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Not only are masks a brilliant way to nourish your skin, but those ten or so minutes you have to lay back and rest while they're working, make for a truly pampering experience.

Combining the best of natural extracts with advanced formulations, Sodashi's range of masks help to detoxify and re-energise your complexion - with their Brightening Marine Mineral one - stimulate the production of firming and toning collagens - with their Plant Essence Replenish one - or hydrate and help reduce fine lines around the peepers - with their Eye one.

Used once or twice a week, after cleansing and removing make-up, your skin will thank you! For an extra pep-up, why not apply your favourite serum underneath so it really has a chance to soak in?

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Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask

I've used the mask twice now, in conjunction with the clay cleanser (Sandalwood)... read more >>

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