Q: What causes the dark spots on my skin, and how can I get rid of them?

A: Dark spots are caused by hyper pigmentation, a condition that occurs when too much skin pigment occurs in one or more areas of the skin. Contributing factors can be UV light exposure causing Melasma and Solar Lentigenes (freckles). Some forms of medication including Estrogens may cause pigmentation to surface along with pregnancy and changes in hormone levels.

If you are concerned about pigmentation, and would like to talk to our friendly Therapist Zachary you will find him at the new Adore Beauty Skin Centre.

Q: I've just noticed the first little crepey lines on my face and I am freaking out! Is there anything I can do that will help?

A: Come in and make an appointment with us for a skin consult. It’s best that a professional can look at your skin to get an understanding of what is going on. There are many factors that could be causing this including your age, skin type, what products you are currently using and whether you are wearing sun screen.

Armed with an understanding of your unique situation, we can make a decision on what treatment plan to put you on including a skin regimen to correct signs of ageing by using both topical ingredients and advanced treatments.

Q: I'm in my 30s and I'm still getting breakouts - I thought acne was just for teenagers? What can I do?

A: Depending on your skin type, nationality, nutritional intake and the skincare regime that you are using, it is hard to tell exactly what is causing your breakouts. It is best to make the first step and have a consult with a therapist to see what needs fixing and what can be added or taken away from what you are doing already.

Are you using products containing BHA and AHAs? Are you using vitamin A or a retinol serum or cream? Maybe you are exfoliating too much? Could you eliminate something from your diet such as dairy and replace with foods rich in antioxidants (blue berries, grapes etc.)?

When treating stubborn breakouts, I always find incorporating microdermabrasion and a high strength skin care regimen including vitamin A will do wonders in treating your skin overall. You may also consider a course of glycolic acid peels along the way.

The first step is making an appointment to see a therapist so they can determine your skin type, every skin type is different and your needs are unique.

To learn more about the treatments offered by our Therapist Zachary visit our Salon booking page.

Q: I've heard about microdermabrasion but it sounds kind of scary. What is it and what does it do?

A: Microdermabrasion is a resurfacing treatment to eliminate dead skin cells. In this process the top layer of the skin (Stratum Corneum) is removed by tiny diamond particles that look like sand using a hand held device. The procedure is gentle and shouldn't be painful. Over a course of treatments fine lines, uneven skin tone, black heads, break outs and dry skin should be visually improved.

If you would like to try a microdermabrasion treatment or are interested in learning more, visit our new Adore Beauty Skin Centre page here.


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