Do Men Need Eye Cream?

Skincare shouldn't be fussy, so why are there products designed for such a small area of skin? Women are surely being tricked into buying another moisturiser—or are they?

Finger-sized tubes of eye cream are fussy and forgettable. Surely such products aren't for men? Eye cream is just another moisturiser, right? Is there even a need to moisturise the skin around the eyes?

Do men need eye cream?


You've probably 'answered' such questions yourself by ignoring eye cream for years. We don't blame you. Before you commit to this skincare step for life, let us answer your questions properly.

1. Do men need moisturiser?

It's true that male and female skin is biologically different. In fact, male skin differs significantly in two ways:

  1. Male skin is significantly thicker and resilient.
  2. Male skin produces more sebum to protect against dryness and dehydration.

Hence, male skin is able to defend itself against stressors more easily than female skin can. But the heightened resilience of male skin is easily taken for granted.

Skin isn't indestructible, and over time, skin's ability to replenish, heal, and protect itself is diminished. Moisturiser refills the reserves that actively protect skin, allowing skin to behave youthfully for longer.

BOTTOM LINE: Although male skin will survive without moisturiser, it's unlikely to thrive.

Which brings us to our next question.

Do men need eye cream?

2. Can I use a normal moisturiser as an eye cream? Is eye cream really any different?

It can seem silly that a piece of skin so small has its very own category of skincare. Moisturisers all do the same thing, right? So surely eye creams are a con?

The truth is, you could find a moisturiser that does the same job as an eye cream, but you'd spend a lot of time reading labels. When you choose an eye cream, you're guaranteed a formula that:

BOTTOM LINE: While you can use a moisturiser as an eye cream, specifically formulated eye creams are gentler to this delicate area.

Even if your skin generally isn't sensitive, your eye area always is. Which takes us to our final question.

3. Do I really need to moisturise the skin around my eyes?

Although male skin is more resilient than female skin, the eye skin of both sexes is extremely thin and fragile. Eye skin is:

You can see why it's especially important to moisturise the skin around the eyes. When you regularly use an eye cream, you can hide your age and peccadillos a bit better.

BOTTOM LINE: The skin surrounding your eyes is the first to show signs of stress or age. This makes it important to regularly replenish its resilience with eye cream.

Not sure what to use? Pick from one of our favourites:

And if using a separate eye cream really is too much, APIVITA Men's Care Face and Eye Cream is for you.

If you're still looking for more options for male skin but you're not sure where to begin, head to our men's skincare category. This pre-vetted range of skincare includes products appropriate for male skin biology and concerns.


Do men need eye cream?