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Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry 50ml

4.6 of 251 reviews

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Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry is a lightweight, non-pore clogging moisturiser to hydrate, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This is an ideal moisturiser for dry skin types. Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry is formulated with the latest in anti-ageing, the first step in repairing skin’s barrier function.
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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry

Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry

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Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry Reviews

4.6 of 251 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for evening use


I use this moisturiser every night on my slightly dry skin and I can instantly feel the difference it makes in soothing my skin.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but not as hydrating as expected


I have really dry skin and bought this product after trying the Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin which was not hydrating enough for me. I really hoped this product would be a more moisturising step up from the normal skin product but found it didn't do much more.
The cream was super thick, difficult to apply and still left me with the same concerns I had when I bought it.
  1. Great for evening use


    verified purchaser
    I use this moisturiser every night on my slightly dry skin and I can instantly feel the difference it makes in soothing my skin.
  2. Great winter moisturiser


    This is really wonderful! I love this brand so much, this is super hydrating and it always helps my skin when I start getting flakey around my mouth and nose when it gets colder.
  3. Moisturising


    This is good to layer over retinol at night to prevent it drying you out
  4. Good but not as hydrating as expected


    I have really dry skin and bought this product after trying the Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin which was not hydrating enough for me. I really hoped this product would be a more moisturising step up from the normal skin product but found it didn't do much more.
    The cream was super thick, difficult to apply and still left me with the same concerns I had when I bought it.
  5. Nice


    Nice hydrating cream for dry skin. Is a thick cream but does not break me out.
  6. Moisture


    absorbs straight into my skin and keeps my skin plump and moisturised
  7. Does the job


    verified purchaser
    I use this moisturiser as a day cream. It deeply moisturises my face without that tacky feeling to the touch and it works well under makeup too. Great for winter since my skin is drier than usual at the moment.
    This moisturiser is not that 'spreadable' and I feel like I need to use more product than I usually would to cover my whole face- But thats just me being extra critical because of th...
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  8. Okay for the price


    verified purchaser
    I didn’t mind this product but I didn’t love it. I have very dry skin and sometimes felt like I needed to reapply a number of times per day for hydration. Would also be better if if came in a larger size.
  9. OK moisturiser


    Good enough for normal to dry skin ..not for dry to very dry skin..small packaging..find it a bit expensive in comparison to skintitut's other products..overall good one to use undermakeup.
  10. The best moisturiser


    Having very dry skin this moisturiser does wonders. I used it every single day after cleansing and on days when I exfoliate and my skin has never looked and felt better. I wish it came in a bigger bottle!
  11. Hydrating


    I found this product hydrating in effect and semi thick in application. It wasn't greasy and left my skin feeling protected and supple.
  12. Intense smell


    This is a nice moisturiser for dry Winter skin. Doesn't feel sticky or too thick, but has a very strong rose smell.
  13. Light and Effective Moisturiser


    Great moisturiser especially for dry skin types! I struggled to find a product that kept my skin balanced but have found this moisturiser to be really effective. I have added it to my daily skin routine and have noticed great results especially during the dry winter months.
  14. Winter skin saver


    This brand always makes me feel I’ve stepped into a beauticians clinic . Trustworthy , effective and packaged well . This particular moisturizer is a skin saver especially the colder months were dry skin is our enemy . I use it any time of the day to moisturize and smooth with great results . A little goes a long way.
  15. has grown on me!


    I purchased this as going into the cooler months, my skin tends to become quite dry with visible dry patches. At first I wasn't too impressed with this moisturiser, I have been using the moisture defence every day in the Skinstitut range however, this has certainly grown on me. I have been using it at night mostly. It's not too heavy and does absorb nicely, it is a thicker texture to the every day...
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  16. Very Hydrating.


