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SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 193 reviews


4 instalments of $37.00

Or 4 instalments of $37.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $37.00

Or 4 instalments of $37.00 with LEARN MORE

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This hydrating serum contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid to help skin retain moisture, while added proxylane™, and botanical extracts of licorice root and purple rice deliver surface hydration, working to reduce fine lines, improve skin texture and boost plumpness.

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What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier 30ml Reviews

4.6 of 193 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good hydrating serum


I use this serum after Skinceuticals CE ferulic. I feel the two serums are good combo for morning serum. This serum hydrates my skin really well. I am now on to my second bottle!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not Suit For Me


This is product is a very popular one among Skinceuticals. I bought it as I saw so many good comments. To be honest, I did not see the effect of using one bottle. My skin cannot absorb effectively. It is better to buy an appropriate product rather than following others.
  1. good hydrating serum


    I use this serum after Skinceuticals CE ferulic. I feel the two serums are good combo for morning serum. This serum hydrates my skin really well. I am now on to my second bottle!
  2. I didn't want to like it


    I bought this to use at night with the phloretin CF in the morning because I have oily and dehydrated skin (yay me) and had money to throw around one month. I've noticed results from the first use. I've used multiple other cheaper brands and products but this has by far been the best. My skin is glowy, plump and smooth which I contribute to these two products. The price hurts, I won't lie, but I w...
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  3. Honestly Average


    I’ve used many HA products over the past 10 years. My first HA that I used I had actually bought from iHerb for a really affordable price as a young uni student to try it out. Then I moved onto my k beauty formulas. Honestly with molecule size and all the intricacies that I’ve become aware of since (a key reason I was interested in trying this formula) I have still decided I will not be repurchas...
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  4. WOW! Perfect for thirsty skin!


    I'm SO impressed with this - my skin literally drank up the HA and I swear I could see it plumper straight away, and it appeared to absorb the following products better (which is what HA is supposed to do). I have sensitive, red-prone, thirsty skin with emerging fine lines and this made my skin look and feel hydryated and plump. I'm going to try more Skinceuticals stuff (I'm a bit of a skincare sn...
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  5. Love


    I love using this product. I feel glory and fresh when I use it. It’s glides on and is absorbed quickly. I feel it has given my skin a nice plumping after I use.
  6. Holy Grail!


    OMG! I love this serum so much! My mum got me onto this and you know what they say.. mums are always right! This serum is so hydrating and leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. A must have in your skin care routine!
  7. great hydrating serum


    This is a great hydrating serum and makes my skin look great.
  8. Not Suit For Me


    This is product is a very popular one among Skinceuticals. I bought it as I saw so many good comments. To be honest, I did not see the effect of using one bottle. My skin cannot absorb effectively. It is better to buy an appropriate product rather than following others.
  9. mom like it


    I bought this as a gift for my mother. My mother felt that the skin became delicate and it felt good to use. My mother likes it very much
  10. My Favourite Moisturiser!


    verified purchaser
    I stopped using this for awhile and switched to the Medik8 Hydr8 B Liquid and I must say my skin feels and looks much better when I was using this product. It is pricey but it does what it says! It will absorb into your skin and gives it a plump and tightened feeling. Love It!
  11. Anti-aging


    Most valuable anti-ageing serum. it hydrates my skin at night and soft in the morning.
  12. Love.


    My skin is really liking this product! It hydrated my dull & dry skin. It feels beautiful on the skin. I don’t think I could live without having this in my skincare stash!
  13. Amazing


    It has been used for a while and I like it very much. The skin's touch and complexion have been improved obviously, and we will keep buying back in the future, hoping that the skin is always perfect and transparent.
  14. Cannot live without

    Linh Ph

    This has saved my dry and dehydrated skin!
    No matter how much facial oil I put on my face, it's never enough. Until I found that my skin is also dehydrated and gave this a try. It changed everything!
    My skin is now so plumping, soft and no more dry or tight feeling, and the best part of a well hydrated skin is that wrinkles will be less visible!
  15. instant hydration


    This product was great it provided my skin with instant hydration feeling fresh and youthful!
  16. Nice and hydrating but pricey


    This is a nice hydrating serum but i have used hyaluronic serums from other brands that are cheaper and as good if not better.
  17. Strong recommondate this anti-aging serum


    Strongly recommondate on this serum, if you are facing aging protected and dry. Use after drying face.
  18. Lovely product...


