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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.7 of 739 reviews

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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4.7 of 739 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy grail
My favourite scrub! I will never use anything else :)

Most Helpful Criticism

Use sparingly on sensitive skin
I have very sensitive skin and this product tends to create slight irritation / redness. It certainly clean and exfoliates well and I don't dislike this scrub, but I do have to take care to use sparingly and infrequently. Probably won't re-purchase.
  1. Holy grail

    My favourite scrub! I will never use anything else :)
  2. A brilliant product

    This is a great physical exfollient. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth every time. Love love love
  3. Best scrub I’ve ever used

    After being introduced to the Skinstitut range I haven’t looked back. Gentle but effective scrub. I have sensitive and occasionally dry skin but this scrub is perfect
  4. Great face scrub

    I’ve used this for a few years now and is a great scrub, if your face is feeling a little dirty give this a go even just once a week and it definitely makes a difference.
  5. Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth

    This product has delivered exactly as I expected it would when I bought it! It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth after using it 2 times a week & visibly removes all of my blackheads... would definitely recommend!
  6. Very effective

    I had read up on the best scrub to address KP on my arms, and am really happy with this solution. My sensitive skin tolerated this fine (on arms, not face). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others!
  7. Very good product for in growth hair problem

    I got recommend this product when when doing laser treatment. It leave my skin smooth after use and solved my in growth hair issue. Would definitely recommend this
  8. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Product.

    I can't believe how clean my face feels. Highly recommended this product in addition to the addition products form the brand.
    You won't be disappointed.
  9. Smooth Skin

    I use this as a once a week exfoliation and its got a thick sandy paste consistency and really leaves the skin feeling smooth.
  10. Good for combination skin

    The texture of the cleanser is good and my skin felt very clean afterwards. Would recommend only to be used once or twice a week as my skin did dry out abit.
  11. Perfect for post laser treatments

    This was recommended to my by my laser clinic and I love it, its perfect for that. However, its a bit too harsh for to use on my face as I have sensitive skin
  12. awesome

    one of the best scrubs ive tried. makes my skin really soft and smooth without breaking out
  13. Keeps skin clear

    The ingredients in this Glycolic scrub are quite potent. It can make your skin sting if you use it straight after cleansing so best to wait a while. I prefer to use this at night because it makes my skin a bit pink after use. It is a wonderful product for me and keeps my skin clear and fresh. I have oily skin and I have had no issues with more oil.
  14. Fresh faced!

    The scrub has been gentle on my skin and over the couple of weeks of using it I’ve noticed my skin has cleared up. Definitely recommend
  15. I’ve found the one...

    This scrub works wonders on my skin, from random breakouts to seasonal change affecting my skin. I only use it maximum 3 times per week and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh every time!
  16. Skin significantly improved

    I've been using this product for a few months now and love it. It's the perfect exfoliator, leaves my skin smooth and feeling fresh, and since starting to use it I've had fewer breakouts and a more even tone. Highly recommend!
  17. Amazing for brightening skin!

    This is a fantastic product for brightening skin and removing dullness. I use it 2-3 times a week and it does wonders. Just make sure you aren't overusing it, and if you have other products with active exfoliant ingredients such as Glycolic, be very careful about how often you use them as it can strip your skin.
  18. Amazing product!

    Amazing product! My mother (55years) and myself (20 years) both love and adore this product! It makes your skin feel amazingly smooth with no irritation. Perfect for breakouts and a great exfoliator.
  19. Helps keep me clear

    I’ve been using this cleanser on and off for many years. I use it once a day as I have oily skin and find it helps keep my skin clear from breakouts. When I’m nearing the time of the month I use it on chest to avoid any breakouts there. I wouldn’t recommend this strength of glycolic acid for anyone with sensitive skin as it’s really strong. Fantastic cleanser that really works.
  20. Great and so affordable!

    I love how affordable and effective this exfoliant is! i wasnt expecting much due to the price but i am always genuinely surprised at the high quality skinstitut makes!
  21. Smooth as silk

    I got a pouch of this as a sample in my most recent AB order, This scrub left my skin smooth as silk whilst still being gentle enough on my skin. Visibly improved blackheads, will definitely purchase the full size as I’d love to see the long term results!
  22. The best exfoliator on the market.

