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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml

4.6 of 1484 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.01

Or 4 instalments of $9.01 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a high intensity exfoliant that works to deeply cleanse while also performing a controlled skin exfoliation. Suitable for most skin types, except red, sensitised or irritated.

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% Reviews

4.6 of 1484 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Affordable and works, what more can you ask for? This scrub smoothes and brightens my skin, my skin always feel reborn after using this scrub!

Most Helpful Criticism

A harsh scrub for sensitive skin


I began using this product one a week as a physical exfoliant. I now prefer to use a Alpha-H liquid gold rather than a rough scrub. I do however get sweat pimples on my back and chest. This scrub is great to use in the shower for these areas.


    Affordable and works, what more can you ask for? This scrub smoothes and brightens my skin, my skin always feel reborn after using this scrub!
  2. Works well


    I got this in a goodie bag from adore beauty with my order. I use it two three times a week. I love how it leaves my skin after using it. Very tiny particles to message and exfoliate. Now I always buy it when I run out of it.
  3. Great as a body scrub!


    This was a little bit harsh for my face however I have been loving using it up as a body scrub twice a week on my back arms and legs. It makes skin so smooth before a tan also
  4. Favourite Exfoliant!


    I have been using this scrub for over a year and love it. I continue to reorder. A little goes a long way and it really gets into the pores and removes all dirt and whiteheads. I try and use it 2 - 3 times a week depending on what my skin is doing. I also use it on my legs after laser hair removal to ensure no ingrowns. Works a treat. Would definitely recommend.
  5. Best Scrub


    I have repurchased this scrub because I love it so much! It lasts ages as there is so much product and is such great value for money. My skin always feels so much softer after I use this! I have recommended it to so many of my friends with other skin types and they all love.
  6. body


    good scrub for body, it left my face feeling a bit dry and tight though.
  7. Good value


    This cleanser is good and will easily last you a few months!! Doesn’t irritate the skin either
  8. Best product on the shelf


    I use this on my body mostly and face once a week. Leave on for 2-5 mins and you’ll feel like a new born baby. I also used on my dads scalp to remove all his dead dry skin and it all came off! His bald head shines like the moon now
  9. Amazing


    This has such a deep clean effect, can be harsh so don’t rub in too hard or it can be damaging. Highly recommend this
  10. Refreshing


    Leaves my skin feeling well-scrubbed. I use twice a week to do a deep clean, and follow up with a mask, my skin feels so amazing and smooth now.
  11. Doubles as a scrub and mask


    I have mature skin, prone to acne, yet areas that are dehydrated. Once a week I use as a mask, apply, leave on for 15 to 20 mins then add a little water and use as a scrub (using circular motions) Love being able to do 2 beauty treatment together. My teenage daughter does the same once a week and she has beautiful clear skin. This scrub keeps my acne at bay, removes dead skin cells and cleanses p...
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  12. Lifesaver!


    I don't know what I did without this product, it is so damn good. I use it daily as that is what works best for me. A little goes a long way, so it's awesome value for money. Makes my skin feel smooth and helps keep me breakout free
  13. INSTANT smoothing results!


    This product was recommended by my facial therapist, and she did not do me wrong. The results are SHOCKINGLY great; it leaves your skin feeling like a baby's butt every time!!! And you don't feel dry or damaged.

    This is an intensive scrub though so I not recommend to those with sensitive or irritated skin. Be sure to use it only once or twice a week. Because the results I got were so...
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  14. Absolute must have


    I have discovered this scrub about 2 years ago and it's a lifesaver. I only use it once a week as otherwise it's a little harsh on my skin - but this scrub really cleanses out the pores and i wake up the next day with such a glowing skin. I do make sure to moisturise well after using this or put on an overnight hydrating face mask.
  15. It works


    Love this product. Gives a nice exfoliation without scratching or damaging the skin. Only need a small amount and the tube is massive so will last ages. Pleasant smell. Highly recommend. Was told my skin was looking nice after 2 weeks of using this scrub
  16. After Laser exfoliation


    Ever since starting laser hair removal I have used this product to stop ingrown hairs. It is a little harsh at first but after a few scrubs you are used to the feel of the product.
  17. Did nothing for my KP


    Bought this for the sole purpose of treating the KP on my arms. I've used maybe 80% of the tube now and have noticed no difference at all, so sadly my search for an effective KP treatment continues. On the plus side, this didn't irritate my skin and it feels decently nice as a scrub.
  18. Goodbye bumpy skin


    Ive re purchased this over and over. Its just a general good body scrub. Has helped improved my keratosis pilaris.
  19. Clean and clear


    I needed something with Glycolic acid after finishing up my Nip & Fab cleanser. You definitely get your bang for your buck with this one. I do a double cleanse with this one being the second cleanse. Skin hasn't been this clear for ages!
  20. Great scrub!


