The Ultimate Guide to Antipodes Bestsellers

All You Need to Know Simplified

Finding your perfect skincare routine can be tricky. In a sea of standard serums and overdone ingredients, it’s not always easy to find products that stand out as excellent skincare routine must-haves. But from your first glance at Antipodes, you’ll know you’ve stumbled across something truly different. A line based on scientific solutions to common skin issues utilising natural ingredients, you’re sure to be blown away by the top-tier skin saviours from Antipodes.

Who Founded Antipodes?

Founded by Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes has roots in both herbalism and hard science, stemming from Barbalich’s background in the sciences and her rigorous determination to produce high-quality results. Barbalich’s story started with an early interest in science, which propelled her into a fast-paced career. She earned a degree in biology from the University of Canterbury before earning an MBA at the University of Auckland. Post graduation, Barbalich was offered a position with the United States Surgical Corporation, training surgeons to use laparoscopic surgical tools. This time spent in such a precise, high-stakes environment encouraged Barbalich to apply the same level of intensity to her own endeavours, and Antipodes was born.

How Are Antipodes Ingredients Developed?

Antipodes stems from months of research and development, at first done by Barbalich herself in her home with formulations designed to treat dry and sensitive skin like hers. It took months of trial and error before Antipodes came blazing onto the skincare scene, and Barbalich still maintains that rigorous level of research in every product the brand releases. The well-thought-out line utilises New Zealand local botanicals like Manuka Honey blended with high-tech scientific technologies. You can be certain every ingredient in an Antipodes product is there for a reason: to deliver the highest possible level of excellence for your skin.

Is Antipodes Cruelty-Free?

Antipodes products are safe for all creatures, as it’s a cruelty-free beauty brand. One of Antipodes’ main ingredients, Manuka Honey, means the line isn’t entirely vegan, but it is friendly to all animals. The company uses sustainable practices to source its honey as well as the other ingredients in its line. You’ll be safe, soothed, and feeling fabulous with Antipodes.

What Are Antipodes Best Products and Why?

Antipodes’ products range from gentle everyday staples to sublime skin-nourishing cosmetics like

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream boosts tired eyes with a surge of Vitamin C, brightening and protecting skin from environmental damage and fine lines. This lightweight cream soothes, nourishes, and floods the under-eye area with hydration, minimising moisture loss, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

Our Favourite Natural Lipstick

Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick gives lips a boost of colour while infusing lips with essential fatty acids, supporting a smooth, healthy, and plump pout. Avocado, Evening Primrose, Calendula, and Argan oils blend to protect, nourish, and soothe lips, treating dryness while perking up the complexion with a splash of colour.

Our Favourite Natural Lipstick

Antipodes’ commitment to natural, safe formulas is especially evident here, as the lipstick formula is not only highly effective in hydrating lips, but also perfectly safe for human consumption. That’s right: Antipodes created a lipstick that’s good enough to eat! We wouldn’t recommend you do so, however; this product is much better as a lip hydrator than a meal.

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