    I turn to this moisturiser in Autumn/Winter when my skin starts to feel drier. I love it. Feels beautiful on, sinks in and you don’t need much. Also lovely to use at night time. Especially after exfoliating. I apply a little more for night time and I wake up with plump,glowing skin.
  17. Maybe a bit to heavy


    I’ve been using this moisturiser for over a year now and what I like about it is you really need a pea size of it as i do find it a thick moisturiser if that’s what you like and it will last you over 3 months if using the correct size of it. I’ve got normal to dry skin and have had no problems with it and also makes my makeup look good.
  18. Amazing moisturiser which isn’t too thick


    I love this moisturiser. It layers well under makeup and it’s hydrating enough to be able to wear at night.
  19. Great for when my skin is dry.


    I love this when my skin feels a bit drier than usual or in the colder months. Its super hydrating and feels lovely on the skin. I like the consistency and the scent and it lasts me a long time as i don't need something this rich all the time.
  20. Really hydrating


    I love this moisturiser for winter , it’s so hydrating and not shiny. I also use it in evenings during the warmer months and have never had any issues.
  21. Very hydrating


    I have sensitive skin and often get dry patches. This cream is very hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or red. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised, soft and smooth. Lovely cream that I have repurchased several times.
  22. Very thick cream


    It is a very thick cream and applies very thick on the skin but does not feel heavy on the skin. Is very good for my dry skin and I only apply it at night. I probably wouldn't apply it during the day as it would produce too much oil.
  23. Moisturiser


    This moisture is great, especially because my skin is very dry. Keeps it very hydrated
  24. A beautiful night cream


    This cream has a bit of a thick consistency, so I find it perfect for a lux night cream. This is my third tube of it, only a small amount required so the tube lasts quiet a while.
  25. A little goes a long way!


    Super moisturising and feels light on the skin
  26. Thick and Luxurious


    I loved this moisturiser, I have super dry skin and this was so nourishing, its super thick and feels so luxurious going on the skin yet I didn't notice it being heavy or sticky under make-up. It absorbed so well. would 100% purchase again.
  27. Yes it is heavy but great


    It does the trick though on very dry skin. I just don’t like heavy creams anymore now that I know that brands are able to bring out water light gels that are extremely hydrating.

    I like skinstitut as a brand overall, their glycolic scrub is a wonder and most things are great. While I don’t like heavy creams anymore, I do think this is a very good one if that’s your thing.
  28. Skinstitut


    Have used this product before, great under make up.
    Couldn’t believe how quickly my order was processed. Adore thanks for the great service
  29. A bit heavy


    It is a really thick, hydrating moisturiser and I didn't make my skin red after using it. I did find it was a bit too much for using it in summer, would be good for winter!
  30. Good for wrinkles


    I am an older woman and I find this product great for wrinkles, it smooths them out so they are not so noticeable. It penetrates the skin well using only a small amount and does not leave an oily residue on the skin like some moisturisers. My only complaint ( not really a complaint) is I wish it also came in a larger size.
  31. Great moisturiser for dry skin


    I really like this moisturiser, its not too heavy and you only need a little and its easily absorbed once rubbed in.
  32. Great for dry skin


    I have super dry and sensitive skin and find this product is great value for the price. It is really hydrating and has a lovely light fragrance which smells fresh and natural. It has never irritated my skin and you only need a little bit, so it will last you quite a while even though the tube is small.
  33. Really hydrating


    I love this moisturiser for winter , it’s so hydrating and not shiny. I also use it in evenings during the warmer months and have never had any issues.
  34. A little thick


    Feels too thick and heavy but I guess it’s targeted towards ultra dry skin which I don’t have so that could be why. Probably great in winter though.
  35. skinstitut


    very rich moisturiser for my skin, prefer it in winter otherwise it looks a tad greasy on me. would recommend for those with v dry skin
  36. Great Product for Dry Skin


    I have found it hard to find a moisturizer that keeps my face from drying out throughout the day. This product is great. I use it under my makeup and it lasts. I have several Skinstitute products and they have always performed as expected. Great stuff.
  37. Extra hydration

