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Despite contrary belief, skincare isn’t just for women, it's just as necessary for men too. Good skin care habits are important for everyone, at every age - you are after all, stuck with your skin for life! Overall, men and women’s skin is quite similar, however, there are enough differences to warrant skincare specifically made for each gender. With men having facial hair, it means that their skin is slightly thicker than women’s. From razor burn to fighting the harsh elements, it’s important for Men to take good care of their skin to avoid premature ageing.

With a variety of essential, luxe and professional products, we have an abundance of products suited to men’s skin. Exfoliation is a particularly important step in a man’s skincare range, to help prevent ingrown hairs, and produce a vibrant, even skin tone. Due to men’s skin being thicker, it's important to use some intense exfoliating products containing Glycolic Acid, to really break down excess oil, clear pores and remove any dead skin cells. Most men prefer a mattified finish with their skincare, so when it comes to serums and moisturisers, look for products that work to absorb oil and reduce shine.

What ingredients should I look for in a Cleanser?

If you’re a guy who likes to sport a beard, or stubble, a face wash that contains AHA’s (Alpha-Hydroxy acids) is ideal, as it works to exfoliate dead skin cells, in a comfortable effective way, daily. If you’re a guy suffering from breakouts and acne prone skin, you want a cleanser that maintains the natural pH balance of the face whilst also cleansing effectively. Cleansers that contain Salicylic Acid (a BHA) exfoliates similarly to an AHA, but salicylic exfoliates within the pores as opposed to on the surface alone. For the guys that have a normal skin type, most cleanser’s will work for you, but it's worth finding one that still contains the magic of AHA’s and BHA’s. As your skin is thicker than a woman’s, it is important to get all the help you can get when it comes to balancing and resurfacing your skin.

Learn more about Men's skincare in the Adore Beauty Ultimate Guide. 

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SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E - Antioxidant Night Concentrate

Feels luxurious, unfortunately not scientifically backed

Incredible texture that feels luxurious and amazing.

Packaging hard to deal with. It’s basically a thick plastic goon bag type container stuffed into a glass jar and dispenses through a pump. I understand the inner bag is supposed to provide that airtight seal but halfway through the bottle, I couldn’t get anymore of the product out. I had to distort and pull the whole bag out the gl...
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This product is so beautiful. I have dry and sensitive skin and have found it hydrates me without irritation or stinging.
I also haven’t been able to find another supplier that supplies this product at such a reasonable price.
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asap soothing gel 200ml

ASAP Soothing gel

It's good for my sensitive skin. Nice package and good price as well

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