    This product is lovely, leaves skin feeling hydrated, fresh and nourished. I use it morning and night, and a little goes a long way
  19. Causes breakouts


    This serum offers good hydration but I must warn every time I use it it causes breakouts. Have it sat at the back of the drawer now. I usually have clear skin- just a warning if you’re looking for a hydrating serum I’d look elsewhere!
  20. Immediate effect


    I noticed immediately effect after a couple uses. The only downside is that the texture is a bit sticky which I don't like. But it's a fantastic serum
  21. Fantastic product


    I love this H.A serum it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and refreshed. After use my skin instantly feels fuller and healthier. The only downside about this product would be that it is fairly pricey, but if your happy to invest in it I would highly recommend
  22. Nice serum


    Quite hydrating, feels nice on skin. I like that this has licorice root in it, it can help fade spots and pigmentation. Would reccomend..
  23. Good for me


    SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier is good for use,I feel become younger these days,I like it,and I will continue to use it
  24. Immediate effect. A MUST own product.


    It pumps up the skin immediately after applying. Significantly increase firmess after a month. Suitable for any skin types.
  25. Feels great to use


    This is the first SkinCeutials' brand product I bought and I use it every night. So far I like it very much.
  26. It didn’t make a difference to my hydration


    I didn’t notice any positive changes to how hydrated my skin was from this and am now trying a different brand as I was disappointed with the results
  27. Not bad


    I love the feel that this product delivered. Light texture and fast absorbed. My skin does look brighter the next day morning however I feel the result get less obvious after using it for a while. A moisture serum who does the job but it doesn’t make me feel to keep purchasing
  28. Didn’t do much for me


    I’ll preface this by saying I’m yet to meet an HA serum that woes me... I had high hopes for this one because it was mentioned on the podcast a few times and it’s so expensive. It was “fine” but I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference in hydration/fine lines/reduced “tight” feeling of skin when I wake up.
  29. Loving it!


    I have been using this H.A. serum for few months now and find my skin is loving it, it glides on very smoothly and seem to soak into my skin very effectively. I have been using B5 gel for several years and after trying this H.A. serum, I think is more effective on my dry skin and will keep it in my daily skin regime.
  30. I am obsessed with skin ceuticals product


    Great anti aging product! I use it after the BE serum and before the cream. It keeps my skin healthy and young. I am using my second bottle now!
  31. Good for night use


    I only use this HA serum at night, I’m oily skin so after tone I just put this on. It’s good and I can feel the difference of my skin. I definitely will buy it again !
  32. I would recommend to use B5 from this brand at the same time.


    It is so hyped up for such a long time. Personally, I think yes it works. Is it the only thing that has the effects it claims though? No. It is better to use the same line at the same time, especially the b5 gel at the same time. But the price tag add up too.
  33. Dry skin best friend


    This serum is suitable for winter use. It's very moisturizing and good for dry skin.
  34. love it will repurchase


    this HA serum is so nice and light, absorbing so quickly, if I am lazy at night, I usually just put this one on and then a light face night cream to finish off, so nice to use. will purchase again.
  35. Great product


    hydrating & calming, easily absorb, skin is plumped
  36. absorb fast


    Absorb very fast by the skin and left no greasy feeling. However, I have not seen any special effects apart from hydration. I will say B5 is more cost-efficient
  37. Love this


    This is a beautiful serum. I use it at night. It is quite thick, so I try to put it on while my skin is still damp to help it spread.
  38. I prefer this over B5 gel


    I have been using this H.A. serum for few months now and find my skin is loving it, it glides on very smoothly and seem to soak into my skin very effectively. I have been using B5 gel for several years and after trying this H.A. serum, I think is more effective on my dry skin and will keep it in my daily skin regime.
  39. Amazing


    My skin just looks like glass when I use this! It’s super hydrating and really helps with the clarity of my skin. I’m really glad I gave it a go!