    Adore fan

    I found this to be the extra boost my mature skin needed during the hot dry summer, absorbed easily was good under makeup. Would highly recommend
  38. Great Night Cream


    I find this product too heavy for day wear and it makes my makeup slide but is great for a night cream. Always wake up with soft, dewy skin.
  39. Great Night Cream


    I find this product too heavy for day wear and it makes my makeup slide but is great for a night cream. Always wake up with soft, dewy skin.
  40. Good


    I have oily skin and I use this sometimes. Although i like that it has peptides and it does do a decent job moisturising, my skin looks oily and shiny after a few hours
  41. Again, another amazing moisturiser


    I initially used the normal skin moisturiser but bought this one after noticing how dehydrated my skin still is. It is amazing, i don't have the driest skin and this works really well for me. I love the smell, always makes me feel like I'm taking really good care of my skin
  42. Ultra good


    I switched my moisturiser to the skinstitut moisture defence ultra dry and I’m so happy I did! It’s consistency is much thicker than my previous skinstitut moisturiser, but doesn’t leave any filmy residue and feels light on my skin. I definitely notice the moisturising qualities of this product, and love the fresh cucumber like scent!
  43. Nice moisturiser


    Low scent, hydrating and easy to use. Good for sensitive skin
  44. Wow


    I received this as a sample in a purchase from adore and I really like it! Makes my skin smooth and glowing! Thankyou!
  45. Great moisturiser


    As my skin is now more mature I found I needed more moisture and this product really delivers . It is not too heavy and leaves my skin feeling hydrated , I use it at morning and night.
  46. Not my fave skinstitut product


    I have recently changed over to Skinstitut and I love many of their products. Im 35 and noticing my skin needs extra hydration, so thought this would be perf. It was super heavy for me, so maybe I'm just not ready for it. It feels like my skin can't breathe, and it feels like it just sits on top of my skin rather than sinking in.
  47. Perfect for dry skin


    This is the best moisturizer I have ever used for my sometimes really dry skin. Even wonderful for my dry under eye area. Would buy again and again!
  48. Amazing


    I have oily and dehydrated skin and this works well and this is my third buy
  49. Ok


    This moisturises my skin but does not hydrate my skin that well.
  50. Best daily moisturiser for dry skin!


    I’d have to be on my tenth tube of this stuff. I kept having minor allergic reactions to day moisturisers before I found this - it’s so good. The test was using it on a month long winter drip through Europe. It kept my usually dry skin perfectly moisturised.
  51. She BURNS


    I love Skinstitut as I use their cleansing range! This moisturiser burned my skin, so not ideal for super sensitive skin. My skin is more dry than sensitive, so there's something in it that irritates it. Annoying as I couldn't tell if it's up there with my Avenee Rich Recovery Cream as I needed to get it off my face. Very annoyed and NOT for sensitive skin.
  52. Wanted this to be great


    I bought this product based on description and reviews. My skin is sun damaged and showing it's age, and is highly reactive. Unfortunately this product felt and looked very greasy even hours after applying, and even though I didn't apply it to my eye area, it somehow gets in my eyes and stings. I didn't see or feel any benefits from using this, however I'm going to give it another chance in winter...
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  53. Impressive


    This is a great moisturiser that is light but really moisturising without feeling as though it is crossing pores etc. definitely has my thumbs up
  54. Amazing


    This is Ana amazing moisturiser! Really thick and hydrating and leaves my skin soft and plump. Love it
  55. Great


    I have oily skin and use this because it absorbs almost instantly and moisturises my skin. However my skin can start to look oily after a few hours
  56. Love this product


    I have combination skin and use this product twice daily with the multi-active oil. I have found these two products combined has made such a difference to the dryness around my chin and doesn't make my t-zone more oily. Good value for money. Would highly recommend.
  57. Great


    This is a good product for the day time and it is a good moisturiser for my rather oily skin
  58. So impressed, great value for money


    Super hydrating! This moisturiser has improved my skin so much that I no longer wear foundation.