    Started using this after hearing it talked about on the podcast. Love the texture and am using it as a body scrub. A little goes a long way!
  21. A harsh scrub for sensitive skin


    I began using this product one a week as a physical exfoliant. I now prefer to use a Alpha-H liquid gold rather than a rough scrub. I do however get sweat pimples on my back and chest. This scrub is great to use in the shower for these areas.
  22. Good product!


    I use this product a week or so after I have had laser treatment and its prevented ingrown hairs and kept my skin nice and smooth :) I also have a bit of extra texture on my jawline so use it there also with good effect. Its quite strong though, I'd be pretty reluctant to use it on my whole face!
  23. BEST exfoliator yet


    I expected great results from this product because I know it is a laser clinic-grade product that they use for facials at my local clinic! My first time using it delivered great results! It is a moderate to coarse exfoliator so it is perfect for my combination oily skin as it has been really helpful with unclogging my pores!
  24. BEST exfoliator yet


    I expected great results from this product because I know it is a laser clinic-grade product that they use for facials at my local clinic! My first time using it delivered great results! It is a moderate to coarse exfoliator so it is perfect for my combination oily skin as it has been really helpful with unclogging my pores!
  25. Does No Harm Skin Feels good


    I have been using this product since one year now and it has not made a drastic change in my skin tone or the quality but it does clean the skin well and leaves it feeling soft. I use it twice a week following other Skinstitut range. The 200 ml product lasts really long, one year now and it is still going, so very good value for money!! Would I buy again? yes, i have already stocked up from ADore ...
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  26. Very good


    really clears up blemishes and the little spots on the back of the arms. Not suitable for me to use daily
  27. a little too rough


    I recevied a sample of this and got about 3 uses out of it. While it did leave my face feeling fresh and smooth, the texture is very rough (more than other physical exfoliantes i've used) and made me cringe as I felt I may be doing damage to my skin! May be better as a body scrub!
  28. My favourite scrub

    Molly May

    I bought this product for the first time a year ago and recently purchased again. This is such a great physical exfoliant - skin feels so soft and reborn after use. The scrub itself is quite coarse so if you are not in to that it may not be for you. I find that you don't need to use a lot of the product for this reason so the bottle lasts a really long time. It is such a good price point for what ...
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  29. Couldn't recommend more


    This product was a game changer for my skin. After twice weekly use - my skins feels fresh, clean and glowy!
  30. Backne


    This product is 3 stars only because it is too harsh for your face, I use this for my body only, but gently, if you don't mind the beads in it then it is a good product. It reduced my Acne on my back.
  31. Feel the BURN


    Not ideal for sensitive skin... I think it is simply too harsh. For me, as soon as I applied it to my face it felt like my skin was on fire and I had to wash it off immediately. I tried using it on my legs as well another time and had the same experience. For people who don't have sensitive skin though, I think this would be a really good deep exfoliant to use maybe once a week.
  32. Deep scrub


    If you like a physical scrub this is effective but be careful not to overuse it as it also contains glycolic acid which is a chemical exfoliant, so be wary about doubling up on the exfoliation
  33. Fresh and clean


    Fresh clean feeling. Feels soft and doesn’t dry skin out
  34. Value for money!


    The scrub beads are quite large. Don't scrub too hard if you have sensitive skin. Very good price for the size of the product.
  35. Great product


    Great for face and body. My favourite exfoliant I use this regularly and it keeps my skin sift and smooth
  36. A great product with many uses


    This was recommended as a scrub post laser to ensure no ingrowns and the turn over of dead skin cells.
    I purchased it of Adore as it was cheaper, which was great.
    It has now got an all over body use but is great for when you get stubborn hormonal pimples too. I get them and it definitely works. I love this product and it i s versatile. Great value for money.
  37. Makes my skin feel so smooth! Also works great for laser


    I was recommended to use this scrub after laser hair removal on my legs. However ive used it everywhere else too! I use it on my face and acne on my back once a week and ive noticed a significant improvement in the texture and tone of my skin, as well as any body acne clearing up. Also its really good for laser and hair removal in general because it exposes any ingrown hairs. Ive bought it twice s...
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  38. glycolic scrub


    this is an amazing product for textured skin! I use it on my bacne and it's cleared it right up! will repurchase
  39. Once a week go to


    If you’re after a deep scrub this is the one. I only use it once a week because it is quite strong but I do love it. If I know I’m wearing make up the next day (I rarely wear it) I’ll always use this to ensure a smooth surface.
  40. What a scrub!


