Why Do I Need to Store a Facial Oil Carefully?

You wouldn't knowingly use a skincare product that offered your skin no benefit at all or, even worse, aggravated it. Read on to understand why facial oils lose efficacy and how to prevent this deterioration.

Skincare is only as effective as your use of it. Treat products badly, and they won't work well. Handle products with care, and your skin will glow.

Facial oils are concentrated ampules of naturally active ingredients. However, you need to store oils carefully to maintain their benefits.

Active ingredients have a tendency to lose effectiveness over time. Even unopened soft drinks lose their fizz eventually.

This deterioration is normal. However, it's exaggerated by certain conditions. Facial oils contain active ingredients that are especially sensitive to:

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Air


Why Do I Need to Store a Facial Oil Carefully?


Facial Oils Lose Effectiveness When Exposed to Light

In the same way that UV light accelerates the rate at which skin ages, UV also accelerates the breakdown of your facial oil. Most facial oils are designed to minimise this risk by using:

Not all skincare packaging is functional, but both opaque ampules and containing boxes prevent light from interacting with your facial oil. You can help protect the activity of your products by:

  1. Storing them in a dark place, such as a drawer
  2. Keeping them in their original boxes

The rule is that the more clearly you can see the oil, the more light is able to degrade it.


Why Do I Need to Store a Facial Oil Carefully?


Heat Breaks Down Facial Oils

Heat makes the molecules in a liquid move faster. Ever tried making a coffee with cold water? When you heat up highly active skincare ingredients, most will lose their efficacy quickly.

This is why it's not recommended to store your skincare products (or medications!) in a bathroom cabinet. Showers warm up the bathroom regularly, regardless of the season.

Even a dressing table where you heat up hair tools can be too hot an area to store skincare and makeup. And remember, light usually equals heat, so keep facial oils away from windows, lamps, lighted mirrors, and so forth.

Air Causes Facial Oils to Deteriorate


Oxidation is a phenomenon most visible in vitamin C serums, which are known to turn an orangey-brown when exposed to air. With a facial oil, the colour change is much less visible; in fact, it's very unlikely you'd notice. What you may notice is a change in scent.

Because air is an oxidant, it can age whatever it comes into contact with. Facial oils use antioxidants to help defend the product against this degradation. Cleverly, these ingredients also provide the same anti-ageing benefits to skin.

To ensure your facial oil retains maximum antioxidant activity for your skin, you should:

  • Always remember to replace the pipette.
  • Ensure the applicator is firmly replaced after each use.
  • Choose facial oils that are packaged in pump applicators, such as that included with Inika Certified Organic Pure Rosehip Oil.

Now that you know how to care for your facial oil, learn when it's best to apply facial oils, and you'll be all set on the road to great skin.


Why Do I Need to Store a Facial Oil Carefully?

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