    I didn't expect the product to deliver such amazing results for the price... ill definitely be reordering.

  59. Perfect for very dry skin


    This is a perfect moisturiser to use if you suffer from extremely dry skin. It isn’t so thick so it can still be applied to the face easily
  60. Great moisturiser


    As my skin is more mature now I have found it is drier and this moisturiser is just what I need to give me a really nice hydrated feeling without being greasy, love it!
  61. Good but not great


    Smooth on my skin and light weight. Doesn't make my skin oily which is a huge thing for me.
  62. perfect night cream


    I have oily skin and love this as a night cream, leaves my skin so glowy in the morning.
  63. Great product at this price point


    I made the switch from a Clinique moisturiser to this product and the difference is huge. Very hydrating and you can feel your skin absorb it. When you wake up in the morning to wash your face, you can feel its soaked in and not just sitting on your face. Didnt 100% clear up my dry patches but the best moisturiser i have tried at this price point so far.
  64. Wonderful


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  65. Ok


    Have only been using it for just over a week but am slightly disappointed, my skin doesn't feel anymore hydrated yet. We are in the drought & environment is very dry so was hoping for a more instant hydrating affect. However, it does absorb quickly & smooths on easily & is good under sunscreen & makeup.
  66. Great for dry skin


    A great moisturiser that works wonders at night on my slightly dry and sometimes dehydrated skin, a small amount also goes a long way.
  67. Great moisturiser


    This moisturiser is way better then the the normal one. I find that it soaks up well and my skin feels hydrated and soft.
  68. hydrating and travel friendly!


    I took this with me to Africa recently and was mostly in dry, desert regions. I wanted a moisturiser that was super hydrating and this did the trick! it is also in super travel friendly packaging which is an added bonus.
    Even though I have returned from my trip, I am still using this product and find it a well priced and great quality moisturiser.
  69. Great for irritated skin


    I love using this stuff on my skin before bed on the irritated or dry patches on my face! It’s definitely a holy grail product of mine
  70. Very hydrating and soothing


    Great for super dry and sensitive skin, helped with tight, dry skin and was quite hydrating. It was also soothing on my skin and helped with redness and irritation.
  71. Very hydrating


    Love the hydrating factor this product delivers, smalls fresh and clean too
  72. Great buy


    Love this product! Beautiful for my dry and slightly sensitive skin. Woke up with soft and hydrated skin.
  73. Very good for winter


    Has been wonderful in winter! Very nice and moisturising.
  74. Hydrating


    This is super hydrating during the winter months for my oily skin.
  75. Summer fav


    My favourite summer moisturiser under my SPF. Not heavy and very moisturising! I thought it would break me out but it didn't.
  76. Fresh


    Love this moisturiser. I have acne prone skin and this doesn’t break me out like most moisturisers . Only down side is the tube is so small and lasts about a month... oh well a monthly excuse to hop on here and buy more !!!
  77. Ultimate hydration


    I don’t find this cream too heavy at all and I have fairly normal skin. Occasionally I get a few dry patches around my eyes and chin & just love this cream.
  78. Great for dry skin


    I love using this when my acne medication has made my skin super dry and flakey. This takes care of it super well and the hydration lasts all day.
  79. Life saver for dry flakey skin!


    I’ve tried and used almost all of the skinstitut range so it came as no surprise that the moisture defence ultra dry moisturiser lived up to all the hype! It recommends a pea sized amount which really is more than enough as it spreads so well. After only a couple of days all my flakes had cleared up and my skin looked and felt so smooth. An added bonus is the lovely smell.
  80. Great product


    I was recently getting a really bad break out of no where and was encouraged to check out this range. I purchased this moisturiser, 12% cleanser and mist spray - after 4 days of use, my pimples dried and reduced dramatically. I look forward to buying more of their products. So happy!
  81. Love


    This product goes on so light and easy and doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It dries fast and doesn’t make you feel oily.
  82. Great!