    Love the feel of this scrub and love this brand. Great price!
  41. Deep exfoliator


    I received this as a (giant) sample, and initially was worried it would be too harsh, but I really like it! I use it once a week as part of a at home facial and it leaves my skin feeling so nice and soft.
  42. too strong


    this is too strong and too harsh for me, left my skin irritated
  43. Good scrub


    I have been using this scrub for a few years now. I like that it is a chemical and physical scrub as it really does its job. Do not over use this product! once or twice a week is enough.
  44. The Best Versatile Scrub!!


    In love with the product! Makes my skin feel amazingly clean and my blackheads minimised. Love the fact I can use it on my Keratosis Pilaris on my arms aswell!
  45. Have purchased many times over the years, great body exfoliant


    This is my favourite exfoliant for my body. It is perfect for arms & legs and is not too harsh. I use it twice a week usually and it helps get rid of dry skin in winter. I find it a bit too harsh for my face though (I have fairly dry, sensitive skin).
  46. Reveals softer skin


    I received a sample of this with a recent order and thought it did a reasonably good job in the exfoliation department. It didn't cause any irritation and made my skin feel a lot cleaner and softer. If you like physical exfoliators you'll be impressed with this product.
  47. Thank you !!


    This is a great product for a nice light exfoliation that works. It is not too harsh on skin. The little beads are just the right consistency. I use this product about 2 times a week and have seen a notice in my skin from not being as dry. Thank you
  48. Smooth skin


    as long as you dont have sensitive skin, this product is super amazing for exfoliation. Its AHA exfoliation, but the little beads give a good physical exfoliation too. Good for post laser hair removal
  49. brightening


    My skin feels nice and firm after using this product. I have noticed the reduce in dark spots too
  50. Great value scrub

    Evie Wonder

    Great value, lasted me ages. Prefer to use on decolletage rather than face as I found it too harsh on my facial skin.
  51. Great Exfoliant!


    I started Laser treatments mid last year and I buy this every two months, it is so great to remove ingrown hairs with a exfoliating mit. There is no strong scent as well for anyone with sensitive skin. The price is so great aswell compared to buying store, such a savings.
  52. Great scrub


    I got a sample of this product and bought the large size straight away. It worked wonders on my face and completely smoothed the texture of my skin. I have been using it every couple of days and it has been fantastic. It is nice on the body too.
  53. Great!


    I love this exfoliator!

    My skin feels clean and refreshed after using it!

    I like exfoliators that you can scrub real hard with (I know you’re not supposed to)

    It’s one of the only ones I’ve used in a long time that actually makes my skin feel clean and smooth
  54. The perfect scrub


    Scrub on point. Price on point. Skin feels amazing and soft and clean. So recommend this Skinstitut Glycolic scrub.
  55. Amazing for managing my keratosis polaris!


    This cleanser is amazing to use on the body! I personally don't use it on my face, but I do suffer from keratosis polaris (KP) on my arms, and this is phenomenal at managing this!

    It is also great to use 1 day before I apply my fake tan, so I have a nice, smooth base to put tan on; and when I want to remove old tan, this scrub and a loofah do a great job at removing it without making...
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  56. Fantastic, but may be too harsh for sensitive skin


    I find a lot of exfoliants don't exfoliate quite enough for me and I still see visible dry skin flakes afterwards. This scrub seems to work every time though and leaves my skin super soft, and able to absorb moisturiser and serums really quickly. The particles are quite large though, so because of this and the glycolic acid, it may be too much for sensitive or eczema-prone skin.
  57. Makes my skin so clean and soft


    The product comes in a massive tube, and you only need to use a minimal pea spot amount of product to get your clean super clean and soft. I imagine this will last a very long time!

