Our Beauty Editor’s Nighttime Skin Routine

When you’ve got a handle on your skin, the rest of your beauty routine becomes much simpler.

When you’ve got a handle on your skin, the rest of your beauty routine becomes much simpler. It’s important to be consistent to see results from your skincare routine – using products occassionally often won’t achieve the same outcome as using your products consistently. Work out a routine that works for your skin, and stick to it!

Our Beauty Editor’s Nighttime Skin Routine



asap Gentle Cleansing Gel

This is my all-time favourite cleanser. You can’t go past it. It removes stubborn makeup, dirt and oil, as well as eye makeup, without leaving the skin tight and dry. It’s a must-have for all skin types, even sensitive. Buy here.





FOREO Luna 2

This next-generation facial cleansing device is the newest addition to my skincare routine, and it’s my favourite. It gently exfoliates and rejuvenates my skin with every use. I use my Luna 2 in conjunction with FOREO’s Night Cleanser, which works to detoxify, hydrate and soothe the skin. Immediately after use, my skin feels incredibly soft, and the next day my makeup glides on effortlessly. This is a great product especially for congested skin. Buy here.





asap super b complex

This serum is hydrating and brightening, and makes a huge difference to dull, dry skin. I usually recommend layering the super b complex over asap radiance serum for a more intense effect on the skin. The fusion of Vitamin B3, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid in this serum makes it a best-seller. Buy here.



philosophy time in a bottle daily age-defying serum

This high-potency Vitamin C serum protects the skin from environmental damage, tackles the signs of ageing, and restores radiance for smooth, even-toned skin. The consistency of this serum is quite silky and layers well over all my other serums. I always see a difference in the clarity of my skin after using this serum. And unlike some other Vitamin C serums, it doesn’t have an overpowering scent, or cause tingly irritation. Buy here.




Alpha-H Liquid Gold

This is my twice-a-week pep-up product. Glycolic Acid combined with Silk Proteins and Licorice Extracts gives your skin an instant boost of radiance and smoothness. I apply Liquid Gold twice a week, and wake up with softer, brighter and more even skin. Even after one use, you’ll see results! Buy here.



NIOD Fractionated Eye-Contour Concentrate

NIOD’s eye serum targets every sign of visible ageing around the eyes. Combining several facets of new-age skincare technology, this highly effective eye serum is a must-have to prevent and treat signs of ageing around the eye area. Buy here.





Hylamide HA Booster

Hylamide’s HA Booster is the ultimate hydrator. I first tried this Hyaluronic Acid serum when it was released in Australia last year, and I was blown away by it’s effectiveness. This gel-like serum contains five forms of HA and absorbs straight into the skin for instantly soft, plumped skin. I recommend this to absolutely everybody. Buy here.



Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil

Now this one is also a new arrival to my skincare routine. Only just released, Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil can be added to your usual moisturiser for additional hydration and anti-ageing benefits, or add it to your foundation in the morning for all-day healthy-looking, luminous skin. It really does make your skin glow! Buy here.