    I highly recommend this product. It’s effective and a little goes a long way. I skin feels amazing after I’ve used it. I’ll be sticking with this product for many years to come.
  23. Refreshing scrub!

    Got this as a sample, left my skin feeling so smooth and looking really glowy! Would give 5 stars but it was quite intense on the skin, would only recommend using once a week sparingly. It definitely delivers the results though, I might make a permanent addition to my routine
  24. great body scrub

    great scrub, kind of rough on my face so I use this on my body in the shower and it makes my skin super smooth and soft! have purchased 3 times now :)
  25. Great

    I love this scrub, I use it every week and I get great results.
  26. great exfoliation

    recommended to me by my laser clinic and i still use this. it leaves your skin smooth and glowy but i would suggest moisturising your skin after this.
  27. Soft skin

    I received this as a sample and after using it makes your skin so silky and soft. I am currently experiencing a breakout and feel like this product has helped with congestion. You only need a small amount so the product lasts for a long time. Would buy.
  28. Great value

    My skin has been lacking a freshness to it for a while and it wasn't until i tried this that i realised just how dull it really was. I bought the product after hearing of it as a recommendation. You really don't need much so its such great value and leaves your skin feeling so alive without making it feel stripped bare. Would definitely recommend!
  29. Fresh feeling

    I first received as a sample and repurchased the full size. This exfoliate is great for getting that clean feeling from your skin and also use before a mask for an even better feeling.
    I use this in the mornings 2-3 times a week usually or if my skin is suffering I’ll use it again. My skin is sensitive, it can tend to be a tiny bit rough if I have an acne flare up! But over all it’s my current exfoliator and I love it!
  30. baby skin

    I received this as a sample and was blown away by the instant effect!

    I've gone through 2 bottles now and apply in the shower 2 times a week.

    Leave on for 30 sec, baby skin guaranteed.
  31. Exfoliator that can be used on face and body

    What i love most is that this product isnt too harsh on the face - my skin can sometimes be a bit dry and dehydrated. I use it once a week as i do hair removal laser (on the sides of my face too) and find it helps keep my skin smooth - but you need to moisturise after
  32. A really nice scrub.

    In over a week roughly that I have been using this product, I feel that my face has become softer & more clear. I’ve notice the dull colour to my face has gone & my actually don’t feel or look to bad without needing much make up anymore. I get pimples often but not acne prone & i am finding that i am breaking out less.
  33. Love this!

    This is one of my fav skinstitut products. I use twice a week and it’s great for my hormonal acne as well as scrubbing away any dead flakey skin. I love scrubs that are quite rough but usually they leave my skin quite red and feeling dry/tight. This scrub gives me that nice decent scrub without the nasty red skin afterwards. Love it!
  34. so good

    I use this on face and body, it helps to clear up my keratosis pilaris on my arms. I use it very sparingly and gently on my face as I do react with a lot of redness from the granules. otherwise would recommend as it is a great price. I have recommended this for friends and family
  35. Unfortunately can’t reccomend

    I received a mini of this and have used it a few times. It was way too harsh for my skin and ended up aggravating my skin even more. I use gycolic acid in my skin care routine, so I think it was the scrub element that didn’t work for me. The scent was also very strong/chemical like. I have quite normal skin too, so I wouldn’t recommend for sensitive skin.
  36. Works but I wish it was a bit thicker consistency

    I used this scrub many years ago and I remember it being a thicker consistency. Bought it recently and it seems more watery. That was a little disappointing, but it definitely still works very well, I only use it around twice a week as my skin is a little acne prone/sensitive. And I loooove that Skinstitut is made here in Aus!
  37. 3rd time purchased already

    I love this scrub, it my 3rd purchases already. Keep my skin smooth and soft, also solved my in grow hair problem. 1 tub last a long long time :)
  38. Excellent Exfoliant

    This exfoliant is fantastic, it’s not too abrasive on the skin and has a creamy texture that really feels like it is cleansing deeply.
    part of my weekly routine and will always be my go-to.
  39. Perfect for a Deep Clean

    I use this scrub every second night, and after wearing heavy makeup. It doesn’t burn or irritate my skin unlike other glycolic scrubs I’ve used in the past. It truly gives your face a thorough clean whilst not leaving your skin too dry.
  40. Great for refreshing tired looking skin

    I use this 2 times a week after cleansing. My skin always looks fresher, brighter and feels much softer after.
    I have also noticed that it is gradually lightening my sun damage. It’s a great product at an affordable price
  41. Refreshing scrub

    I originally started using this scrub as a post laser hair removal exfoliation, which is still what I use it for primarily, and it’s great to prevent and reduce ingrown hairs. It’s not super harsh on the skin so it’s good as a whole body exfoliant. I also like using it on my face once a week or so for a good scrub - leaving it on for a few minutes in the shower helps my skin feel super soft and refreshed. The bottle is quite large too so lasts a decent amount of time.
  42. I'm on my 5th bottle!

