OilSodashi Serenity Body Oil
Sodashi Serenity Body Oil

So gorgeous!

I love the scent and the feeling of using this oil. It’s super good quality and not greasy at all my skin literally drinks it!!