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If you're reading this your first question might be what is SkinCeuticals? SkinCeuticals is the brainchild of anti-ageing skincare scientist Dr Sheldon Pinnell. Pinnell's research paved the way for continued development and delivery of innovative skincare products that improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. The first SkinCeuticals products were the classic Serum 10 and Serum 15, which established the company as a rising presence in the beauty industry. Over the years, SkinCeuticals added vitamins, antioxidants, and sun protection to its products to broaden the range.

Antioxidants have been added to beauty products for many years, but many people do not know exactly how these ingredients benefit the skin. Just as sunscreens protect skin from harmful UV rays, antioxidants protect skin from free radicals caused by environmental factors such as pollution and smoke, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The cosmeceutical antioxidants in SkinCeuticals have been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

But what are cosmeceuticals? The word 'cosmeceutical' is used to describe any product that artfully blends cosmetics with pharmaceuticals. When used as directed, the active ingredients in cosmeceuticals clinically improve skin health and radiance. From the initial stages of development to final formulations, all SkinCeuticals products undergo extensive medical-grade testing to ensure efficacy. SkinCeuticals offers cutting-edge cosmeceutical product's to target skincare concerns such as dryness, ageing, sun damage, acne, and dark spots.

Here are our top picked SkinCeuticals products as recommended by Alexandra Raymond our in house skincare expert. Please be advised that SkinCeuticals products contain high levels of active ingredients and are recommended for use in professionally monitored regimes.


What Is SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic?

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml is a Vitamin C based product that increases your skin's natural protection against photoaging by 8 times. With a breakthrough formula of powerful antioxidants, pure L-ascorbic Acid, Alpha Tocopherol and Ferulic Acid, this product provides defence against the signs of aging and sun damage. The combination of antioxidants means that the age defying power of this serum is even stronger and you will be noticing more radiant and youthful looking skin after only a few applications. The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml will also reduce pigmentation, brighten the skin and penetrate deeply for long lasting protection.This formula has an oilier base so is great for those with a dry to normal skin type and should be applied after you cleanse and before you moisturise.

How Do You Use SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic?

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml is a powerful anti-aging serum that protects and enhances whilst at the same time plumping your skin for a glowing, youthful complexion. This product should be applied in the morning following cleansing and toning.. You should apply between four and five drops onto the skin on your face and neck, dabbing it gently into the skin. Finally, apply your moisturisers, other anti-aging products and sunscreen to complete your skincare routine.  As this serum soaks quickly into the skin and cannot be washed or rubbed off, you can expect to be protected for at least 72 hours. If you are using this serum in conjunction with a quality sunscreen, you can be confident that you are caring for and protecting your precious skin.

Best Vitamin C ever!


I have tried quite a few vitamin C formulas but never noticed a difference to my skin. Not until I splurged on the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum did I see the amazing benefits of Vitamin C and the positive effective it has had on my skin. At $200 per 30ml it the most expensive skin care product I have ever purchased and can honestly say it is absolutely worth the price. After just a couple of da...
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What Does C E Ferulic Do?

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml is a revolutionary product that combines the power of multiple antioxidants for maximum age-defying effects. The groundbreaking formula increases the skin's natural protection against photo aging by up to 8 times. With key ingredients of L-ascorbic Acid, Alpha Tocopherol and Ferulic Acid, this highly potent formula is transformational and will produce younger looking, brighter and most importantly protected skin. This serum has the added benefit of protecting against free radical damage in the environment and when used in conjunction with sunscreen provides thorough protection against the sun's harmful rays. The serum penetrates deeply into the skin and does not wash off, meaning that your skin is protected for at least 72 hours. In addition to these many benefits, the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml moisturises the skin for a hydrated and glowing complexion.

What Does Phloretin CF Do?

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is a vitamin C based treatment that contains the powerful ingredient of Phloretin. Phloretin is derived from the bark of fruit trees and has been found to have incredibly powerful brightening effects on the skin. It is a perfect product for someone with hyperpigmentation concerns as the potent antioxidant ingredients protect the skin from photodamage.  The lightweight texture of SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF means even those with oilier skin types can use this product, without worrying about increased congestion. With a countless number of benefits, this SkinCeuticals product will penetrate your skin for effective protection whilst also stimulating cell turnover and reducing the visible signs of existing damage. Your skin will appear brighter and more rejuvenated and you will feel confident that you are protecting and taking care of your skin.

Looking to brighten and refine without clogging pores? SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is the perfect choice for oily or combination skin that needs a brightening boost. Specifically formulated for oily/combination skin types, this potent antioxidant serum provides all the benefits of a traditional Vitamin C serum: brightening, firming, collagen-boosting. Yet you never have to fear a fresh crop of blemishes coming out to play and worsening the situation.

How do you use Phloretin CF?

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is a serum that brightens, rejuvenates and protects. With powerful antioxidants, and the groundbreaking ingredient of Phloretin, this product deeply penetrates the skin to shield from environmental damage and improves the appearance of previous sun damage and signs of aging. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF should be applied morning and night, after cleansing and toning. Use four to five drops on the face, neck and chest and then follow up with your usual moisturising and sun protection routine. By using a sunscreen in combination with this serum, you can ensure your skin is thoroughly protected against the harsh environment and the aging effect this has on your skin. This product is best for those with oily, problematic and normal skin types.

Light but effective


I bought this product after I have used the CEF serum last winter. Unlike CEF, the texture of this product is a lot more watery - lower VC concentration and replaced VE with phloretin. So, texture-wise, it is better suited to my combination/oily skin during this time of the year. (I still love CEF, but I won't use it during Spring or Summer.) Like CEF, it also does a great job energising and brig...
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What is Phyto Corrective Gel used for?

The SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel is a lightweight hydrating serum with a slight green tint that is formulated with sensitive and problematic skin in mind. With botanical extracts, including a key ingredient of rosemary, the skin is purified without irritation. The anti-inflammatory ingredient of cucumber combined with the antiseptic power of thyme makes the SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel a perfect product for acneic or blemished skin. It is also a great product to use for rosacea that won’t dry out the skin. With continued use, the skin will be lightened and any brown spots will have diminished appearance. SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel is a great choice for those who want to reduce blemishes and redness in their skin without increasing irritation. The formula is oil-free which makes this product an ideal hydrator for oily or congested skin.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel

Wonder product for all ages and skin types. Specially crafted with thyme, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, mulberry extract, antibacterial essential oils and fruit extract. These luxury ingredients target's skin concerns such as oiliness, acne, shine, breakouts, sensitivity, redness, and blackheads.

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