    I've been using this for the past 3 years and i have no complaints. I have very oily skin that generally has a rough texture. This is the only exfoliator that i swear by. I have made all of my friends and family purchase it because its so incredible! The beads are nice and small so it exfoliates skin very well.
  43. Use sparingly on sensitive skin

    I have very sensitive skin and this product tends to create slight irritation / redness. It certainly clean and exfoliates well and I don't dislike this scrub, but I do have to take care to use sparingly and infrequently. Probably won't re-purchase.
  44. It actually feels like it’s exfoliating

    This works so well! Would not recommend using it everyday though it’s that good!!
  45. Love this stuff!

    I use this scrub 3x per week and love how it makes my skin feel after (like I’ve had a facial at the spa!). It’s quite strong as it’s both a chemical and physical scrub, and contains tea tree oil which it smells of. Very generous size and you only need a pea sized amount so well worth the cost. On non-scrub days I use the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% and find they work together wonderfully for my combination skin.
  46. Very effective

    This scrub is amazing and leaves my skin feeling super smooth. I use it once a week and my skin is glowing afterwards. One tube will last months and months. Great value for money!
  47. Great scrub

    After using it, my skin is very soft and not dry at all, if I compare to other scrubs I have used in the past
  48. Best scrub

    Love this scrub, it lasts forever as you only need a small amount. My skin always feels so clean and smooth after use once a week. Would definitely recommend
  49. Clean clear skin

    I have normal to dry skin and I use this product only 2 times a week usually on days when I wear make up. After washing my skin is visibly smooth and clean, I love it.
  50. Clean clear skin

    I have normal to dry skin and I use this product only 2 times a week usually on days when I wear make up. After washing my skin is visibly smooth and clean, I love it.
  51. Amazing Exfoliator for Acne Prone Skin

    I received this as a 50mL sample and saw a drastic difference in my skin in a just a few uses. My skin felt exfoliated, smooth and I saw a drastic decrease in my acne. This did not irritate or dry out my skin at all. The amount you need per use is very small and definitely worth the cost so I decided to purchase the full size product.
  52. Glowing Skin ... yes!

    This Skinstitut product is such a great addition to my skincare routine. It's helped with reducing pigmentation and has helped even out my skin tone so much. I have sensitive skin and I thought that this would be way too strong for me. I use it a couple of times a week and my skin loves it. I'm a Skinstitut fan!
  53. My favourite

    This has changed my skin entirely. It removes my dead skin and helps with breakouts too.
  54. Love this scrub

    I use this scrub once or twice a week in the shower after my L-Latic cleansers. It makes my skin feel soft and clean!
  55. Yes!

    I have used this scrub for years and love it. I have oily t-zone skin and find it perfect. I use it every few days in the morning and leave on for as long as possible - love the tingly feeling of the glycolic acid doing its work.
    My mother in law did comment it dries her skin out however I have not had this problem.
  56. Holy grail

    I have been using this scrub for over 3 years now and still love it so much.
  57. deep clean

    I have used this product for several years now and love using a few times a week after cleansing. Really gives a deep clean and unclogs my pores, leaves my skin feeling extra clean and silky smooth.
  58. Great scrub for pigmentation!