    It has helped remove my whiteheads, and I have now incorporated into my routine a few times a week with great outcomes. I'd definitely recommend giving it a go!
  58. Fantastic, good value, haven't had acne since


    Haven't had acne since using. After cleansing to get rid of the oils, I dry my face, apply this and gently exfoliate for about 30 seconds. It's amazing but quite strong and the fumes burns nostrils a bit. Skin is noticeably smoother immediately afterwards though. Dead skin cells are removed to prep the skin for the rest of my skincare routine.

    The scrub particles are a bit annoying to...
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  59. Very strong exfoliater


    I don’t usually use this on my face I exfoliate my body with this, sometimes when my skin is super dry I will add oil and mix together. Definitely follow with moisturiser after!
  60. Not for everyone.


    Found it to harsh on my face as I have dry skin type, but really good for overall body scrub, at winter is great to mix this with an oil, make sure you follow up with great moisturiser.
  61. favourite


    Favourite Glycolic Scrub, love using this as well on my body. Very exfoliating and really helps to give a great cleanse.
  62. A staple


    Love this from the product range. Really gentle cleanser that leaves me glowing and less oily without the uncomfortable tight feeling
  63. Amazing


    I love the skinsitut range, the glycolic scrub is amazing. Smooths skin leaving it glowing.
  64. a bit harsh for me


    this is a great idea and will probably have a good effect on others with normal and not sensitive skin. I just found this a bit harsh for me
  65. Great product


    This is my go to scrub, my face feels so smooth afterwards. Great product and a good price.
  66. Favourite Scrub


    Excellent facial and body scrub. Leaves my skin silky smooth.
  67. Amazingggg


    So glad I bought this. I've only used it a few times but already can notice improvements with my acne/scarring. It's not too harsh, perfect amount of exfoliation and has a fresh smell. This will definitely become a staple in my skin care routine, and it goes nicely with the gentle cleanser.
  68. Amazing but not for sensitive skin.


    SUPER effective manual scrub - especially for teenagers and super oily skin... however - don't use it on sensitive skin. It's much too harsh and might compromise your lipid barrier, leaving your skin skin dry, sore and super sensitised. My skin was red and angry for about a week after using the scrub, only because it was very sensitive before I used it.
  69. Amazing product


    It has definitely helped with my congestion, I have seen so much improvement over the last week of using it.
  70. Amazing product


    surely it makes ur skin clean n glowing..I find it suitable for even my dry skin..it leaves my skin subtle n soft..my one of most fav product of all times.
  71. No visible results yet


    I bought this for my husband who has body acne. This doesn't irritate his skin as he has very sensitive skin. But he has not seen any positive results even after using it for the last 3 months. Won't repurchase.


    I love this scrub so much! I use this every few days and it makes my skin feel so smooth and fresh. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something to exfoliate your skin!
  73. Great for blackheads


    I have quite oily acne prone skin, with blackheads and I use this scrub every 3 days or so and was super impressed by the way it has cleared up my blackheads and controls them. I love this whole range!
  74. Intense and Effective


    This scrub is super gritty so be careful not to get it around your eyes. It is by far the most effective scrub I have ever used. My skin feels amazingly soft and smooth after use. I have started incorporating more glycolic acid into my skincare routine and cannot be happier.
  75. I really enjoyed this product


    I found this pretty good for my sensitive skin. It left my skin feeling extra soft and feeling like it has had a deep clean
  76. Delivers a nice result


    This scrub is a great once or twice weekly deep cleanse for skin. I only use it on my more congested areas and shoulders but can see a difference after use
  77. Does exactly what it says on the tin


    This is a great all rounder scrub - great to unclog pores on your face or body. It is quite drying on the skin though so be sure you follow-up with a good moisturiser - I went from using it daily to 3 times a week. It also did wonders for ingrown hairs on my legs from shaving/waxing/laser.
  78. Skinstitut


    I think this is too harsh for face, but worked a treat on my back acne. Cleared it after a week
  79. Try this if you want smooth skin!


    A decent scrub for a fair price, the granules effectively remove dead skin and superficial bumps over time depending on method of application. A slight burn/tingle to the skin however I know it's working, 5 stars!
  80. Love this


    I love this product on my face every once in a while. I have keratosis pilaris so use this on my arms, back and legs and I find it helps keep it under control. I use it on my body almost everyday depending on my skin.
  81. I keep purchasing this


    I love this exfoliator. I have been through many bottles. It does a great job of thoroughly exfoliating the skin and below the surface. I started using it when I started laser hair removal as it was recommended, and now I use it as my body moisturiser. The only downside is, I'm not the biggest fan of the slight scent that it has, but that is just a super minor thing!
  82. It does the job


    When I wasn’t as good with my skincare this was a sure way to make my skin feel clean again without being too harsh. Now I’m better though I don’t notice such a drastic change and It isn’t a product that excites me.