    I LOVE Skinceuticals and was extremely happy when i received this as a sample. It's great for dry or dehydrated skin and it makes your skin feel so soft and hydrated. I will definitely be purchasing a bottle of this soon! I love the added anti ageing benefits as well. A must have for anyone in their late 20 early 30's!
  41. No difference


    This product is fine. I haven't noticed a massive difference. I am going to purchase a HA from a different brand when I finish the bottle to compare. I like the smell though. A little goes a long way if you apply to a slightly damp/toned face
  42. It may cause breakouts???


    It is my first time to use SKINCEUTICALS products and I bought HA because its feedback are good. However, I should say its not very suitable for my skin.. I used to have some pimples just before periods but not many.. but after used HA, I had many breakouts.... I also used another Japanese masks at that time.. Not sure which one caused it, but I stopped the mask and only used HA later.. still not...
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  43. Breakouts


    Love skincueticals however the HA intensifier has caused breakouts on my face. I’ve reduced usage to just in the evenings and it’s still creating pimples. I’m used to HA’s so just wondering if it’s worth persisting and trying to make my skin get used to this product as it’s not cheap.
  44. Hydrating


    A great HA. Slightly hard to spread but I rub between my hands and pat on. Good for dry and acne prone skin
  45. so good and light to hydrate


    Already recommended to 3 of my friends. All of them are happy! Make my skin hydrated and very light texture. But the winter in QLD is too dry, I need use it with Medik 8 to hydrate my skin.
  46. Very good serum for winter


    I am a big fan of Skinceuticals. This serum is one of my favourites. I use it every night, pat on the face and it leaves my skin very soft and hydrated. Its ingredients contain pro-xylane which is an expensive ingredient for anti-aging and hydration. It is definitely worth its price.
  47. Great anti aging serum


    I love SkinCeuticals products. I've been using A.G.E. Interrupter for years, and this serum too. they are perfect match. Definitely recommend for everyone who is over 30 years. Great product.
  48. Amazing!


    This stuff is awesome. I received a sample of it from adore beauty and will definitely be buying a full size bottle next! My skin feels so soft and hydrated straight after application. It sits nicely under my makeup too!
  49. Great product


    I absolutely love this product, just wish it wasn't so expensive. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again just because I feel it's a lot of money, but the product is extremely nice and has really helped with hydration and fine lines and if money was no issue I would absolutely keep buying it! Really lovely and easy to apply as it's a slightly gel type texture.
  50. not fantastic


    This was reasonably hydrating, but not for the price tag! I find a sleeping mask with hydraulonic and squalane better at long term hydration and more cost effective.
  51. Highly Recommended


    I received this product in a sample and love it! It applies easy on my skin and does reduce fine lines and improve my skin texture. I will definitely try the full size. Recommend this product!
  52. Excellent


    I purchased this as some day creams l was using were not hydrating enough so l use this first and then add moisturiser over the top. It has improved the hydration levels of my skin and unlike other serums l actually think this does the job it’s supposed to do. If you have dry to very dry skin l would recommend this a little goes a long way so the bottle should last a while.
  53. Drink of water for my skin


    I often don't like hyaluronic acid because of the way it is often formulated and feels tacky. This serum is still thick but I find my skin absorbs it really well after a couple minutes. I had some dry patches around my lips and chin and this has definitely helped.
  54. Good hydration


    Thick but not at all greasy nor sticky. I can’t say what the long-term results will be yet but my skin feels more hydrated.


  56. It works well


    I fell in love with this serum after trying the sample. It really hydrates my skin and I noticed it can prevent the fine line. I recommend this product.
  57. It’s great if you have some extra cash


    This is a lovely HA. I love the bottle and the gorgeous violet colour of the serum. This baby is THICK yet light and sinks in like butter. If you have the extra cash or wait until it’s 20% then definitely purchase but if you are looking for a comparable price point then I suggest the Medik 8 HA.
  58. A staple in my skin care regimen


    I first tried this when I was given a sample. After using it for a week I noticed my skin felt softer and looked more hydrated. It worked really quickly so I was impressed. I love how it goes on my skin and sinks in nicely. I use it all over my face including under my eyes and on my lips. It is great under the rest of my skin care products and is now something I do not want to live without.
  59. it is just so GOOD


