What are The Benefits of Using a Facial Mask?

Using a face mask is a commitment to bettering your skin. We explain what results you can expect by going the extra mile with your skincare routine.

Using a face mask is a commitment to bettering your skin. When you apply a mask, you’re taking time to focus on the health of your complexion with a product that addresses a particular concern. Whether it’s breakout control, brightening, or anti-ageing, there are tons of benefits to using a face mask.

What are the benefits of using a facial mask?

Know Your Concern

The main benefit of face masks is concentrated, focused treatment. Your regular cleansing and moisturising routine suits your general skin type and condition. When you use a face mask, whether it comes in a jar or a sheet, the product addresses one particular complexion concern.

If you’re a more low-maintenance guy or gal, a face mask brings some occasional treatment into the mix. If you’re a super-savvy product junkie, a face mask enhances the other treatment products and serums you’re using to get you closer to your skincare goals.


What are the benefits of using a facial mask?


Take Care of Yourself

Other than the direct benefit of masks, using a face mask takes time. This time can be a great moment for self-care and stress relief. Stress is a major cause of skin issues and absolutely triggers breakouts due to the release of the stress hormone cortisol.

The opportunity for some mental downtime is a major benefit to using a face mask. It might seem silly at first, but you can get totally Zen AND help your skin in one fell swoop. Face mask time is time you can use to do what soothes you, whether it’s listening to your favourite music, watching some trash TV, or just allowing yourself to be still and silent.

The best part is that your mask doesn’t have to cost a million dollars to be effective. Apivita Express Masks give you spa-quality destressing at bargain prices.

Treat Yourself to a Multi-Use Luxe Mask

If you really want to treat yourself and have the money, the benefits to pricier masks can be a bit more measurable. Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel is a high-tech mask that fights ageing with retinol and resurfaces with 14% glycolic acid and fruit enzymes.

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is a mid-priced kaolin clay mask that detoxifies, hydrates, brightens, and strengthens skin with evening primrose and rose hip oil.

The benefits to using face masks are vast; with so many great options, you’re sure to find one that suits you!


What are the benefits of using a facial mask?

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