    Absolutely love this stuff! It makes my skin feel so nice and tight after and seriously clears my skin up whenever I have pimples coming on. Plus it's lasted ages.
  84. Perfect exfoliant for me


    I've been using this for about 2 years now and it has become my holy grail for facial exfoliants. I like to use this especially before threading/dermaplaning. Be careful not to scrub too hard, lightly will do
  85. Love this scrub


    I love this scrub! You can actually feel it working, it even stings a little bit as you scrub. Makes my skin feel silky smooth afterwards and my complexion looks and feels smoother and clearer.
  86. Great for body exfoliation


    An amazing scrub to exfoliate your body, but didn't use for my face as I have very sensitive skin and the product is pretty intense for a physical exfoliant. Amazing for laser hair removal aftercare as well :))
  87. Great exfoliant


    I first bought the skinstitut glycolic scrub after having laser hair removal. The clinician recommended I used it between treatments. I'm so glad she did because I've been using this product weekly for years now. I don't use it on my face but love using it on my legs before I epilate, it has eliminated ingrowns and infections. I also use it on my chest if I'm starting to get congestion and breakou...
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  88. Must add to your skin routine


    My gf recommended this product to me and it has changed my life. I use it up to three times a week and it has greatly improved the appearance of my skin. It has reduced my breakouts and blemishes, leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I feel it has also helped control my combination /oily skin. The size of this bottle is also well worth the price it lasts so long because you only need a pea si...
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  89. Another good product

    Harley H

    Too many good reviews on this already! It is also recommended to me by laser clinic. Normally I use it for my underarm area, but it works well for the face too. Just make sure you are very light-handed with this if you have sensitive skin because it is quiet harsh on facial skin (My skin is not sensitive, it’s normal but I can still feel uncomfortable if I rub too hard). I use this with Foreo and ...
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  90. Bye bye texture


    I was given a sample to try from a friend who works in a beauty Clinique and I’ve brought it continuously since then. This scrub has done wonders for the texture in my face . It can be quite harsh for sensitive skin and should only be used once or twice a week .paired with a nourishing serum after my skin is like I’ve just had a deep cleansing facial.
  91. Amazing product!


    Absolutely love the glycolic scrub. I use it once a week and it leaves my skin feeling brand new. Definitely keeping this in my skincare routine.
  92. Harsh


    Way too harsh for your face or chest, but great on legs or rough patches of skin. You have use quite a bit, as it doesn't glide well, but still an ok scrub
  93. I love the feel!


    Definitely loved this scrub! However I only feel comfortable with using it on my body. As even on my body, I get a tingling sensation and this scrub is probably the most aggressive on the skin, I have felt. The grains are very hard, not like a buffing facial exfoliator... but I can’t complain because it really has helped with the ingrowns on my legs!
  94. good exfoliate


    i got reccomended to use this for my hair removal laser treatment, then i realised it can be used for face as well and its a really good product. I feel like it can be a little bit harsh if you have sensitive skin, so go more light handed when using it. it exfoliate my skin very nicely and i use it twice a week
  95. Great for next morning exfoliation


    What product you put on the night before, you should be exfoliating that skin next morning. Particularly if you are using retinol based products. It gets off all the flaky dead skin cells created by the retinol overnight. Gently rub for at least 30 seconds before washing off!
  96. favourite scrub!


    I purchased this product needing a scrub that worked, something that would actually help de-congest my skin.

    And I am proud to say I have found it! finally a product that helps clear blemishes and acne as well as ensuring it is not to harsh on my skin, I use this approx 3 times a week and feel immediately refreshed. Love it
  97. Best scrub I've ever used


    I have combination skin so I am careful not to use this scrub more than once per week, not too much at a time (a 10c coin size amount is plenty) and not rub too hard on areas that are prone to redness. I have never used a scrub that was so effective with blackheads, blemishes, and also targets pigmentation which is a problem on some parts of my face. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and amazing.
  98. Great gentle scrub


    Great gentle exfoliant without being to harsh on my skin. I purchased this to help decongest my skin which is prone to acne and it has made a huge difference.
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