    This product is sooo great! Really gives you the nice, glowing look - subtle and yet glowing. Just perfect!
  60. Hydrating


    This is a amber coloured gel serum, I pat it into my skin and it sinks in quickly. It has no scent which is great. It's quite light and layers well with no pilling.
    I only need a few drops, a little goes a long way.
    The dropper packaging is easy to use.
    This works well at keeping my skin hydrated.
  61. So hydrating


    I got a sample size of this and it honestly worked exceptionally well at hydrating my flaky-yet-oily skin, although I personally feel that the Ordinary Hyaluronic acid is just as effective for a fraction of the price.
  62. Helped with my rosacea


    I love this so much, its super hydrating and helps calm down and manage my rosacea flare ups.
  63. Hydration boost!


    After hearing so much about this product on Instagram and reading all the positive reviews about it, I had to try it. I’m a week in now from using this HA and my skin has changed completely! My face is so hydrated and the aIso congestion issues I was having have disappeared! It was definitely worth every cent!
  64. Perfect for winter


    I always use a Hyaluronic Acid, and put off purchasing this because of the price, however I am not disappointed. The texture is thick, but it works!
  65. The best!


    This is the most by far the beat of the best Hyaluronic product in the market. It matched with the claim and the real result in real life. I have been tried many of similar products and always come back to this product. Skin feels deeply hydrated and fine lines looks softer.
  66. must have


    must have item! my skin looks so fresh and feels so plumps just after few days of using. amazing product.
  67. Anti-aging


    Great anti-aging product, get instant skin relief
  68. Non-greasy hydration


    My skin was getting flaky and dry with retinol (I was in the ‘ugly phase’) to the point that it hurt to smile- my skin was that dry! I tried heavy-duty moisturisers I had at home, which went some way in hydrating my skin but didn’t do enough. My face was peeling, sensitive and very dry. Annoyingly too, I developed odd little bumps and pimples from the greasy moisturisers. I ordered this product ur...
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  69. High recommend !


    Wrinkle prevention is very effective! It can also be used around the eyes! I really like the product!
  70. best serum


    skin feel super soft, already 3 bottles finished.
  71. Loving this!


    Love hyaluronic acid. My skin just drinks this right up, making it look plump and hydrated. Will repurchase!
  72. A must have!


    I love this serum. I use it along with CE Ferulic and it has taken my skin to the NEXT LEVEL. My skin is bright, clear and glowing. I found a huge difference when moving to this HA from Tan Luxe. It's incredibly hydrating.
  73. Moisturises skin well but expensive


    Expensive and I actually prefer just the regular SkinCeuticals B5 hyaluronic serum - received a deluxe sample of this and it did hydrate really well though. Fast absorbing. Would probably be amazing for mature skin but for younger I'll stick to normal one! Still recommend though!
  74. Impressed


    I got this as a sample and am very impressed. It's so silky smooth and really hydrates the skin. I have been using the ordinary's HA, but this is next level. I've taken a star off for the price point.
  75. Super hydrating!


    I really love this. I didn’t want to because of the price but I do!! I use it at night and It soaks in straight away and I wake up in the morning with glowy hydrated skin!
  76. Too expensive


    Got this as a sample, and would purchase a full size if it wasn't for the price. Skin felt moisturised, and even better when I backed it up with night cream!
  77. Hydration and plumpness


    I’ve start using this serum since last year, on and off. This is my 4th bottle and I’m loving it. It sinks into skin well after my toner, leaves my skin hydrated and plumped. Will continue to purchase :)
  78. In love withi this product!


    I first received this as a sample, and when I tried it the next day my skin felt so soft and hydrated. I knew it was because of this as it was the only new product I added to my routine. I loved it so much I had to purchase the full-sized and it's been such a must in my routine!
  79. Hydration Saver


    I am onto my 4th bottle of this stuff. This helps my skin retain moisture without causing any breakouts. It helps my skin transition from summer to winter effortlessly.
  80. Great Serum


    I received this product initially as a sample. I am purchasing today. I struggle with sun spots and early signs of ageing. I noticed a visible reduction in my sun spots. I am happy to give this a go for a longer period and am excited to see the results. It felt smooth applied to the skin, I used before bed and before applying all of my serums and moisturisers to aid in absorption.
  81. The hydrator


    So much love for the little bottle of liquid gold. I got this as a sample in one of my boxes a while ago and fell in love with it pretty quickly. I had to get myself a full bottle. It’s such a beautiful smooth texture to apply and truly adds so much hydration to your skin. A new part of my routine I can’t live without!
  82. Hydrating


    I love how this serum glides on, you can layer it without any of the other serums going tacky. Also very hydrating. Would definitely purchase again
  83. On my wishlist!