    Love using this every 2 or 3 days in the shower , has cleared my redness and blemishes dramatically! Not a harsh scrub either
  59. Best Glycolic Scrub I’ve Used

    I’m a huge fan of this Glycolic Scrub. The grains are super fine yet feel like they are exfoliating gently, and the glycolic acid % is the perfect amount to smooth my skin without drying out. Excellent value for money and lasts forever.
  60. Nice scrub

    This is a good scrub, it didn’t irritate my skin which was good. It definitely did the job at cleaning, my skin felt quite tight after. I wouldn’t repurchase mainly because of the price. There are heaps of other scrubs far less exspensive
  61. Best Scrub

    Only scrub I have used in which I have noticed a vast difference with the appearance of my acne prone skin!
  62. My go to exfoliator

    Love this product! Just be careful not to overuse as it can cause irritation and dryness. Such a good exfoliator to use twice a week to clear dead skin cells away. I haven't looked back since changing over to this gem of a product.
  63. great product

    This is a great scrub and helps with removing dead skin, but im not sure if it is so amazing that I can justify repurchasing as I can find similar products for less.
  64. Great for post-laser exfoliation

    I use this product as a body scrub, particularly in those weeks after laser hair removal when hair starts to shed. I find that my skin is smooth after use, and I'm less prone to ingrown hairs and breakouts. I would not use this product on my face, as it's a little too harsh for my sensitive skin, but I would recommend this product as an effective exfoliating body scrub.
  65. average

    this product is nice, but I don't notice a huge huge difference when I use it. I like that it isn't too rough on the skin and does a good job of exfoliating the dead skin, but I probably wouldn't repurchase.
  66. Effective scrub

    This is a really effective scrub which felt somewhat harsher than the Clinique 7-day scrub I usually have on rotation, but left my skin feeling really smooth and not at all dry or tight. Would use again.
  67. Great product to add to your skincare Arsenal

    Another of my fav Skinstitut products. Great to use a few times a week to get rid of that rough & dry skin. Gives my skin that freshen up it needs. The bottle lasts ages!!
  68. Not great

    I tried really hard to love this product after hearing so many good things about it, but unfortunately, it just didn't work for me.

    The micro grains are quite small, harsh, and abrasive, not ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin and it even seemed irritating for me.

    Also, it unfortunately didn't cleanse my face effectively.

    It didn't really do anything that other, gentler glycolic acid products have done for me, so I think I will stick to and recommend those less-harsh methods of incorporating glycolic acid into a routine.
  69. My favourite product in this brand

    Love this scrub - the little granulars really work into your skin and you can see the glow immediately. Within a few days my skin detoxed, and after a week my acne has reduced and my blackheads/ blocked pores have opened and most congestion has completely disappeared.
  70. This product works miracle in my skin!

    Transaction is very smooth. Received the product in a very presentable box. This product is really amazing! My skin feels lighter and softer! I can feel that its no longer congested! I really love the product! Works miracle!
  71. Great for congested skin

    Great scrub to maintain a clear face. Whenever I feel acne flaring I use this scrub for a few days and it’s cleared. Don’t use in inflamed skin though, it makes it a lot worse before it gets better.
  72. Favourite cleanser

    I love skinstitut products. This scrub although it’s great at exfoliating your face without leaving it dry it’s great for people that get those small bumps on your arms as well. Love the smell and leaves the skin silky soft.
  73. Great

    Love this scrub , it is small grains , can burn a little if using acid toner but my skin feels and looks lovely next day
  74. Great

    Love this scrub , it is small grains , can burn a little if using acid toner but my skin feels and looks lovely next day
  75. Not sure

    Not sure this product is great for my oily skin , still had my makeup separate after few after hours , but to be fair it was an extremely hot and humid day , will try it again sometime when it is a bit cooler
  76. Great for a Mini facial!

    I generally use the glycolic cleanser as an exfoliant, but recently noticed that my beautician was using this as part of my facial. She would leaving this on my skin for a couple minutes. So now by using the cleanser and this exfoliator, I am able to extend the facials for an extra couple weeks.
  77. My go-to exfoliating product

    As the title suggests, this is my go-to exfoliator! I use it every second day as I've found that works best for me at getting rid of any build up or congestion. My skin feels so smooth after using this product and I've also noticed an improvement in some pigmentation from old breakouts.
  78. Great scrub!