    I recently tried other brands in a similar price range from this website and I found this product to be the best. For extra 'oomph' i add a squirt of the Multi Active Oil. Id love it to come in a bigger size.
  83. Simple effective moisturiser


    Skintitut is a brand known for reasonable pricing with cosmetic grade ingredients. This moisturiser is no different. An easy to apply moisturiser and leaves skin feeling hydrated but not gluggy. A staple product.
  84. Great


    I wear this underneath makeup and it doesn't look greasy on my skin. It is light weight and blends easily into my skin
  85. New fav..


    I recently switched over to the skinsitit range as I have sensitive skin that I couldn't get back under control. I started off using this moisturiser in conjunction with the gentle cleanser and micro enzymatic peel, and noticed an improvement in the sensitivity and general hydration of my skin after only a week or so.

    As this is only 50mL, I find that it is a little overpriced compare...
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  86. Ordered again


    Just ordered another bottle of this love it I use as a night cream and buy ultra dry as it’s a bit heavier to use as a night cream
  87. really good


    This is a wonderful way to try the range! Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after!
  88. Great for dry skin


    I have tried many many skin care products, but Skinstitut is the one I will be sticking too! I have completely switched over to the Skinstitut products since the birth of my son after having breakouts on my chin. I use this morning and night as I have dry skin and like to feel well moisturised. It doesnt leave any residue on my skin, it blends in beautifully, only a small amount is needed so it la...
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  89. Decent


    This is a really decent moisturiser for dry skin. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin greasy. Minimal scent. However I find my skin still gets drier as the day goes on. So my search continues but I’m honestly not upset and will use up the whole tube.
  90. Just what I needed


    My skin was so dry after a long winter and this product has been soaked up. I’m a trained beauty therapist and this is one of new favourites and well priced
  91. Super moisturising


    This is my go to moisture now. I don’t have super dry skin but I tend to prefer a thicker moisturiser & this one is just that but it also soaks in really well. It doesn’t leave that sticky feeling to your face & works awesome under makeup as well.
  92. Absolutely love this item


    This is the one item I reorder, reorder, reorder - I absolutely adore it. Easy to apply, doesn't feel thick and gluggy, absorbs quickly and easily and doesn't leave any residue. If you have dry skin buy this cream you won't regret it.
  93. Moisture defence


    Ive tried so many different products for my face some that leave my skin dry and flaky others oily and gross. But since swapping and sticking to skinstitut products, my skin feels so soft and its helped my skin so much.
  94. Fantastic


    This moisturiser is fantastic! Perfect if you have super dry skin or sometimes I will pop it on at night after my serums if I am feeling really dehydrated. It gives a beautiful glow without making you look like an oily mess!
  95. Amazing


    I am very happy with my purchase, I love the entire Skinstitut skin care range. I have noticed in only a few days my skin is no longer dry after using this moisture. It’s also affordable which is a bonus.
  96. Very Moisturising!


    I recently decided to try this moisturiser after using the original for normal skin by Skinstitut. This has become a new favorite of mine and is great for re-hydrating my dry, Winter skin! It is a much thicker formula then the original, but it does a great job of absorbing into my skin and making it look and feel super soft and glowing!
  97. Helps dry skin


    I’ve been using this for over 2 years now, I’ve got really dry skin and this helps a lot, I use it day and night in conjunction with other skinstute products and I can really tell the nights where I forget to put it on. This has really helped my skin
  98. Amazing


    Great product skin is so much smoother and moisturised. Just don’t get on lips or in eyes. Smell could be better.
  99. Thick and moisturising


    Perfect moisturiser to use a few times throughout the week over winter time
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