    Received a decent sample as a gift with purchase, and am loving this. I use one other serum by SC, and would buy this in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the price. Need to work my way up to it, but loving it. So hydrating, and pairs well with the C E Ferulic. Definitely going on my wishlist! Also, as a sensitive skinned gal, causes no issues.
  84. Too siliconey


    I bought this on recommendation of the podcast. I usually use the medik8 hydrate B5 serum. I sent the skinceuticals one back. Too siliconey. Maybe im just not used to the silcones but i felt sliperry as opposed to hydrated.
    If i learnt one thing, stick with what u know and love.
  85. Glowy and plumping


    This pricey serum was a gift to myself in the current stressful times. I'd been eyeing off the Skinceuticals products for months but had always stopped myself before hitting that Checkout button. I finally pushed and am I glad I did. This purplish hued serum is thick out of the bottle but sinks in immediately. There is no sticky residue or film, just bouncy glowy skin that feels moisturised from w...
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  86. The Best


    I recently received this product as a free sample and absolutely love it. It is the best serum I have ever used and my skin looks plump, hydrated and youthful. Highly recommend!
  87. Amazing


    Listening to the podcast, I was very aware of this product but given the price point and that my main skin concern is breakouts and oiliness I figured I didn't need this product. That was until I received a sample of it, I saw that it was SkinCeuticals (knew it would be worth a try) I just put the serum on my face and didn't really think too much about what it was. Once I had it on my face I was t...
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  88. A great alternative to the SkinCeuticals B5 serum!


    SkinCeuticals is my go-to brand when looking for quality, active ingredients to help combat the physical signs of ageing and prevent breakouts. This product has been a great addition to my regimen and doesn't leave my combo-oily skin feeling greasy or 'wet'. In fact, it soaks in almost immediately and mattifies the skin. I have taken half a star off the product as the dropper can make this purple-...
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  89. Love this


    Love this HA serum, makes my skin look and feel more plump and hydrated, use it every day I just wish it would last longer!!
  90. The best


    I’ve tried a lot of hyaluronic acids and this if by far the best one. Really does a terrific job
  91. Wow!


    My new favourite! I was using Medik8 b5 intense but now I’ve found this I will be swapping. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and so hydrated. It has seriously changed my life. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive
  92. Repurchased again for sure.


    Love it, used it for the week, I see the improvement clearly.
  93. Great anti-age serum!


    Order was delivered second day after purchase!
    The serum works very well at night and definitely is my favourite at the moment. Will need to wait for it gets absorbed before going for next product. Thank you!


    I always research my products and their ingredients before purchasing and with this product I was expecting great things. It did not disappoint! My skin clarity has dramatically improved and I love how hydrated and smooth my skin feels.
  95. Best HA Serum I have ever used!!!!!


    Best HA Serum I have ever used!!!!!
    It is incredible. It has mini particles in it that leaves your skin super glowy also.
    It just feels amazing and not tachy on your skin. Product goes so far.
    Unfortunately its just so expensive!
  96. the best


    plumps the face & keeps it so moisturised. I have only tried this once but was really happy with the results
  97. great to use at night


    This serum does great job on my skin at night time. It keeps my skin moisturised all night long and looks fresh in the morning.
  98. great serum


    Really nice product. I have used more than 5 bottles of this. One of my favorite product. But need to wait for absorbing and then apply next product.
  99. Very good


    This product is my new favorite in my skin care routine! The HA Intensifier is the perfect product to provide moisture while also creating the perfect base to absorb my other products into my skin. I use this product after my toner and it makes my skin feel so silky and allows me to layer my other products on top.
  100. Quality plumping HA


    Long-lasting hydration and "plump" factor. Natural/neutral scent. Fantastic sample. Well worth a buy!
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