    I use this scrub twice a week and it helps makes my skin smooth and is helping reduce my acne scarring. It is gentle but very effective!
  79. Love it

    This scrub makes my skin feel amazing after. So soft and gentle on my sensitive skin aswell but definitely gets rid of the dead skin.
  80. Effective

    I use this in the shower when I feel my face needs an exfoliation and feel that it does the job.
  81. Good, but

    This is amazing but I think if you have dry sensitive skin stay away because it can be harsh I have oily, textured skin and large pores and it worked well
  82. The number one scrub

    I use this for ingrown hairs and as a exfoliate on my body. It works a treat. Don’t bother with anything else these days. Every couple of weeks I’ll use it on my face as it’s a powerful exfoliate.
  83. Okay

    This exfoliator was recommended to me by a skin specialist. I have combination type skin and inflammation along the jaw and chin.
    I feel this exfoliator does the job at 'exfoliating' and gives my skin a nice clear fresh look and feel. It can be abit abrasive so I add more water to make it a gentle scrub and only use once a week.
  84. Staple exfoliation product

    Really effective face scrub. I use this on my chin and nose only (problem area) and it really gets right into the pores and cleanses them completely. Its very gritty like fine salt so I probably wouldn't recommend to those with really sensitive skin. The bottle is huge too and lasts a very long time. I use once per week to do a good exfoliation on my face and I have had the same bottle for 6 months now and its still got product left. Little goes a long way with this product.
  85. One of the best

    Love this scrub does exactly what it says it will. Not too drying and great for getting rid of dead hair after laser treatments. Great for face and body, I use it 2-3 times a week and my skin has never felt better. Must have product.
  86. Fantastic scrub that actually works

    Love this product, leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh and really gets rid of any build up or congestion. I use it 5x a week as my skin is breakout prone. Great value, only need a pea sized amount for your whole face.
  87. I really like this scrub

    This scrub is great, it works wonders on congested pores or those little annoying bits of dry skin around your nose in winter. I also use it on my hands the night before I fake tan, leave it on for a few minutes to get a deep exfoliation happening. Just don't forget to replenish your hands with moisturizer!
  88. post last treatment

    I had this recommended to me to use on my legs/underarms in between laser hair removal treatments. They say its to prevent in grown hairs and so far after 4 rounds of laser I haven't had any ingrown problems. Hard to know if its working though or if I just never would have gotten ingrowns! I use it on my face too as a scrub and I like it.
  89. Best I've used.

    I've used alot of scrubs, high end and cheap. This one tops the lot. It's creamy and gives a really nice scrub. The granules are not scratchy like some can be and my face feela amazing after I use this.
  90. Okay product

    This exfoliator was recommended to me by a skin specialist. I have combination type skin and inflammation along the jaw and chin.
    I feel this exfoliator does the job at 'exfoliating' and gives my skin a nice clear fresh look and feel. It can be abit abrasive so I add more water to make it a gentle scrub.
  91. Great long lasting product

    I loved this product. It isn't too rough on your skin and made it feel so soft afterwards.
  92. Love this!!

    The texture of this scrub leaves my skin feeling instantly cleaner and smoother than ever before. Usually a fan of Dermalogica’s Microfoliant, I went searching for a more reasonably priced alternative and I couldn’t be happier. Support an Australian brand is a bonus!
  93. Great product

    I love using this around my nose where you get that build up from make-up etc. is a great product and price wise is very affordable.
  94. Amazing Product Perfect For Sensitive Skin.

    Finally found a scrub I have fallen in love with. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and cleansed without being too abrasive. Highly recommended.
  95. Works well

    This is a great scrub, however it can be a bit rough so be gentle!
  96. Great scrub!

    I have used this scrub before and really liked it....but l have also had the trial size and didn’t think it was that good, the granuals varied too much...so l purchased the full size again and found it was so much better! It is a great scrub, you can use it everyday if you want as it is quite gentle. I work outside most days and get a lot of dust and dirt on my face and this scrub helps to keep my skin clean.
  97. Great product!

    I use this twice weekly, leaves my skin smooth and feeling lovely
  98. It’s amazing

    I tried the glycolic scrub after recieving a sample from adore and I have been obsessed ever since. It is the only facial product that has ever cleared my pores so effectively where I can visibly see the difference after using it on my face. I would highly recommend this product, it’s really so good.
  99. Skin looks and feels fantastic

    I’m in love with this scrub wish I had bought it much sooner , it most certainly has made my oily combination, large pores skin appear so much brighter and smoother! Does not have a bad smell like some , the grainy consistency is great !
  100. Black head eraser

    This gets rid of all my stubborn black heads, in fact I don’t even have a problem with them anymore. I use this once or twice and week and I definitely notice when I haven’t used it.
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