What are Good Moisturisers for Extremely Sensitive Skin?

Moisturisers are a perfect way to prevent, treat, and repair ultra-sensitive skin. For best results, we recommend choosing a product that contains one of three proven ingredients for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin affects millions of people worldwide. In 2011, the The International Society of Dermatology published a study that concluded over 50% of women had sensitivity concerns. Whether temporary or chronic, a sensitive skin condition causes irritation, redness, and burning or stinging sensations.

Several skincare products can help manage a sensitive skin type, but moisturiser is one of the most effective of these. Containing a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, emollients, and humectants, moisturisers provide all-round correction for skin that's slipped off the road to health.


What are good moisturisers for extremely sensitive skin?


While there are many sensitive-skin moisturisers to choose from, we recommend using one with the following proven, plant-based actives.

1. Colloidal oatmeal for sensitive skin

Before scientists had identified the active skin-soothing ingredients in oatmeal, generations of families had used oatmeal soaks to soothe itching, inflammation, and irritation. These days, oatmeal flakes have given way to colloidal oatmeal, a finely ground oat powder that enhances the availability of the actives.

Oatmeal is the perfect topical treatment for sensitive skin because of two active ingredients:

  1. Avenanthramides, anti-irritants that also help protect skin from UV-induced redness
  2. Beta-glucans, which actively stimulate immune-system cells in the skin

Additionally, several studies show that colloidal oatmeal helps to rebalance skin's pH. Normally between 4.2 and 5.5, pH is often found well above these readings in dry, sensitive skin.

To incorporate the benefits of colloidal oatmeal into your skincare routine, try one of our recommended moisturisers:


What are good moisturisers for extremely sensitive skin?

2. Soothing moisturisers with bisabolol

Chamomile, in the form of both extract and essential oil, is famed for its soothing properties. However, the active ingredient isolated by science is bisabolol.

Bisabolol alleviates uncomfortable sensations and treats inflammatory redness. There are many varieties of chamomile, but German chamomile is considered most calming due to its high bisabolol content.

We always recommend that people with sensitive skin avoid potentially irritating essential oils. Luckily, bisabolol can be separated from chamomile oil to create a pure, gentle extract that serves as an:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-irritant
  • Antiseptic

To treat your skin to a dose of bisabolol, try one of these moisturisers for sensitive skin:

3. Calming moisturisers with allantoin

Natural allantoin is sourced from the roots of the comfrey plant. For years, comfrey compresses were used to aid wound healing.

In fact, some medicine specialists warned not to use comfrey too soon, as this ingredient was likely to heal the skin before the wound had a chance to discharge. Today, allantoin is an FDA-approved skin protectant when used in concentrations above 0.5%.

Sensitive skin often lacks optimal 'barrier function', a phrase used to describe the natural biology that protects skin from intruders. A compromised skin barrier means sensitivities are highly likely to develop. In essence, when the barrier isn't intact, the floodgates are left open.

Allantoin helps to rebuild skin's protective barrier to minimise reactions to irritants, allergens, and sensitisers.

Allantoin can be found in the following moisturisers for sensitive skin:

You can also search our site for any products containing these specific ingredients. Simply type the ingredient name into the search field. You may also find complementary products in our sensitive skincare shop.


What are good moisturisers for extremely sensitive skin?