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There's a reason why cleansing, toning, and moisturising became the cult routine for skincare enthusiasts worldwide. These three simple steps accomplish all aims, cover all the basic ingredients, and are entirely effective.

What does a moisturiser do?

Moisturisers are the most commonly used skin care product around the world. Face creams and lotions provide skin with hydration, nutrients, and can also contain active ingredients that address specific concerns. A good moisturiser will secure moisture in your skin, and keep it hydrated and plump throughout the day or night. Although you may find efficacy from serums, treatments, toners, and facial oils, a moisturisers should always be your final skincare step that will complement your skincare routine.

I have oily skin, do I need a moisturiser?

Although oily skin types may not like the idea of using a moisturiser, have no fear, you simply just need to choose the right one for you. Gel-based moisturisers are ideal for combination/oily skin as they are lightweight, yet still provide the hydration that skin needs to flourish. Ideally, oily skin types should use lightweight formulas that contain hyaluronic acid and/or glycerin (and are usually oil-free) which provides the skin with vital nutrients, and encourages moisture retention without clogging pores. It's probably best to avoid oil-based moisturisers as they may be too heavy and leave a greasy/oily residue on your skin.  

My skin is dry, how do I choose the right moisturiser for me?

Rich formulas that contain ingredients like shea butters, essential oils, hyaluronic acid and lanolin are best suited to dry/dehydrated skin. Not only will these face creams quench your skin's thirst, they will lock in moisture, ensure skin remains hydrated throughout the day.

Adore Beauty has a large variety of moisturizers to suit every skin type and concern, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.

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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 125ml

Moisturising without being greasy

Needed a moisturiser to go under makeup for winter (no SPF in this one). Its lovely, nice and smooth and doesn't make my skin look greasy. Need a richer moisturiser for night, but this is perfect for daytime and exactly what I wanted.
Avène A-Oxitive Day Smoothing Water-Cream 30ml
Avène A-Oxitive Day Smoothing Water-Cream 30ml


Wow this cream is amazing! It’s so lightweight and smells beautiful. It is perfect underneath makeup and has been incredibly hydrating on my face
innisfree Cherry Blossom Lotion 100ml
innisfree Cherry Blossom Lotion 100ml

Love this lotion

This easy to carry and use lotion is my must have in my bag when I travel. Easily absorbs into the skin leaving the skin supple.

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