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SkinCeuticals Retinol

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SkinCeuticals, a cosmeceutical line dedicated to top performing formulas, has a stellar reputation for one type of product in their selection: their retinols.

Retinol is an all-star ingredient in anti-ageing skincare, and is arguably the top performing anti-ageing ingredient available over the counter. Retinol stimulates the natural process of cell turnover, helping skin cells regenerate quicker and bringing them to the skin’s surface faster. This process promotes faster healing of skin imperfections, minimization of wrinkles and fine lines, and production of collagen. This powerhouse ingredient, originally used to treat acne, has been clinically proven to minimize the visible signs of aging.

This potent ingredient can come with some potent side effects, which is why SkinCeuticals offers a range of strengths for their retinols. For those just starting out with retinols, the .5% option is ideal. This will provide all the benefits of retinol at a lower strength, minimizing the peeling, redness, and irritation that can come along with retinol usage. For those more experienced with retinol, the 1% strength will provide the potent anti-aging benefits of retinol at a more intense rate than .5%.

Retinol is a fantastic ingredient, but retinol isn’t for everyone. If you aren't sure if retinol is right for you or if you have or might have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use.

Retinol is a killer anti-aging ingredient, but it’s important to protect your investment! The golden rule of retinol is that if you’re using a retinol in the evening, a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is required during the day, as retinol can cause increased sensitivity to sun. Check out SkinCeuticals’ Sun Protection selection for a few great options to protect your fabulous, freshly youthful appearance!

So proceed with caution, but have no worries- SkinCeuticals’ high quality retinols are the perfect way to start a dedicated anti-aging routine! Check out the selection below to find the perfect retinol for you.

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  • SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 1.0


    SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 1.0

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  • SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 0.5


    SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 0.5

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SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 1.0

I am 42 and have been investing in skin care a lot over the past year,... read more >>

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SkinCeuticals Pure Retinol 0.5

It may be on the expensive side and come in a small package, but this product... read more >>

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